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Title: April 3 2012 show

LindyCFF - April 4, 2012 02:18 PM (GMT)
Yesterday’s show rocked, Loved the Carly and Luke scenes. I was LMAO with Carly and Luke bickering about their deal and Carly telling him roommates weren’t part of the deal. I know Luke and Carly didn’t always have the greatest bond in fact they hated each other at the beginning but IMO Luke and Carly has grown to like each other a lot especially over the last few years. I know Carly probably thinks Luke was just warning her away from Johnny so he can keep his free room at the MC but I think Luke was trying to protect Carly since he knows how ugly things can get with the Z’s especially because of her ties to Sonny. I remember when Claudia kidnapped Carly at gun point while she was pregnant they had shown Luke concern over Carly and Luke had called his own connections in hopes someone would find out where Claudia had taken Carly. It was just nice to see Uncle Luke in protective mode LOL especially since Carly doesn’t have her mother on screen anymore where she can go to for advice. Speaking of which I really do hope they bring Bobbie back.

I also loved the Johnny and Carly scenes and I loved how jealous Sonny got. He did his best to keep it to himself even when Olivia questioned him about it and he just told her it was annoying but I can tell that Sonny hates it. If Sonny didn’t care that Carly was sleeping around with Johnny he wouldn’t have stayed after Olivia had left and he wouldn’t have brought up Michael to Carly about asking her if their son knew about her and Johnny. And then the second he sees Jason and pulls him into the hallway the first thing he tells Jason is that Carly was with Johnny at the Metro Court and that Johnny was playing Carly. So Sonny can say he doesn’t care of he’s not jealous all he wants about who Carly spends her time with but IMO he is and I love it. I just hope that Carly will regain her faith in Sonny again soon and have them mend their bond.

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