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Title: 3/27/12 show

LindyCFF - March 27, 2012 08:48 PM (GMT)
I love the banter between Carly and John in today’s show. The life and spark in Carly is back with the new head writes. I so love how Carly was trying to figure out the history between him and Sonny. I also liked him questioning her about Johnny. The Johnny and Carly scene rocked at the end too but I have a feeling Carly is going to be doing some more snooping since she found the red lipstick in Kate’s desk that matched the color of lipstick that was on Johnny’s dress shirt.

Loved the Sonny and Carly scenes in today’s show but they were WAY too short. I just hope that their bond mends soon. I also find it sad that Carly doesn’t know if Sonny is telling the truth or not about not shooting AZ tires out. I hope her trust in Sonny comes back.

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