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Title: April 12 2011 show

LindyCFF - May 4, 2011 01:48 PM (GMT)
At last they finally talked about Michael. I know Sonny wants to handle Michael his way but I hope he and Carly will work together. And from the ending of April 12 2011 show you can tell Carly was annoyed which I don’t blame her at all! I can’t wait to see Carly’s claws come out regarding the fact Brenduh is trying to keep Sonny’s kids away from him because of a boy that she doesn’t even know is really hers.

Jax is a jerk. I really hope when he tries to get custody away from Carly, Jason and Sonny will make sure he doesn’t take away Carly’s little girl from her. She loves her daughter and Josslyn needs her mother. IMO Jax’s only wants custody of Josslyn because Carly doesn’t want him as her husband anymore. I want to see more Carson tag team.

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