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Title: Jax driving Carly right into Sonny’s arms

LindyCFF - November 10, 2009 09:57 PM (GMT)
Jax driving Carly right into Sonny’s arms. I really think Jax will be the one who ends up getting Sonny and Carly reunited. I have a feeling all his actions against Sonny will be what brings Sonny and Carly closer together. WE all know there is simply no way that Carly would EVER forgive Jax when the truth comes out (probably at the worst time possible for Jax since this is a soap). And add into the fact that once Carly kicks him out of her life for good that he will go for custody of Carly’s daughter per his statement to Alexis from today’s show. And we all know that Sonny and Jason will do whatever it takes to stop that from happening. And also probably by then the truth about Dante will be out so I’m hoping Sonny will feel so betrayed by not only Olivia but Kate that they kept the fact he was Dante’s father from him that he will inform Carly that Kate paid off Michael’s shooter and Jax knew all along and covered for Kate when Jax couldn’t forgive Carly when she took money from club 101 for her own personally needs. Then I hope that they used that against Jax blackmailing him by telling him that if he takes Carly’s baby girl away from him that Sonny and Jason would rat Jax and Kate out about the pay off Kate did to get Jax to back off.

So what do you all think??

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