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Title: New haircut?

Jessica - October 30, 2008 01:51 AM (GMT)
Hey I saw this pic over on the SON spoiler page, is it new or is it from when she was on GL (because it kind of looks like some old promo shots I've seen for that).

user posted image

Just curious.

It looks cute whenever it's from.

Kimmers - October 30, 2008 01:58 AM (GMT)
I think that this is an old

perrylynn - October 30, 2008 02:01 AM (GMT)
That looks like a photo they used for GL

CLLover - October 30, 2008 03:18 AM (GMT)
Yeah that's an old picture. A good one but old.

LukesDiner - October 30, 2008 06:19 AM (GMT)
Yep you all are right that's an old GL promo shot...probably around 2003-2004 ish, the Cadmund era. :D

LISA FOX - October 30, 2008 04:03 PM (GMT)
i miss camund. now :carjaxfan mostlly :lwff

Jessica - October 30, 2008 11:40 PM (GMT)
Thanks, guys. I was going to say - it kind of makes her look younger. Uh, duh, cause she is younger! Again, cute none the less. I wonder what her natural curly hair looked like that short. I have like half the wave LW does and mine poofs like crazy when it's short, ha. I guess it helps to have professional stylists ;).

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