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Title: 10/16/08 Recnap
Description: Carly interupts peeps getting it on agai

purplecait - October 21, 2008 11:25 PM (GMT)
This is from Irresistable, thanks again Trena! :carjaxfan

segment 1

Tracey/Luke-Luke is passed out at a bar


Carly/Nik-Carly says she has given the deal careful consideration and it doesn't add up


Maxie/Lulu-Lulu asks Maxie if she has seen Johnny

segment 2

Carly/Nik-Carly says it concerns her that he came straight to her after Jax turned him down and maybe Nik is trying to turn her and Jax against each other so he can take over completely

Nadine/Liz-discussing Nik

Jason/Spin-discussing Sonny going after Karpov

AZ/Johnny-AZ asks Johnny why doesn't he show his crippled old father some respect;Johnny says he doesn't think AZ is crippled or paralyzed and he doesn't think he was crazy all of those years;AZ says Lulu is Johnny's blind spot and she always gets him caught

Lulu/Maxie-Lulu keeps asking about Johnny and saying she doesn't undertsand why he doesn't come see her;Maxie tells Lulu Johnny isn't doing so well without her;Lulu is acting strange and saying she won't guilt Johnny into coming to see her if he wants to see her he will

segment 3

Luke/Tracey-Tracey dumps water on Luke and tells him about Lulu being in Shadybrooke

Spin/Jason-Spin is using a chess board to discuss Jason/Sonny/Kate/Karpov

Nik/Carly-Nik says the MC idea was to impress Nadine who said she has never seen him work before but Jax's refusal makes him want it even more;Carly says they both have alot to think about and Nik agrees;Nik says no matter what happens with the deal between them he doesn't want her to lose her power in fact he would like to see her get even more

segment 4

Spin/Lulu-Lulu is still acting weird;Spin reads to her from a book he brought her

AZ/Maxie-Maxie is looking for Johnny;Johnny comes in and AZ leaves;Maxie tells Johnny that Lulu needs to see him

Tracey/Luke-Tracey says Lulu needs him so he has to come home;Luke thinks Tracy is just trying to trick him into coming home;Tracy tells Luke about Logan's murder and Lulu losing her mind

Nikadine-Nik is suprised to see Nadine there waiting for him;Nadine starts getting nervous and Nik stops her from leaving;Nik says the night they spent together meant alot to him

Jason/Carly-Carly asks Jason if he trusts Nik enough to go into business with him;Jason asks why;Carly tells him about Nik's offer and she says she wants to make sure she is doing it for the right reasons and not just to spite Jax;Jason says she loves the hotel so why would she sell;Carly says to prove to Jax she is capable of making her own decisions;Jason says she loves the hotel and he would go into business with Nik but he can't see Nik running a hotel and she shouldn't destroy something she loves just to prove a point;Carly hugs him and leaves;Liz calls

segment 5

Maxie/Johnny-Maxie says if he loves Lulu like he says he will go visit her and get her out of that place because she needs him;Johnny says he is trying to help by staying away

Lulu/Spin-Lulu still talking about Johnny;Lulu says everyone thinks Johnny is making her sick including Johnny

Tracy/Luke-discussing JoLu

Jason/Liz-Liz wants Jason to help her paint

segment 6

Jason/Liz-painting the studio

Tracy/Luke-talking about Scotty and the trial

SpinMax-discussing Lulu and the state she is in;Maxie says they have to break her out

Lulu/Lainey/(Johnny listening in)-

Nikadine-Nikadine discuss the night they had sex and start to kiss

segment 7

Nikadine-kissing and taking off their clothes when Carly walks in and asks if she is interrupting

Jason/Liz-painting and discussing Italy;Jason falls off a ladder


I have to run out so Chris finish for me Diva lol

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