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Title: 10/15/08 Recap
Description: Carly and Olivia bonding

purplecait - October 21, 2008 11:18 PM (GMT)
These are from Irresistable, thanks again Trena! :carjaxlove

segment 1


Jason/Sonny-Sonny says Jason can't tell him what to do

Olivia/Kate/Carly-Carly tells Kate she tried to reason with Sonny

segment 2

Karpov/Sam/guard-Sam tells Karpov she wasn't following him just checking things out;Karpov says now its time for Sam to prove her worth

Lucky/Alexis-discussing the Zs and the accident in the harbor and Sam;Lucky says he hasn't talked to Sam since the break up

Kate/Olivia/Carly-Kate wants to talk to Carly alone but Carly says Olivia is family so she should hear what Sonny said;Olivia says that Sonny can justify it anyway he wants but its just about revenge;Carly says it sounds like Olivia understands Sonny better than Kate does

Jason/Sonny-arguing about Sonny making a move on Karpov and how Jason is running the business

Claudia/maximus/Max/Milo-Claudia knows Maximus from when he did business with AZ when she was younger and she tells Maximus she is obessesed with Max;Claudia is all over Max when Diane walks in and says hands off barricuda

segment 3

Monica/Tracey/Edward-Tracey says she has a solid lead on where Luke is;they discuss Luke/Lulu;Tracey wants Edward to get the charges against Luke dropped

Scotty/Alexis-Scott is mad Alexis got his survelience dropped so she could have karpov watched

Diane/Max/Maximus/Claudia/Milo-Claudia/Diane arguing over Max;Claudia kisses max lol

Kate/Carly/Claudia-Kate says Sonny would do anything to protect the people he cares about;Carly says if he wants to keep the people he cares about safe then he shouldn't retaliate;Kate says then she will get through to him and kicks Carly/Olivia out and when they says they are going to have cocktails Kate says they should since they have so much in common

Jason/Sonny-Sonny says Jason looks weak and they should fight together;Jason says he is protecting his men and he will protect them from Sonny if he has to;Sonny says Jason is on his own and when everything comes crashing down on him he has noone to blame but himself

segment 4

Edward/Tracey/Monica-Edward says he isn't calling in any favors for Luke;Monica tells Tracey Luke is her husband so its up to her to get the charges dropped and deal with the consequences of being in an unhealthy relationship with Luke

Scott/Alexis-arguing about karpov/Johnny

Maximus/max/Diane-discussing Claudia;Maximus says Claudia's mother was a bitch and stabbed AZ in the ribs with a knife;Maximus wants Max to get with carly

Jason/Claudia-discussing Jason's suite and Jason trading places with Max;Claudia says she wants to stop a war before it starts

Carly/Olivia-Carly says neither she nor Olivia have any illusions about Sonny and Kate has turned him into one big fairytale;Olivia says Sonny prefers Kate's type because she won't ever call him on his crap and she makes excuses for him before he can do it himself

Skate-Kate apologizes for sending Carly;Sonny says she needs to concentrate on getting better;Kate says she wants the life they talked about so he needs to tell her what they have to do to make that work

segment 5

Maximus/Diane/Milo/Max-Max says he isn't looking for a wife right now

Claudia/Jason-Claudia says Johnny didn't damage his boat or keep him from landing his shipment;Jason says if Johnny does anything else he will retaliate;they discuss Karpov and wether he shot Kate

Carly/Olivia-Olivia asks Carly to tell her about her and Sonny;Olivia asks to see a picture of Morgan

Skate-Sonny says he can't make promises about the future or guarantee she will be safe;Kate says she just wants him to stay out of the mob;Sonny says he tried;Kate says for 3 months but she is willingly to accept the risk of being with him if he doesn't retaliate;Sonny says this is who he is and how he does things,he has to do whats right for her even if he loses her because of it

segment 6

Edward/Monica/Tracey-discussing Lulu/Luke;Tracey leaves to get Luke

Jerry/Alexis-discussing investigating Sam

Sonny/Maximus-Maximus tells Sonny to pur him a drink because they need to talk

segment 7

Carly/Olivia-Olivia asks Carly how Sonny is with the boys;Carly says she was going to say Sonny loves the boys more than his own life but thats not true because Michael was shot because of the choices Sonny made and continues to make;Carly says Sonny anger and pride is taking him further and further away from his children

Sonny/Maximus-discussing why Sonny made the stupid move of going after Karpov without back up;Maximus tells Sonny he knows Max is not the mob boss and he doesn't want Sonny's stupid mistakes getting Max's ass shot off lol he tells Sonny not to tell Max he knows the truth

Max/Jason-discussing Diane;Max thanks Jason for playing along and he is ready to step up if/when Jason retires

LuSam-discussing Jerry/karpov;Lucky wants Sam out of it but she says she has came too far to go back

Jerry/Alexis-Alexis tells jerry tomorrow she has to search Sam's apartment;Sam calls Jerry while Alexis is getting the warrant and asks Jerry if he want to have dinner tomorrow night and Jerry agrees

LuSam-Sam tells Lucky by tomorrow night this should all be over

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