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Title: 10/13/08
Description: Fake asks Carly for a favor, UGH!

purplecait - October 15, 2008 05:57 AM (GMT)
This recap is from Irresistable, thanks Trena! :carjaxrocks

segment 1

Patrick/Coleman-discussing secret and Coleman figures out he is talking about Sonny

Claudia/Olivia-discussing Skate

Carly/kate-Carly says the nurse called and says that Kate wanted to talk to her;Kate apologizes and Carly asks what she wants

Sonny/Alexis-discussing Karpov;Sonny says that Alexis got away with murder with Alkazar;Alexis tells Sonny to go take care of Kate;Sonny says Alexis knows he is the only one that can make this right

segment 2

Sonny/Alexis-Sonny says when AZ threatened Kristina Alexis took the law into her own hands she didn't stay within the law;Alexis says if Karpov is killed she has to make a case against Sonny as the prime suspect and she doesn't want to do that;Alexis says kate loves Sonny and if he gets back into the mob he and Kate are done

Karpov/Jerry-Karpov wants to know why Alexis is so suspicious of him;Jerry tries to come up with ways not to kill Alexis

LuSam-eating dinner;Sam gets a call from karpov

Patrick/Coleman-discussing Sonny's son and Michael;Coleman tells Patrick he would stay out of it but Patrick wonders if he has a right to keep the secret given what happened with Noah/Matt and the fact that he has a child on the way

Claudia/Oliva-Olivia says Claudia is living down to the Z name and laughs when Claudia says she better show her respect and says claudia has never accomplished anything and hasn't impressed her one bit

Carly/Kate-Kate asks Carly if she enjoyed watching her believe Sonny was out of the mob and Carly says she was more worried about what she did to her and jax and she bets Kate is happy they are getting a divorce;Carly lets kate know that she knows her name is Connie;Kate says that she needs Carly to talk Sonny out of going after Karpov;Carly tells kate thats funny considering it was her connection to Sonny that blew up her marriage and now she wants her to use the connection to help her with Sonny

segment 3

Maxie/Robin-Robin shows Maxie her engagement ring and asks Maxie to be the maid of honor


Coleman/patrick-Patrick says that Sonny and Robin are close friends and Robin is big on full disclosure

Claudia/Olivia-Claudia says Olivia will never be rich,married or the love of anyone's life and she envies Claudia;Claudia says that Olivia is so jealous of Kate she can smell it ;claudia says unlike Olivia she is not afraid of going after what she wants and she took Sonny from Kate once and she will do it again anytime she wants

Carly/Sonny-carly says she is there for Kate even though she can't stand her and she tells Sonny don't go for revenge because he will just make everything worse

segment 4

Robin/maxie-Maxie says she will take care of the wedding(Oct 29) for Robin

Patrick.Coleman-Patrick says he doesn't want his marriage to start off with keeping a secret from his wife;Coleman says its not his secret to tell;patrick says if he had a kid out there he would want to know and if he was the kid he would want to know his father;Coleman says Sonny would put the boy in danger

Olivia/Claudia-Olivia says Sonny always did have a madonna/whore complex and its obvious what category Claudia falls into


Sonny/Carly-Carly tells Sonny to let Jason handle it;Sonny says his 'friend' Jason doesn't want to handle it but thats his choice so he will take care of it;Carly asks what if he dies ,what is she supposed to tell Morgan

segment 5

Sonny/Carly-Sonny says Carly yanked Morgan out of his life and now she is trying to use Morgan as a bargaining chip;Sonny says with Karpov running around no one he loves is safe including Morgan;Carly asks what will happen if he brings the Russian mobdown on them all and Sonny is using Kate getting shot to get back in the mob with a vengence;Sonny says if Morgan asks about his father just tell him that his father is taking care of everything;Carly leaves

Olivia/Claudia/Coleman-Olivia tells Claudia if she wants Sonny then go after him but leave her cousin out of it;Colemam breaks up the argument;Olivia leaves and so does Claudia


Maxie/Robin-discussing wedding plans;Robin gets a call from patrick to meet him at jakes because he has picked his best man;Robin/Maxie discuss Matt as the leave

Mximus/Diane/Max-Maximus trying to show Max how to be a better mob boss

segment 6

Scrubs/Maxie/Coleman-Patrick tells that he wants coleman as his best man

Olivia/Kate-Kate asks what happened to Olivia and that she's all fired up like she has been fighting;

LuSam-Sam tells Lucky that karpov wants her to move a new shipment and she thinks this is the one that she needs to get her evidence to bust him

Karpov/Sonny-Karpov comes out talking on his cell phone and Sonny takes a shot at him

segment 7

Scrubs/Maxie/Coleman-discussing coleman being the best man;Robin wants to have the reception at Jake's;Maxie thinks maybe Matt should be the best man

LuSam-Sam says she can celebrate when she sees jerry and karpov taking off in handcuffs;Sam says she thinks they should move in together after and Lucky agrees

Alexis/jerry-Alexis questions Jerry about when he said Sam made a pass at him and then shows him pics of Sam/Karpov

Kate/Olivia-discussing Claudia;Olivia says the mob is a poisonous environment and it hurts everything it touches;Kates says and thats why Olivia never told Dante about his father

Sonny/Karpov-Sonny grabs karpov and puts a gun to him and says he could have killed him with the first shot but he wanted to look him in the face and do it

ShannonCFF - October 20, 2008 05:05 PM (GMT)
She has the balls to ask carly a favor not after all the hell she put carly though

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