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Title: 10/10/08
Description: Snoozefest

guidinglightfan06 - October 10, 2008 09:16 PM (GMT)
Today's show was BORING, nothing exciting to say the least. But, onto the recap....

A/N: Sorry that I have not been able to post any recaps on here.

Segment 1:

Jason's office- Carly wants an explanation of what is going on. Max then tells her about him using bodyguards, aka Jason dressed up in a suit. Diane tells Max to tell Carly about his father and the he introduces his father to her and tells his father that she is his "little lady". Carly tells Maximus that it's nice to finally meet him.


Sonny and Olivia

SpinMax/Russian mobsters


Segment 2:

Carly/Max/Jason- Carly then gets to act all "lovey dovey" towards Max. Carly tells Maximus that he talks about him all the time. She tells Maximus all of Max's qualities. Max orders Milo to follow up on the pier 'activities'. They get into a conversation about how long they have been "dating" and Diane tells them about Carly's recent divorce. Maximus starts hitting on Carly.

SpinMax- Still hiding from the 2 Russian mobsters at Crimson


Olivia and Sonny


Segment 3:

Carly/Maximus/Jason- Carly turns down Maximus' offer to go on a date with him. She then tells her responsibility to her little boy (Morgan) and starts to leave as Max orders Milo to guard her. Diane tells Max that she needs to talk to him about some legal stuff. As soon as everyone is calmed down, Maximus then asks what is really going on.


Claudia/Coleman at Jake's

Sonny and Olivia


Segment 4:

Jason's office- They talk about what's up with what has been happening so far and then get to talking about Carly. SpinMax then barge in making Maximus even more curious about Max. They talk to Jason about Karpov and what happened at Crimson. Maximus wants to know what is up with SpinMax barging into the office with no respect and asks why Spinelli is talking like that.

Clic at Jake's

Scrubs- Blah blah blah

Sonny and Olivia


Segment 5:

Scrubs at GH

Jason's office- Max introduces Spinelli as his "employee for computers" and Maxie as his girlfriend. Maximus is still weirded out by the way Spinelli talks and then tells them about a time they had a tech kid talking like that nonstop and they had to "whack" him off as the end result. Maxie gets offended and then Jason tells them to respect Max after they came into the office abruptly.

Clic at Jake's playing pool and talking about Johnny

Sonny and Olivia


Segment 6:

Scrubs at GH

Sam and Lucky

Karpov and Alexis in her office talking about Fake Coward and the shooting and what he is responsible for as well as Alexis telling him that he is now charged with drug smuggling and she won't have any of it in PC.

Jason's office- Talking about Max and working for him. Spinelli asks Maximus about the "whacking" and it makes Jason and Max very uneasy about it. SpinMax then try to play along with the set up and orders Jason to fetch their drinks and Maxie's magazines for Crimson.


Segment 7:

Ric/Coleman- Ric asks Coleman about the room that is rented out and how much for a month. Coleman tells him the price and Ric is on good terms with it.



Jason's office- Jason comes back with all of the orders. They get to talking about Karpov and how his goons trashed the Crimson office. Maximus tells them about him knowing how ruthless Karpov is and knowing how he works. They talk about how Karpov shot Fake but Maximus thinks otherwise that it's not him who did it.

Karpov/Jerry- Karpov tells Jerry about Alexis charging him with drug smuggling and how she is a threat now. He then orders Jerry to eliminate Alexis because it.

Sonny/Alexis in her office talking about Karpov and Fake being shot by him.

allcarlyhere - October 11, 2008 06:41 PM (GMT)
It was definitely a snooze, but I did enjoy Carly and Max's short scenes. Very funny.

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