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Title: 10/09/08
Description: Carjax/Nipolas fight over the MC!

purplecait - October 10, 2008 07:50 AM (GMT)
These are from Irresistable, thanks Chris!!! :carjaxlove

1st seg

Carjax/Nik- Carly says that she had Nik business credential checked and he would bring them a lot of liquid capital. Jax says they don't need any cash and Nik better back out of this while there is still time

Jason's office


2nd seg

Jason's office- LOL Jason having a headache right now but LOL big pussy just smack him up the head and Dimax and Milo all screamed. I think STeve wanted to laugh but refrain from it

Spinmax at Crimson/Olivia comes in


Carjax/Nik-So Nik trying to use Chucky for a dedication ground. Jax calls him on it and says that it's personal between the two of them (nik and Jax) He tells carly that Nik is using her and the worst part is that she knows it

Jerry/Nadine-he injects her with something and she passes out on the floor

3rd seg

Spinmax/livvie-LOL Livvie no likey Maxie??


Carjax/nik-Jax says that after everything that happened, she needs to give herself time to process. Carly says that's why she's been trying to do while taking care of everything and Morgan. Then Jax brings up Courtney to Nik and Nik replies back about Spencer. Then jax says he knows it's about revenge years after that happened (how old is Spence again LOL) Carly says that Nik made her a legitimate business offer and maybe he's overthinking it. Jax tells her she should remember that Nik was as angry at her that he was at him for the spencer debacle and that if he would stop the deal before he goes through. Then leaves. Carly asks Nik if jax is right and it's about revenge

Snubs/Mac- lOL why was the heiffer running?

4th seg

Snubs/Mac-so much better in mute mode. Listens to Keep getting better by Christina while those three babbles "sometimes i'm a super bitch.."

Carly/Nik-Carly asking for Nick's motives and he keeps giving his shallow reasons. So she asked if she does sell how is she gonna know that him and jax are not gonna tear each other apart, Nik says that she doesn't

Jason's office-LOL Jason comes back in suit and big pussy is fixing his tie. Seriously, what kind of mob boss has time to play for the sake of somebody else's bodyguard



5th seg

Snubs- "you're a womanizer" Go Britney!!!!!!!!! yeah i'm still muting those two bitches

Spinmax/Livvie- LOL Spin calling Kate cold. Well he said less than warmth but translation is cold

Skate- mute them too!! LOL

Carly/Nick- talking about MC stuff that i don't get or remember

Jason's office- LOL Jason got so pissed after the big pussy left.

6th seg

Snubs-yippee they are finally engaged just backburn their asses now. Mac comes back in



Carjax-Jax says that he hopes she reconsidered. She says that she is not trying to hurt him and it's not personnal it's just business. Jax says if they have to bring another investor they need at least to agree on it. Carly says unless they can't. Jax says she is just gonna dig her heels in. Then Snarly brings up the divorce and says she might reconsider if he reconsider (blackmail much???) Jax says they are getting a divorce but this is about the hotel nothing more. Carly says ok and says Nick made a generous offer and has great market ideas so she might sell half of her shares. Jax says that Nick is a manipulator and if he thinks that he can turn one against the other he got another thing coming

Nik seeing Nadine on the floor unconscious at the clinic

7th seg

Nikadine- did she forgot everything or what? LOL Jerry looking in

Spinmax-some dudes at Crimson with guns

Max/Jason- LOL "three days!!!!" Big pussy and cie comes back. Carly comes and yep not getting any Oracle talk today LOL

Livvie fixing a car and Sonny coming. She says "enjoying the view" (shakes head)

Soapnet might need to check their spoilers LOL there is not Jax/Kate scenes unless it was cut. Thank the Lord!!!

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