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Title: 10/08/08
Description: Jax checks out Carly's assets!

purplecait - October 10, 2008 07:34 AM (GMT)
These are from Irresistable, thsnks again Chris!!! Carly wasn't on 10/7/08

1st seg

Mac/Anna at the PCPD


LOL Carly is doing whatever she was doing then jax came and why in the world he was standing behind her LOL so when she kind of back up, they bumped into each other. Carly asked him if he was watching her and he says he kind of was cause he loves how her mind works

Jason/Max- LOL Jason looked like he was saying in his head "Big pussy fathered you and your brother? Ain't that a bitch!!!"lol

2nd seg

Carjax-talking about picking a color for the spa and something else. Carly says he will problably pick blue cause the color reminds him of the color of the water in Fiji but jax says if he had to pick a color to remind him of their honeymoon is red because it's the color of her butt when she had a sea urchin LOL Carly says he's never gonna let her out of that. They were all smiley when party pooper Alexis comes and says she was waiting for Jax in the restaurant (i'm really looking for Alexis seeing jerm kissing now ) Carly says that it doesn't take a genius to know that it's about the divorce





3rd seg

Slum/Charlie Brown/my baby Cam at footnote's house

Carjax/Alexis-LOL Carly sitting close to Jaxis and listening to the divorce talk. Alexis talk about Jax taking the Belle Maison but Jax says that it was a gift to carly. Alexis says that he should reconsider but jax asks her "whose money is it?" Exactly LOL She anwers his then carly interrupts and says that he can have the Belle Maison and she'll take the MC. Then jax excuse himself and take carly to talk. Jerry comes in and Alexis says that carly not only broke jax's heart and she is trying to take advantage of him

Nikadine- Nadine needs to snap out of her idiocy now LOL it's starting to grate on my nerves

Jason/Max/Milo/Diane-footnote called so he leaves

4th seg

Jlex-Jerry pimping Carjax reunion. LOL i might feel a little inch of sadness when he's gone LOL Alexis can STFU

Carjax-Jax says that carly loves the Belle Maison so why is she being difficult. She says she loves the MC more. Jax says he doesn't want to sell his shares and carly says she doesn't want the divorce either but she doesn't have much of choice LOL She said she is not moving then jax says he's not moving either.


Dimax/Milo- Al Capone got arrested over what bootlegs or Rico violations LOL but Maximus Giambetti was deported Who fawkin cares?????????

Slum-she does't think she is short LOL and Ewww them making out on footnote's couch is disgusting

Jiz in da house AWWWWWWW she is still pissed about missing Italy because of the "inconvenience" of Kate getting shot. Just like she didn't get engaged cause of the "inconvenience" of Michael being shot.

5th seg


Matt/Nadine- Ok when is JC gonna be shaven??? JT said that he shaved at his PA. I love him better shaved. And shush Trena, i might not care about Matt but i love JC and always have

Jlex-going from carjax talk to sex talk LOL

Carjax/Alexis-being a bitch to Jax then she left. Jax says that he'll keep interests in both hotels and says that when it comes to business, they are both stuck together LOL Carly's face made me LOL for some reasons

Dimax/Milo/Big pussy


6th seg

Nik walking in the MC, Nadine following but hides to get into the elavator so Nik won't see her. Jax comes and asks Nik what he's doing in the hotel. Nik says that Carly's assistant called him but Jax asked him to leave since Carly doesn't want to do business with him. Nik says that he's not leaving untill he founds out what carly wanted. Jax warns Nik to back off or he'll regret it.

Nadine dressed as a maid in Jerry's hotel room


Carjax/Nik-carly saying something about working together and blah blah. Jax really not in the mood and carly saying that she plans on selling half of her shares to Nik

Jerry catches Nadine in the closet LOL

7th seg

Snobin/Mac- Ugh Mac arresting Pat

Carjax/Nick-Carly says that Nik made her a great offer and she wants to sell. Jax says selling out to Nik is not a good idea. Carly says she won't be selling out since she wants to still be involved which is why she is only selling half of it. Jax says like hell she is

More women manhandling Ugh Jerry pretty much ready to drug Nadine

Slum/footnote coming back while they are kissing

Jason/the rest of the idiots

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