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Title: 10/06/08
Description: Recap

purplecait - October 10, 2008 07:22 AM (GMT)
These are from Irresistable, thanks again Chris!!! :carjaxfan

No first segment cause of the news report for NOTHING URGENT!!!!

The first segment with Carjax was quick she was just asking him why does he care unless he is reconsidering the divorce.

2nd seg

Nikadine/spin-Nadine being silly and Spin/Nik being confused

Clic at the MC

Carjax- Jax telling Carly that he built the MC from ground up so he won't sell to Nik or anyone else. Carly making a face like "interesting" LOL


John/AZ- LOL why is John crying like a little bitch? LMAO "he was whinning like a little bitch" John finds the russian riffle

Sason-yeah sonny go screw yourself!!!!!! Jason telling sonny he's not giving back the business and MB overacting as always

3rd seg

footnote/nik- Nick asking about Nadine's behavior

Pat/Livvie/Kate and the bitch is out again after telling the sordid secret LOL

Sason-yeah he doesn't care about Kate, that's for sure LOL Logical Jason is da house LOL he still doesn't think Crap did it. Oh my poor eardrum!!!

Clic- Oh lordy one character i loathe and another i couldn't give a ish about if she died tomorrow. Really sucks to be me and the music is not helping my mood. *tries to think about the fact that she loves both actors despite the characters they are playing


4th seg

Carjax-Carly was on the phone when jax comes and ask her where she's going. She says that she is going to Montreal and flying commercial. Jax says he's going to the same meeting on his jet. LOL Carly asks "are you gonna offer me a ride?" Then Marty starts to leave and jax asks where are you going? Marty says i learned from experience to dissapear when you two get personal LOL the dude needs a raise. Carly says that if he's not gonna offer her a ride so she just leave then jax says to stop a minute. He just dont' want to send her mixed signals. Carly says it's just a plan ride. LMAO jax says well with them it's never just a plane ride and always end up doing what they shouldn't be doing right now (they are problably the CEOs of the mile high club by now) Carly said she is not regretting any of those time. Jax says he's gonna be a gentleman and let her take the jet and he'll fly commercial. Carly says thank you but no thank you. She'll get there on her own and she leaves

Livvie talking to Kate about Dante

Sason- Bitch, just shoot him!! Ugh



5th seg

AZ/John- LOL at AZ dancing after John leaves

Sason- Oh my God they are really Brokeback Mountains idiots!!! LOL sonny using the word "disrespect" is so laughable.


Nadine/Spin- LOL "he likes me as a kid sister except we had amazing sex last night" Really Nadine???? LMAO

Clic having sex

6th seg


Jason/Cody-Is Cody the new Jason? LOL


Sonny at the chapel again *he should have burn by now* AZ comes and they had this weird music playing LOL

7th seg

Nikadine- How in the world did she fell off the stairs? LOL

Clic-kissing in the living room when John walks in


Kate/Livvie-LOL that was direct, Cousin Liv


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