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Title: 10/02/08 Recap
Description: Carly/Olivia interaction

purplecait - October 6, 2008 01:15 AM (GMT)
This is from Irresistable again, thanks Chris! :carjaxfan

1st seg

Nikadine in bed- LMAO she is looking under the cover. Alfred comes in with breakfast. She has like a WTF look on her face

John/Scott at the PCPD

Skate/Olivia- EWWWW they just go around in the hospital with blood on them. WTF??

2nd seg

Nikadine-LMAO "more fun than a barrel of monkeys"

John/Scott-Can Ruru choke on the silver spoon first?



3rd seg

John/Scott/Clic-Scott beats John after John taunts him

Carly/Olivia-asking about sonny's retirement


4th seg


Jason/Max- LOL yeah Jason the oracle of Logic. Of course he thinks Crap didn't do it


Sonny talking to Kate she wakes up and piph comes in

5th seg

Nik/Alfred- LOL His ego is beaten and bruised

Nadine/Leylulosah- "scratch the itch, sleep it off, buttler comes in and you just walk out the door" LOL She is the weirdest girl evah!!!


Sonny/Snobin-let's pimp Pattycakes while we are at it. Ugh MB just don't, i beg you please have mercy on me, don't ever ever evahhhhhhh try to cry LOL

6th seg

Carly/Nik-Oh my God he is giving the same lame reason he gave to jax!!!! Carly says that since he's never been involved in hotel business it's either he is looking for a challenge or he is looking for a way to go up against Jax.


Snobin/Sonny- the 12345th mention of Stone. What's more boring talking about Kate or talking about Snubs?

7th seg


Carly/Nik-Carly thinks that he is doing it because of Umily LOL to compensate or whatever. Nik says she still didn't say if she is gonna sell or not. Nadine walks in and evily looks at them.

Sonny talking to Kate and blah blah blah then Jason comes in

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