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Title: 9/30/08 Recap
Description: Carjax kiss, YAY!

purplecait - October 2, 2008 09:04 PM (GMT)
These recaps r from Irresistable again, thanks Trena!!! :carjaxfan

No CarJax in first segment

segment 2


Carjax/Morgan/Mercedes-Carly tells Morgan that she and Jax are fine and he asks about Sonny so Carly tells him about Kate getting shot;Jax tells Morgan that the police will get the bad guys and Jax say he will make sure they are all safe so Morgan doesn't have to worry,Morgan says OK he shouldn't ;Carly thanks Jax and takes Morgan's hand to take him home as Jax watches them leave

Liz-still waiting

Sonny/Jason-Sonny tells Jason to send a message before Karpov strikes again

Kate/Olivia-Olivia talking to an unconscious Kate about Sonny

Sonny/Jason-Jason tells Sonny he is in no condition to make the call;Spin comes in and says the bullet was Russian and fired from a Russina gun;Sonny tells jason there is his proof now kill Karpov

Ric/AZ-AZ telling Ric why he shot Kate and how he plans to use Jason/Sonny against each other and take jason out of the picture for good

segment 3

Johnny/Jax-Jax tells Johnny to go drink somewhere else because the MC is his territory and what he says goes;Johnny gets a call from Lulu who says someone knows she is the one that killed Johnny

Carly/Morgan/Mercedes-Carly tells Morgan that Jax is right that something he doesn't need to worry about but he should know that what happened tonight is the reason why he can't be around Sonny because people who are get hurt like Michael/Kate.

Jason/Spin-discussing the bullet

Monica/Sonny/Kate/Olivia-Sonny says he wants Patrick to operate and Monica says they are trying to find him;Sonny tells Olivia he doesn't want kate paralized;Olivia tells Sonny to open his eyes Kate could die and he's worrying about paralysis

Jiz-Jason calls Liz and Sonny attacks karpov

Ric/AZ-Ric wants to know how AZ's plan to kill Jason will work;AZ says Jason's stupid blind loyalty and Sonny's stupid blind pride will be their downfall

segment 4

JoLu-Lulu tells Johnny about the note and how someone wants to make her pay;Johnny asks where the note is and Lulu says she doesn't know where it is and then says Johnny doesn't believe her

AZ/Ric/Trevor-Trevor comes in and says Kate has been shot and probably by Karpov and calls Sonny an idiot;Claudia comes in and says karpov didn't do it because she just had a meeting with him;AZ tells Claudia she is naive

Carjax-Jax comes over and Carly says she wasn't expecting him but she isn't complaining;Jax says as soon as they left he knew they couldn't let them go because the people left standing that are closest to Sonny are her and Morgan;Carly says they will be alright because jason has guards on them;Jax says mob security is an oxymoron and he tells her to let him keep them safe


segment 5

JoLu-Johnny thinks Lulu is losing her mind

Carjax-Jax says he booked a suite at the hotel for the forseeable future and he would be able to keep an eye on them;Carly says she is not sure she wants to leave her house and how she is having a hard time making the adjustment;Jax says they will work on it but she is moving to the hotel

Claudia/Trevor/Ric/AZ-Trevor/Claudia argue about Kate when Ric defends Claudia then Mac comes in to question them

Kate/Olivia-Olivia talks about all Kate has given up and accomplished and asked why she would risk it all to get involved with Sonny again

Sonny/Jason-Sonny asks Jason if he is going to do anything/;Jason asks what he wants for him to just start killing people;Sonny says Kate is dying in there and it would be retaliation

segment 6

JoLu-Lulu asks Johnny not to stop believing in her because then she would slip away and she starts talking about how Laura helped her through the other stuff;

Carjax/Morgan/mercedes/Marty-Jax has had the suite set up with extra security;Morgan asks how long they will have to stay there,Jax say he doesn't know but whats important is that Morgan and his mother are where he can keep a constant eye on them

Mac/Trevor/AZ/Ric/Claudia-Trevor tells Mac that Karpov shot Kate;Mac asks if he is willing to go to the station and Trevor does;AZ says Trevor really has a thing for Kate he is even willing to give the police information;Claudia says it doesn't matter because karpov didn't do it;Ric says he thinks karpov did it


Sonny/Jason-Sonny says jason is so big and importan now running the business that he gave him that he doesn't care that the owmn he loves is dying;Jason says his loyalty to Sonny is unquestioned but there are people depending on him to keep them safe and he can't risk that on assumptions;Sonny says then he is a coward and a traitor so get out

segment 7

JoLu-Lulu says she didn't write herself a note;Johnny says he doesn't think she knows what she is capable of and she needs help and everything he does just makes things worse

Carjax-Carly thanks jax for sticking around to read Morgan a bed time story;Jax says he thinks he enjoys them more than Morgan;Carly says he was her hero today and not just because he shielded her or whisked her and Morgan off to someplace safe but because he showed her without a shadow of a doubt that he still loves her;Carly kisses Jax and he kisses her back

Spin/Jason/Liz-Spin and jason are talking when Liz comes in to work

AZ/Claudia-AZ tells Claudia he wants her to go to Sonny on behalf of the family

Sonny/Olivia-Oliva tells Sonny what happened to Kate is his fault and she wants to hear him admit it

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