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Title: 9/29/08 Recap
Description: Fakey poo goes down!!!!

purplecait - September 30, 2008 08:05 AM (GMT)
These are from Irresistable again, thanks Chris! Freakin awesome show, stupid Fake went down with a bullet and Super Jax jumped into action! Lots of Carjax longing looks and Morgan, YAY!!!! :carjaxrocks

1st seg

Replaying of the last segment on Friday

Touchdown LOL Bitch is down So jason pretty much went at the back LOL with his gun (cause he brings guns everywhere LOL) then Jasper dodged for his woman

2nd seg

All the guests left the church LOL Sonny throwing empty threats to whoever shot Kate


Outside the church: Dilex-speaking of Kate again

Spinmax talking about Ruru

Carly with Joru and jax just standing looking

Tracy in Shadybrooke


Alexis on the phone

Carjax-thanking Jax for looking out for her and jax says that when he heard the shot all he could think about is what happened to Chucky

Mike outside looking for someone with nursing experience then he asks carly. She says that she was only in nursing school for one year and she flunked out LOL the story of her life

Jason in the church using his med school experience that he is not supposed to remember to help kate breath Livvie and Sonny are trying to talk to her to calm her down then carjax entered the church

3rd seg

Church- Cody coming with a bullet casing and Kate talking blah blah to sonny



LOL at Carly's face she feels like i do. Not only she has to touch her blood but she has to listen to them talk too.

Jason asks Spin to trace the bullet and spin says that it's a russian bullet

Slum/footnote-Lucky STFU

Kate playing with me and acting like she is gonna die BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT I GOT CARJAX LOOKING AT EACH OTHER

4th seg

They are taking Kate to the hospital. LOL Sonny trying to give orders to Jason

Diane worshiping Kate strenght again

Carjax talking about Kate being Connie Falconidontgiveadamn. Jax says he knew and carly says give it to Kate to tell him her deepest dark secret

Clic-talking about sonny

Spinmax then Mac comes in and try to tell Maxie to stay away from Spin

Joru Ugh back at Shadybrooke- LOL everybody agrees that Sonny is an idiot for not having security at his wedding. Even Jason still brought a gun just in case LMAO
Tracy comes in

Mac asking questions to Mike and Livvie


Slum/footnote/Charlie Brown/my cutie Cam- LOL she doesn't know yet that there will be no Italy for her

They got at the hospital and monica is the receiving doctor

5th seg

Mac still asking question to Livvie/Scot comes and ask who else is not among the guests anymore



Dilex/Bernie comes to get Diane for Jason- LOL "Bad cop, stupid cop"

LMAO footnote at the airport- "boyfriend" Hell i see my BF more than she sees hers

Skate at the hospital/Monica-LOL Monica scolding Sonny

6th seg

Footnote reading a book about Italy LMAO

Harper/Carjax-Go away, dude LOL let my carjax alone. Carly says she didnt see anything because jax threw her on the floor and protected her I wish he threw her on the floor to do something else

Tracy/John in Laura's room-Oh lord Tracy needs scenes that has nothing to do with Ruru. Wasn't she married to the mob too?

Sonny talking to Kate in her hospital room. Livvie comes in. "at this time, i am more family than you" hehehehe

7th seg

Tracy/Ruru- she got a message saying "you killed logan"

Carjax at the MC-Carly wanting to change because she doesn't want Morgan to see her like that before she goes home. Then Morgan calls for her with Mercedes. Mercedes says that they saw on the news about the shooting and Morgan thought it was her. That she got shot like Michael. AWWWWWWWWWWW my poor baby. Carly hugs him and tells him that she is okay so is jax so he doesn't have to worry since they are not gonna leave him

Footnote still waiting

Claudia/Crap- "it wassssssnnnn't me"

Livvie/Kate- saying sonny will never know

Sason-blah blah "i want revenge" u know the drill

Rick/AZ- LMAO "i guess you caught me"

LukesDiner - October 2, 2008 04:06 AM (GMT)
Thanks Cait! It was kind of sad...oh wait we're talking about Kate right, lol. I think if she wasn't such a bitch 24/7 I might....might have had a tiny spec of sympathy for her. AZ is one crazy mofo and I love him!!!! "I guess you caught me." LOL!

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