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Title: 9/26/08 Recap
Description: The wedding of bullets!

purplecait - September 29, 2008 02:29 AM (GMT)
These recaps are from Irresistable again, thanks Chris!!!!

1st seg

Nadine on the boat tied down

Claudia/carly-both smiling about going to the wedding LOL

Maxie/Olivia-LOL Maxie looking for the maid of honor's dress but Livvie is wearing it

Kate at the church-she gets flowers from Crap


2nd seg

Diane/Claudia/Carly at the MC-Diane making a face cause she heard Claudia and Carly going to the wedding when a woman brought their dresses


Kate at the church/Mike-fashion icon, my ass. I wouldn't wear any of the clothes that she wore ever since she landed her ass in PC

Sason-maybe the MOC is going to be them

Loulou/Lainey-oh whatever!!! Bitch is crazy who cares??? Let's FF to the shooting, shall we?

Johnny in shadybrook *i think it 's him*

3rd seg

Nik/Leylu-looking for Nadine

Nadine still on the boat and trying to escape but she got caught

Diane/Alexis-LOL "you don't count" exactly what i always said. Diane telling that carly and claudia are going to the wedding. Why is Alexis acting like she didn't know carly was going?

Spinmax-Maxie getting all bent out of shape because of Kate's past



4th seg


Joru-chemless ugh

Spinmax-of course it's all about maxie

JC/Diane-LOL Jason dressed all in black. Always cracks me up


Kate/livie-what a bitch!!!! "doesn't go with my dress"

5th seg

Sonny/Mike at the church- Oh STFU about Chucky


Spinmax- Yeah maxie's dress is

Nadine/sasha- "if i told you, you will have to kill me" "i'll kill you anyway" That girl really has Jessica Simpson's moments. Why was NIk running like an out of breath idiot with that gun? LOL

6th seg


Spinmax/sonny-spin is so sonny's son LMAO

Sonny/Clic- "i hope u don't die of boredom"


Joru/Clic sees them outside



Sonny/JC and of course here comes Jax LOL

Kate/Livvie still fighting (just hit her, Livvie) LOL everybody is cracking up. WEll Joru, Carly, Clic and somebody else i'm sure

7th seg

the damn wedding starts finally- LMAO Jason really doesn't want to be here. Carly did look at Jax hehehe. LOL awkward moment between Livvie and Sonny

Here comes the bitch ooh my bad the bride What's up with the damn music? They really needed that shooting to make things interesting. Yep they are like standing at the altar then there is a gun shot but there was like a still image Ugh just Ugh

Whatttttttttttttttttttttttttt Ugh where is my soap scoop scene??? They really had me going Ugh I have to wait till monday

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