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Title: 09/25/08 Recap
Description: Carly finds out the truth about Fake H!

purplecait - September 26, 2008 07:26 AM (GMT)

These are from Irresistable again, sorry!!!! Thanks again Chris, love ya!!!
Sarah is gonna do 9/24/08 soon hopefully!

1st seg




fuckin wedding rehearsal

Olivia/Marty/Carly at the MC-carly trying to be slick and get info on Olivia. But olivia says "nice try!! You are trying to find out the connection"

2nd seg




Carly/livvie-why is she telling her biz to a stranger? LMAO She says that sonny invited her to surprise her cousin. Carly says "kate is your cousin" with a big ole smile

Wedding rehearsal- LOL Kate saying who is going to object? Me: the bullet


Carly/liv sitting in the lobby and carly keeps on smiling like an happy drug addict


3rd seg

Nikadine/Leylu at GH-why is Nik following Nadine? LOL She left him a note

Jiz-this is one of the time i mute those two dumb bitches (i still love you Jason ) LOL the jiz scene are like 2 sec. Blink you miss BWAAAAAAAAH



Carly/livvie-Constanza Louise Falconeri LOL she should just tell carly what color of underwear she is wearing.

4th seg


Nikadine/Leylu-LOL she is already planning to get in trouble. hehehe Nikadine flirting

Loulou/Lucky-screeching at the window for John and screeching at Lucky

Sonny/AZ/the hot weelchair pusher/Milo- LOL for the "crippled old man" hahaha I retract anything wrong i said about AZ. NOw that's the AZ i loved during the BW ball stabbing and shooting people LMAO


5th seg



Sonny/AZ-AZ trying to play sonny like a violin right before he shoots his bride

Carjax- LOL so now they are just sneaking on each other everytime one is talking. Jax asks her who is she giving special treatments. she says one of sonny's friend from bensonhurst. Jax says he won't be catering to the mob. Carly says well you gave kate's snobby guests special treatments and you are getting mad for a fruit basket LOL Jax says that she is up to something. Carly replies that as long as he believes that her decision for the hotel are as good as his they will get along fine. Then she leaves and says "see you at the wedding"

6th seg

Jax/Nik- Jax wants to find out more info on Livvie then Nik comes. Jax didn't look like he wanted to talk to him LOL . Then Nik says that he wants to make an offer on the MC. Jax says the MC is not for sale and why does nik wants it. Nik says he wants to expand his property Then jax says pick something else LOL then Nik replies well i want the MC. He gave this lame reason that there is an amazing view from Spoon Island toward the hotel. Just like me Jax wanted to laugh

Loulou calling John


JC-Jason asking carly what the hell does she want to go to the wedding and early? Then he says i know you, you have a plan. Carly says we all have plans one way or another LOL (shakes head)

7th seg

Nadine thinking that she's GI Joe/some guys/Sasha

Nik/Jax-Nik getting upset and telling jax that he doesn't to sell so it must be personal. WTF??? He doesn't want to sell because he doesn't want to sell LOL he doesn't need a reason and by the way he is acting like jax is the sole owner of the hotel. Jax says that it's not for sale (take a hike LOL) then he left

JC-Carly tells jason she has no intention of sabotaging the wedding cause she won't have to do anything. She just wants to watch it go boom and kate will be getting exactly what she deserves



LukesDiner - September 27, 2008 11:11 PM (GMT)
Thanks for doing recaps Cait...I've been without internet for a few days. I can't wait for Monday!

dougfox - September 28, 2008 03:55 AM (GMT)
me neither can't wait for monday. :carjaxfan :cff

purplecait - September 29, 2008 02:33 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (LukesDiner @ Sep 27 2008, 05:11 PM)
Thanks for doing recaps Cait...I've been without internet for a few days. I can't wait for Monday!

No problem Erin!!!! I usually try to do them myself but I ran out of time this week and had to post them from Irresistable. Sarah was working on Wed's episode 9/24/08, not sure what happened but if needed I can post them from Irresistable as well!!
:carjaxfan :carjaxlove

CLLover - September 29, 2008 08:22 AM (GMT)
Yeah, Cait thank you for putting this up. Since I don't watch right now cause of all the Skate luvie-dubie crap and other s/l's that just annoy me, this makes it easier to skim what I want to know about. Granted I watched bits of Friday cause I too was wanting to see Kate get shot.. color me NOT shocked that we had a cliffhanger. I've seen the mags and know that Carly's tending to a bleeding Kate .. :rolleyes .. so wrong. But I love that Jax is going to jump in to protect his wife from flying bullets :love :love I also watched because I love fashion and wanted to see the ups and downs of the wardrobe department. Um, with all the hype with Diane and Alexis' dresses .. I wasn't impressed. Olivia's dress (love that she and Carly got so chummy so fast :D), was not all that. Kate's many pre and post wedding dresses .. :rolleyes .. oh, please. "Fashion Icon?" Seriously? Now I may be biased .. :biglaugh .. no really .. but Carly looked FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!! The dress, the color .. THE HAIR!! Extensions rule and she works them fiercely. Ok, I'm done .. onto Monday and to Kate's snobby, self-absorbed, fraudulent, ashamed of her own past/family, weak assed body laying on the ground covered in blood.

:unsure Too much?? :unsure

:cff :laurarocks2 :carjaxlove

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