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Title: I have returned from the promise land!
Description: FCW was a blast!

LukesDiner - July 15, 2008 05:57 PM (GMT)
Okay, I'm not real sure how long this recap is gonna be BUT, I will try my best to not make it epic.'s how it went down...

Flying out on Thursday was nice, the airport wasn't crowded at all really. My flight...boring. The lady in front of me couldn't decided whether she wanted to recline her seat or not, and ended up smacking me in the head a couple times.

I landed at LAX a little after noon and then met up with Tanya. We got our sh!t and said hasta la vista to the airport...a little TMI...I had to pee sooo soo soo bad waiting for the shuttle to pick us up. We got on the shuttle and the 405 is the effin bumpiest highway I think I've ever been on, needless to say I was oh so close to peeing my pants!

Anyway........we got to the Sportsmen's Lodge, but had to wait til 3pm to check in which was only like a half hour. The hotel is really nice, it's got a pool, a poolside bar (one of my favorite things) and a nice Patio Cafe, which is where we ate dinner (Tanya: "wanna mayonnaise?!") Then it was off to bed...I was wiped.

Friday! Laura day! Well since Laura's event wasn't until 8:30pm...we decided to play tourist and went to CityWalk, which is like this huge outdoor mall with restaurants up the wazoo. We ate lunch at Hard Rock Cafe and then piddled around for a few hours before catching the shuttle back to the hotel. We got all ready for Laura's event and headed up to the Vista Room, which was where the event was. We helped set up everything for the event. Laura was trying to decide how to enter the room, I suggested she jump out of the supply closet in the back or the row of cabinets in the front, lol...she got a kick out of that.

Everything was ready. I got my seat, at the front (I got some good pics I'll share later, also some video). Laura greeted people at the door as they came in. Once everyone was seated we did this Carly trivia sheet. It had like 20 questions about Carly and once everyone was done answering, Laura had to answer them herself....I think she got a couple, lol and a couple more with help from fans haha. The winner (whoever had the most points) got a nice framed pic of Laura and Ingo, which Laura happily signed.

Next was just a Q&A...I'm sure most of you have heard the spoilers she gave out, which really wasn't too many. I'll type them anyway, in case you haven't seen them. The big one she said was that Carly and Jax do kind of break up after Kate lies to make Carly look bad to Jax. It was something about Kate lying and saying that Carly took a message for a meeting that Jax was supposed to have for Crimson and Kate made it look like Carly neglected to give it to him. Laura then said that they do eventually make up, but who knows how long it'll last with the limo sex looming. She didn't say if or when that would come out.

Let's see what else...she said she loves loves loves loves working with Ingo. She said she would love to work with Tyler. Oh and she wished she and Sarah Brown had more stuff to work with, they have such a good time working together. She told us a storyline she thought would be good for them. Carly and Claudia start to become friends, slowly but surely and just after they've gained trust, Carly finds out about Claudia's part in Michael's shooting.

Um...she said that she likes to get Steve's goat whenever she can, like when he was wearing the wrist guards, they would ask him if he's going bowling. Or when he had his longer hair gelled back, they'd call him slick. She said Steve called her Farrah the other day because she was blocking his camera shot.

Someone asked if Carly and Robin would ever be friends...Laura said probably not because there is not much of a story there, it's always more fun if everyone hates each other's guts. It was also asked if Sam, Liz, or Robin were dangling off a mountain who would Carly drop, lol. Laura said she didn't think Carly would drop anyone, but you never know. Laura made a Friends reference saying that it would've been funny if Carly had stayed pregnant and she and Robin ended up in the same labor room, like when Monica and Janice ended up in the same room. Carly would be like, "are you kidding me?!" Laura does a good Janice impression, "oh. my. god!"

The Emmys came up as well. Laura was asked about not being nominated for so long. She said it doesn't really bother her, although she said and I quote, "I put in a great effin real by the way!" She said she submitted the episode where Carly found out Sonny tricked her into marrying him and also the episode where Carly asked Sonny to let her marry Jax. She said she's had some great days this year and would be disappointed if she didn't get a nom next year (her, me, and everyone else on this planet). She also said, even if she doesn't get nominated, it's okay, because she still loves what she does every day. :D

After the Q&A, Laura auctioned...or tried to auction off, lol, signed scripts, her favorite wine, studio tours, and some pics. I didn't bid on anything, mainly because I have no money, lol. After that was over Laura went table to table signing autographs, talking, and taking pics. We were there until about midnight. Laura signed a pic to me and one for the board, so I'll scan it and put it up here. That was pretty much it, we helped her take her stuff to her car, got a hug and then she left. Was a goooooooood night!

Wow, this is a long recap...haha. I'll do a separate post for the luncheon. I had a blast though! Laura is just Laura, she's so down to earth and has the best sense of humor. So glad that I got to meet her...finally! Oh and Tanya and I saw Gene Simmons waiting for an know, the guy from Kiss with the freakishly long tongue or as Tanya and I refer to him, the tongue guy.

carjaxfanatic - July 15, 2008 06:24 PM (GMT)
wow erin sounds like you spent a shitload of time with LW lucky!

i wanted to go SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad.

well there is always next year.

did u ask any questions about carjax ?

chisela07 - July 16, 2008 02:03 AM (GMT)
that was probably the longest recap EVER! but much appreciated lol.

i so want to go next year, and i swear to goodness, if laura doesn't get an emmy next year, i will beat someone lol.

LukesDiner - July 16, 2008 02:16 AM (GMT)
lol! It was pretty long wasn't it? Well ya know...once I started typing it all came screaming back to me. And I was afraid I wouldn't remember anything, lol!

Lexi- I didn't ask any questions actually...haha, ironically I couldn't think of any good ones.

Tanya - July 16, 2008 03:14 AM (GMT)
LOL Erin. Great report. I did a book myself over on LA but I missed some of what you had. "Wanna mayonnaise?" I really need to brush up on my broken english before I go back! LOL He was dressed nicely though wasn't he? :sarcasm "I know!"

I'm really going to reply to this post. Tomorrow. When I can think. But for now let me just say.... Erin was a great roomie! We had fun and I would definitely room with her again.

Now I'm off to :sleep !!

LukesDiner - July 16, 2008 03:26 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Tanya @ Jul 15 2008, 10:14 PM)
He was dressed nicely though wasn't he? :sarcasm "I know!"

He was! lol "I know!" Now we know what dress code to abide by, lol!

LukesDiner - July 16, 2008 03:37 PM (GMT)
Okay....the recap...part two. I really hope it's not as long as the first one. Anyway..............

So after Laura's event we were TIRED. Sleepy time. The next morning we decided to not rush things and didn't get up til like 10am. We figured we could get some breakfast and then head over to the main event because as Tanya informed me the lunch they serve leaves a lot to be desired.

So luckily we got to sit in two of the front tables, and had a great view of the main stage...although the lighting in there is horrible, that's why I only had like three decent pics from the luncheon. Moving along...we ate, or rather didn't eat. I got poked at by some lady at my table for not eating a salad...I was like, "you can have it!" Mushy veggies, cheesy potato slop and a brick of chicken. Oh and for dessert...something I think was ice cream. :D

Then finally after about an HOUR of raffling stuff off (I felt like I was at a bingo game), John Ingle came out and introduced all of the actors. Laura got a very nice, loud applause...I of course was screaming! :D Once everyone was seated they did a little Q&A. Laura got a question about how Carly can have the twisted logic that what she did with Sonny is way less worse that what Jax did with Kate. Laura justified it by saying that with ex's you can have go backs and redos...THEY DON'T COUNT! :D Megan Ward also got a question about the SKate wedding and if it'll actually happen. Megan said that she went dress shopping the other day, so it's likely. She also made the comment that this wedding won't be like any of Sonny's other women, lol, and she looked straight at Laura when she said that. Laura jokingly said it's never gonna happen. :D They gave out the FCW Awards again this year and Laura won Outstanding Lead Actress, yay!

After all that, the actors went to their respective tables. Thank god Laura was in a separate room because the main event room was piping hot! We went and set our stuff down behind Laura's table so we didn't have to lug it everywhere. And then we were off! Tanya and I went to see Megan first. Megan likes to chat, lol, her line moved at a snail's pace, but it was okay. Megan is a sweetheart...honestly I can't remember what we talked about, something about getting some love or something, she said it in jest, oh hell I can't remember. Next was Brandon! That is one fine man, I didn't have anything for him to sign so I just took a pic. Then we saw Julie who was really sweet, got a pic with her and then moved along to RICK!!!!

This needs it's own separate paragraph. Rick is just amazing...and hot...and amazing...and hot some more. I got up to him and I said, "DUDE!!" and he said, "Duuuuuuuuuuude!" then I said, "You know you're really hot right?" He said thank you, then I said, "You're hot hot, not heat hot, although you're probably that too." He said he was suprisingly cool actually, lol. I took a pic with him, then Tanya got up there. She asked him about GL and Alan Michael Spaulding. He said he loved the role, and wondered what has happened to the show. He watched Beth's last day, but doesn't watch it much anymore. He likes to talk, love love love love him!

After Rick, we were about to die of a heat stroke so we went back to Laura's room, which Dylan, Carolyn, Derk, Drew, and Blake were all in as well. We actually grabbed a couple drinks on the way back to the room, lol. We sat around over by Laura's table for awhile and Tanya took some pics (good ones I might add..."huh?"). In the open room next to Laura's and behind the wall that was behind her, the hotel staff was setting up for a wedding. They started playing some music, so she started dancing. Then she looked around at the people setting up the wedding and wondered why they were dressed so nicely...Tanya piped in so eloquently and said, "Because they work here!" Laura's response..."I KNOW!" :D

Not much else went on at the event...we eventually went over to Drew and Derk's table to get a pic with them which was very nice. Then we came back to Laura's table for awhile...she was starving and wanted a pepperoni pizza, no such luck in that department, but someone was able to get her a bag of pretzels. We stole Laura's idea and had a pizza that night for dinner, and it was mmm mmm good! I'm surprised the order was right because when I called...Dominos...the guy taking my order didn't speak the greatest English and was talking about a mile a minute. I think my response to everything was..."uh...huh...yeah...uh sure...thanks!" *click*

So Saturday night...after pizza...we went down to the Patio Cafe and sat outside, had a few drinks and low and behold, we saw Sarah Brown...well the back of her anyway! She was heading to her event. That was the one person both of us were really bummed out that we didn't get to see. Oh well, next year. We hung around on the patio for about 3 hours swaping stories. Dylan Cash had been sitting at another table for a little while chatting with some people and then came over to inform us that we had been sitting there, "for like 8 hours!" :D It was nice out, like really nice!

Eventually we made back up to the room...where I conveniently passed out on the bed...face down...arms above my head. Lesson...don't pass out in that position! It's hella hard to move when you do in fact wake up! Tanya was no help, lol! ...."You gonna sleep like that?" "Uhhhhhh huh." "Okay." :D

Sunday was a fun day, we slept in! Went to Subway for lunch and then walked down to a bowling alley down the street. It was cosmic bowling and they had black lights...made your shoes look pretty damn cool! We bowled a couple games then shot a couple games of pool and headed out. Oh and Dylan showed up at the bowling alley...Tanya and I were convinced that he was stalking us. :sarcasm Then we headed over to Starbucks and back to the hotel. We hung out for awhile then went down to the lobby to shoot some pool. It was all good except for the beginning when this dude kept hovering around the table telling us what shot to make and where the chalk was, lol!

Monday was the day we headed back home. Caught the shuttle to the airport at like 10:30am. 40-effin-5...damn bumpiest highway! We got to ride in the car pool lane though, lol. The flight home wasn't bad, minus the screaming kid who while we were at the gate tried to shove his lolly pop down my throat, lol! :sarcasm All in all a freaking fabulous trip! My roomie was fantastic and we had a blast! Laura was a hoot and a half and so much fun to be around. Can't wait to go again! Wow, this one might be even apologies, lol!

Sam Morgan - July 16, 2008 04:25 PM (GMT)
thanks alot for posting

carjaxfanatic - July 16, 2008 05:59 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (LukesDiner @ Jul 15 2008, 08:16 PM)
lol! It was pretty long wasn't it? Well ya know...once I started typing it all came screaming back to me. And I was afraid I wouldn't remember anything, lol!

Lexi- I didn't ask any questions actually...haha, ironically I couldn't think of any good ones.

erin erin erin shame on u

all those questions we came up with and u could think of one?

hahaha its okay we all have our blonde moments


LukesDiner - July 16, 2008 07:15 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (carjaxfanatic @ Jul 16 2008, 12:59 PM)
QUOTE (LukesDiner @ Jul 15 2008, 08:16 PM)
lol! It was pretty long wasn't it? Well ya know...once I started typing it all came screaming back to me. And I was afraid I wouldn't remember anything, lol!

Lexi- I didn't ask any questions actually...haha, ironically I couldn't think of any good ones.

erin erin erin shame on u

all those questions we came up with and u could think of one?

hahaha its okay we all have our blonde moments


You know I can't multitask!! I was trying to listen and snap pictures at the same time! lol, that was difficult enough! :D

carjaxfanatic - July 16, 2008 08:22 PM (GMT)
next year...note cards...questions on them

and yes u cant multitask we know this by now

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