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  1. I love you...but I dont want to hurt you anymore
  2. "If Jax really loved me, he would forgive me."
  3. CarSon or CarJax??
  4. Skye and Carly aka SKARLY
  5. I'm not gonna do it
  6. Carly & Milo.....LMAO!!
  7. "I wil never come back to you..."
  8. I bet I'm going to hit you upside the head
  9. Jax!
  10. Carly Line of the Day
  11. fighting,diamond necklaces, and S-E-X
  12. CarJax
  13. Hmm??
  14. I can marry whoe ever I damn well please
  15. We need a happy post!
  16. The Kiss ...
  17. Marrying you is the biggest risk I could take
  18. Oooo...
  19. So, it's TRUE Sonny and I kissed
  20. CarSam Anyone?
  21. I want you to make love to me
  22. I get what I want, and I want you
  23. you want to elope?
  24. believe me nby rie sinclair
  25. Jason's the deal breaker huh?
  26. The one thing you wont leave this table with is me
  27. The Wedding is Nov. 16th...
  28. "It's getting crowded in here"
  29. Feelings about the Carly/Jax/Sonny triangle?
  30. ...I love you's and love scenes
  31. Karma's a bitch...
  32. Favorite Carly moment this past week
  33. .............I love you
  34. ......I'm ready to give it back to you!
  35. Dinosaurs, pancakes and a date!!
  36. Tater Tots & Frozen Pizza!!
  37. Horse pucky!!!!!
  38. Okay, so how long until CarJax officially makeup?
  39. ...totally crazy about you!!
  40. Kisses & Poker!!
  41. I'm Certifiable...
  42. You're just jealous that I'm not fighting for you
  43. No Sex........
  44. Favorite Carly moment this past week
  45. It would be a lot quieter...
  46. What can I do for you?
  47. Morgan drew the Nile, it's blue, you'll love it
  48. I did, you win. Get out!
  49. a corkscrew through your head
  50. Kick that euro trash to the curb!!

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