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  1. Question for you guys about clips
  2. Board Update
  3. What's best to read first?
  4. Important: The forum is moving.
  5. Happy Birthday Erin (LukesDiner)
  6. New Layout!
  7. Happy Birthday Shelly (islandgirl)!!!
  8. Clip Archive Update
  9. Carly Clips Info
  10. We Have a New Domain Name!!!
  11. Happy Birthday Lexi (carjaxfanatic)!!!
  12. Happy Birthday Becca (CLLover)!!!
  13. GH Clips Update
  14. Reorganized Clip Archive
  15. Cbox is down at the moment
  16. Clips will be up late tonight
  17. Happy Birthday "NewsGirl"..
  18. FYI for clips this week
  19. Congrats to "THE WRIGHT SPOT.."
  20. Just a little FYI for clips
  21. Welcome to all the newbies!!!
  22. Erin! You froze out!
  23. Okay...don't throw stones at me...
  24. Sorry, no clips tonight
  25. Does anyone want a cbox?
  26. New Grey's Anatomy forum
  27. Congrats on making 205 members....
  28. No clips tonight
  29. Want to Chat Tonight?
  30. Today's clips are coming (07.13.06)
  31. Do you guys like the new header?
  32. All clips are going to be archived
  33. Condensed the board a bit
  34. Happy Birthday Lisa! (lisa_rock_n_roll)
  35. Today's clips (07.07.06) will be up tomorrow
  36. July 3rd clips are up
  37. New LW Thread Pics!!
  38. Keep Voting for Laura
  39. Jason and Carly
  40. Clips will be up tomorrow morning
  41. Vote for CarJax
  42. Daily Clips - Password Protected
  43. I need the Clip Forum password
  44. Just wondering about Screencaps!
  45. Clips will be up late tonight
  46. Like the new layout?
  47. 50 Members WOOHOO!
  48. Carly clips are up to date
  49. Is there any interest in a Fan Fiction forum?
  50. Does anyone make fan-art on here?

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