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 Rui, Mistress of Medical and Sealing Arts
Posted: Mar 2 2012, 11:36 PM

Are you new around here?

Group: Special
Posts: 1
Member No.: 181
Joined: 2-March 12

Work In Progress

Name: Rui

Age: 18

Village: No Village, hails from the Land of Waves; Declared Deceased

Clan: Orphan

Family: Orphan

Affiliation: Herself

Rank: Land of Waves has no Ninja Village or System, and nobody knows that she has been trained in the Ninja Arts. In terms of power, she is an A to S Ranked Jonin.

Kekkei Genkai: N/A

Jutsu Elemental Style: Born with Water Nature but has since lost it. Due to having sampled the Chakra of so many people over the years with her Spirit Eating Seal, she is incapable of molding her own Chakra into any of the 5 Elements, not even into it's Inherent Nature. In order to use an Elemental Ninjutsu, it must be one she has stolen and/or replicated and sealed to a finger. She has plans to develop a Ritual/Sealing Technique that incorporates a person's heart, allowing her to endow herself with the person's particular Chakra Nature for a period of time based on the person's age and their development of the Chakra Nature.


All Academy Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Genjutsu Techniques.
Body Flame Technique
Shadow Clone Jutsu
Generic Sealing Technique
Five Elements Seal
Five Elements Unseal
Finger Engraving Seal
Leech All Creation: Attack Prevention Method
Mystical Palm Technique
Chakra Scalpel Technique
Dead Soul Technique
Yin Healing Wound Destruction
Summoning: Rashomon

Summoning Jutsu - A jutsu allowing a person to summon people, objects or animals. Rui most often uses this to summon her journal from the pocket dimension she created. She is also capable of placing a summoning seal on a person or thing in order to summon them to her but she is only capable of this if the seal(s) remains intact. Rui holds a summoning contract with Mystical Octopus Family, who are masters of Sealing and Forbidden Ninjutsu. Rui uses them to aid in large scale seals, or when she needs more than one person to cast a seal or perform a ritual. She is also able to spread her medical techniques through them, allowing her to have a great scale and reach when using them.

Summoning Jutsu - The basic ability to summon people, objects or animals. Rui often uses this to call forth the animals with which she has a contract, the (???), as well as to call forth her journal from her hidden pocket dimension. Aside from the basic Summoning Seal that appears when one casts a Summoning Technique, Rui has developed her own, unique seals with which she has taken Summoning Jutsu to a higher level.

Reverse Summoning Jutsu - Through reverse engineering of the universal Summoning Jutsu, Rui created the Reverse Summoning Jutsu, which allows her to send a person, object or animal away, rather than summon them to her. She does this by casting the Reverse Summoning Jutsu and then slamming her hand who or what she wishes to send away, placing the seal. Once this has been done, they are transported to somewhere that Rui has placed her Inverse Summoning Seal, which is necessary for a person to reappear.

Seals of Summoning:

Rui's Summoning Seal - The first seal that Rui developed herself. Placing it on a person, object or animal

Rui's Reverse Summoning Seal - This seal appears when Rui casts her Reverse Summoning Jutsu. This seal acts exactly as a normal Summoning Seal works, except that it's effect is opposite. Instead of calling forth, it sends away. Rui developed this in hopes of going out into the world and finding tests subjects to send back to any number of her hideouts without having to detain and transport them. Rui can place this seal on an object in order to transport them somewhere else where she has placed an Inverse Summoning Seal.

Rui's Inverse Summoning Seal - Rui created this seal because, as she developed the Reverse Summoning Seal and Jutsu, she found that a normal Summoning Seal would not work as a place for the person to reappear. This was because they were not really being summoning, but they were inversely being summoned. Because of this realization, she tweaked the normal Summoning Seal, creating the Inverse Summoning Seal. A person that is reverse summoned can only be sent to an Inverse Summoning Seal. If there is no Inverse Summoning Seal anywhere, they will disappear and reappear within thirty seconds.

Seal Placement Technique - There are three versions of this technique, one for each type of seal Rui has developed. After the technique has been cast, it allows her to place one of the three seals on a person, item or animal. Once it is placed, only another skilled sealist can remove the technique. the only other way the seal can disappear is if Rui removes it, or if it is used so much that it begins to weaken and fade.

Seal Removal Technique - Using this technique does not always guarantee that a seal will be removed. If Rui were to use this on one of her own seals, then the seal would instantly fade. If it is one that she is familiar with, then she has a good chance of overpowering the seal and removing it from where it was placed, and if she has no knowledge or little knowledge of the seal, she likely will be unable to remove it. However, the seal's strength must be taken into account, and if she is stronger than the seal, her chances increase.

Seal Revitalization Technique - With this technique, Rui is able to easily restore a broken or weakening seal to its full strength. She can only do this if her hand is over the seal, however, so she cannot do it across long distances. She is able to use this technique most easily with her own seals, but she can also use it on seals that are not of her own creation or placement, though it takes longer, and requires more Chakra.

Seal Cancellation Technique - Using this jutsu allows Rui to cancel out any effects of almost any seal. The length of time that the effect last depends on her knowledge of the seal, so when used on unfamiliar seals, it doesn't last very long. The only way around this is to study the seal so that she is able to understand it better.

Seal Copying Technique - Using this technique, Rui is able to copy a seal by casting the jutsu and focusing her Chakra, touching the seal, and then placing a scroll over the seal. The scroll then makes a copy of the seal's appearance, power and effect for Rui to take and study at a later time. This only works if she is able to place the scroll over the seal for 10 seconds.

Spirit Devouring Seal - A seal on Rui's right hand that takes the form of the kanji for the word "devour" in the center of a circle. When she places her hand on someone and activates the seal, it allows her to absorb a portion of their Chakra into her own Chakra Network. Not only can this give her extra Chakra if she is low, but it allows her to, in a way, "assimilate" it, causing her Chakra to take on similar properties of the absorbed Chakra. This, in turn, allows her to mimic their techniques, however, these effects typically range in duration from 1-6 hours.

Spirit Slumbering Seal - A seal on Rui's left hand that the form of the kanji for the word "slumber" in the center of a circle. When she places her hand on someone and activates the seal, it allows her to, in a way, lock a person's Chakra Points in the area that Rui touches them. In order for the sealing of the Chakra Points to be successful, the opponent must be hit with the seal in the same spot twice times. The first to slightly increase the amount of Chakra they output, and the second to use the increase in Chakra by thrusting it back into the Chakra Points, causing the blockage, which lasts for about an hour.

Jutsu Catching Seal - Written on several scrolls that Rui carries around, this seal allows her to literally capture a technique once it has been cast, not only defending against it, but allowing her to make use of it in the future. She often replicates it several times and then seals them to one of her fingers. The jutsu cannot be released from the scroll in an attack. If it is released from the scroll, the Chakra fades into the atmosphere.

Sealed Jutsu Replication Technique - Allows Rui to make "copies" of a technique that she has sealed, making it possible for her to use a sealed technique without depleting her source of it. Techniques can only be replicated a maximum of ten times, allowing her to use sealed techniques ten times before they disappear. These techniques can only be used when sealed in her fingers, but when first stealing the technique, it must be placed in a sealing scroll.

Finger Sealing Technique - Allows Rui to seal jutsu that she has captured and manipulated in her scrolls to her fingers. This allows her to use jutsu that she would not normally be able to use, and she can do so by releasing them, effectively allowing her to cast jutsu without hand seals.

Currently Sealed Techniques:

Right Pinky Finger - Empty
Right Ring Finger - Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu x 7
Right Middle Finger - Empty
Right Index Finger - Lava Style: Melting Apparition Technique x 10
Right Thumb - Empty
Left Thumb - Earth Style: Earth Wall x 8
Left Index Finger - Water Style: Water Encampment Wall x 6
Left Middle Finger - Empty
Left Ring Finger - Genjutsu: Temple of Nirvana x 4
Left Pinky Finger - Empty

Shunshin Seal - A pair of seals that are located on Rui's right and left shins. They take in a small portion of Rui's Chakra every single day for two weeks, and when she releases this Chakra she is capable of using the Body Flicker Technique at a greater speed, and is capable of moving a farther distance (once used the period of absorption begins again). She is capable of doing this five times a day, and if she attempts to go over five, the muscles in her legs will tear apart and will require medical attention, not to mention the enhanced Body Flicker will become only half effective.

Rui's Transformation Technique - A technique that permanently alters Rui's appearance, making her look nothing like what she used to. Because of this she is unrecognizable to anybody that she ever knew before the casting of the technique. A side effect is that she physically ages at half the speed a normal person does. The technique was cast on her eighteenth birthday, after leaving Kabuto and Orochimaru.

Other special abilities or worthy info:

One of the world's best in the Medical and Sealing arts due to having been trained by Kabuto Yakushi and Orochimaru in the fields, respectively. She has worked so that nobody is aware of her abilities, aiming to remain undetected and anonymous, which allows her to better further her knowledge, skills, and her endeavors.

A good portion of the techniques in her arsenal are stolen from others through Sealing Techniques, or based off of techniques she has seen but was unable to steal, as she has the incredible ability of being able to pick apart and dissect most techniques after seeing them only once. Some of them, mainly her sealing techniques, are of her own invention, and the rest are techniques that were taught to her by Kabuto Yakushi and Orochimari.

As far as Taijutsu goes, she prefers not to use it, but she is very capable of doing so, her skill level being somewhere above Kabuto but below Orochimaru. She is a fan of Genjutsu, due to its nature being inherently deceptive, but she has not focused on it very much, merely dabbling in it enough to understand how it works, what it's effects can be, and how to release it.

She has also toyed and played around with various rituals, and though they are not her favorite thing, she finds them interesting and enjoys seeing their effects on people. She plans on creating rituals of her own, but has yet to advance that far in the art, so for now she sticks to learning those that already exist, and adding them to her arsenal and knowledge.

Other than what is already mentioned, she possess a journal, used by Orochimaru and Kabuto at one time, which she uses to jot down notes and ideas for techniques she wishes to develop and/or create, as well as study Orochimaru's and Kabuto's past notes. This journal is kept in a pocket dimension that she created and made secure with Sealing Techniques, and is capable of being summoned at any time by Rui only.

Role Playing Sample in character:

This post has been edited by Rui on Mar 7 2012, 07:15 PM
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