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 London Anime Con
Posted by dsstardust - 12-6-10 11:38 - 3 comments
Hey all,

Next February, the London Anime Con will be hosted in London (no points for guessing that!). We are looking to get a group together to go down for both days. It takes place of a weekend, but we hope to get a list of people wh ...read more
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 The New Commitee for 2009-10
Posted by Sazzy - 03-29-09 18:52 - 4 comments
As a result of the AGM here are your new officers:

President: Fi
Events Organiser: Jacks
Secretary: Pyrate Lora
Treasurer: Tom

Congratulations to the new officers who take over officially on May 1st.

...read more
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 AGM 2009
Posted by Sazzy - 03-20-09 14:05 - 0 comments
Hi all,

We shall be having our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 27th April. We will have it at the start of one of the screenings and we won't take up too much time.

For those who have only joined this year, we have to ...read more
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 Monday Screenings
Posted by Truth - 02-15-09 13:36 - 1 comments
This is just another note to make sure everyone knows what is going on for definite although it has been mentioned in another part of the forum.

Monday screenings are every fortnight and will start from February the 16th. I will be showin ...read more
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Posted by Sazzy - 01-31-09 23:52 - 7 comments
The votes have now all been counted (and recounted to make sure) and the anime being shown this term will be....

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) 17 votes
Macross Frontier 16 votes
Corpse Princess (Shikabane Hime) 13 votes
De ...read more
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 Anime for Voting (Jan 2009)
Posted by Sazzy - 01-25-09 20:03 - 2 comments
We now have the anime for voting list. I would like to point out that there may well be last minute changes.

(This was shown as a showcase and many of you requested we put it up for voting)
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 First Screening of 2009
Posted by Sazzy - 01-15-09 18:06 - 0 comments
Hi all,

The first screening of 2009 *drumroll please* is Friday 30th January! Same time (7pm), same place (International Lounge).

What happens at the first screening is that you will get to vote on what anime ...read more
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