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singing_strings - August 17, 2007 03:20 PM (GMT)
What I Like About You
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About The Series:-

When their dad takes a job in Japan, 16-year-old livewire Holly Tyler (Bynes) ends up moving in with her strait-laced 28-year-old sister Valerie Tyler (Garth) in New York City. Just when Val thinks she's got the perfect life -- a promising career in public relations, a handsome and free-spirited boyfriend, Jeff (Simon Rex, "Jack & Jill"), and her own Upper West Side apartment -- everything in her neatly regimented life starts to unravel the minute Holly stumbles through the door.

Val quickly realizes that Holly's tendency to jump head first into situations often lands them both in hot water. Every time Val sets up a boundary for her younger sister, Holly leaps right over it, usually breaking something in the process.

While Holly and Val's new relationship bounces back and forth between sister/sister and mother/daughter, Val's boyfriend Jeff watches with amusement, and just a twinge of regret that the privacy he and Val briefly enjoyed has vanished. Holly's pal Gary (Wesley Jonathan, "City Guys"), on the other hand, loves the new arrangement since he's developed a crush on Val and is overly confident that the attraction is mutual, despite the fact that Val can never remember his name.

While everyone works out their places in this new modern family, the one constant is the sisters' affection and concern for each other's happiness -- not to mention their willingness to pull each other out of every jam that Holly is so good at stirring up.


user posted imageAmanda Bynes
Role: Holly Tyler
user posted imageJennie Garth
Role: Valerie Tyler
user posted imageWesley Jonathan
Role: Gary Thorpe
user posted imageLeslie Grossman
Role: Lauren
user posted imageNick Zano
Role: Vince (Season 2+)
user posted imageSimon Rex
Role: Jeff (Season 1)

let's Discuss about it Here :rolleyes:

poison square - October 20, 2007 04:14 AM (GMT)
overall , the show is so corny ... but i luv amanda bynes and she's always fun to watch ...
wesely jonathan is so cool i luv the way he acts...
lesley grossman : she was better in Popular playing Marry cherry , but i still like her ...

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