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Title: Update 6/27/06

ratrangerm - June 27, 2006 09:04 PM (GMT)
UPDATE 6/27/06



So far, so good. Two flash shows have been completed and now, we start getting to the nitty gritty.

Remember, for your third flash, it needs to take place at the arena. The arena in question is The Pit, or the University of New Mexico Arena, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. While it is a fairly large facility, it isn't going to be an elaborate setup. There will be no pyro for entrances or anything like that.

As far as where your flashes can take place, they can be in the locker room, in a designated interview area (with a Partners in Crime backdrop), outside the arena (but in a setting in which it is close to match time, meaning late afternoon/early evening) or, if you want, somewhere in the stands. If you use somebody to interview the wrestlers, you use Stan Thomas, as he is the only one who is being employed to do this. But you have to have your flash take place in an arena/backstage setting at The Pit.

This is also when it's time to send in strats. If you sent them to me already, send them to me again as I've probably forgotten about them. As far as what to strat for and how to strat, just keep it a simple approach to each team, and give me a spot to work into each match that you would like to see. Please don't give me complex essays.

I think that should cover everything. I've listed the schedule below. The way everything will be released is like this: the pre-show with everyone's final flashes, then Night One, then Night Two.

Oh, and if anybody is interested in helping with match writing, feel free to let me know. I don't think it will be a problem if I reveal the outcome of a match somebody isn't involved with to that person so they can write it.

Any other questions, drop me an email.



Night One
Jason Keening/"Black" Jack Baldwin vs. Chris O'Brien/Simon O'Neal
Legion vs. Alex Kidd/ Brett Greene
P.A.I.N. vs. O'Brien/O'Neal
Keening/Baldwin vs. Legion
Kidd/Greene vs. P.A.I.N.

Night Two
O'Brien/O'Neal vs. Legion
P.A.I.N. vs. Keening/Baldwin
Kidd/Greene vs. O'Brien/O'Neal
P.A.I.N. vs. Legion
Keening/Baldwin vs. Kidd/Greene

Again, a simple win-loss record determines the winner, with a final match to be held in case of ties.



For your third and final flash, the deadline is THURSDAY, JULY 6. For your strats, the deadline is SUNDAY, JULY 9. No extensions will be granted.



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