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 Hello Piople! Very Nice Topic 20001
Posted by fenik06ok1 - 10-7-06 20:35 - 0 comments
helpme improve traffic
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 Sudden Death
Posted by donald - 01-27-06 06:46 - 1 comments
Hello all. I signed up to tell you what happened and maybe get your insight into the death of my brother's iguana.
My brother has 2 green iguanas. Or rather, had 2. One has died within the last hour. We estimate it was around 8 yrs old. ...read more
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Posted by Iggycycle - 01-16-06 17:44 - 0 comments
How do you guys handle your igs? I've been told by a lot of people that leather welding gloves or falcon handling gloves are the best to keep your arms unscarred. But then you have the problem of them not getting used to the contact of human s ...read more
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 The Light Difference
Posted by nycsicktank - 01-9-06 20:11 - 1 comments
whats the difference from UV UVB and UVH? i have a heat bulb 100watts in my cage right now and and red light for at night

user posted image
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 Is He Eating?
Posted by kimmer81365 - 09-27-05 15:03 - 1 comments
I just got an iggy for my son. We have had him for 2 days and we have been feeding him collard greens and stuff like that. I cannot tell if he is eating. When are they most likely to eat and how do I tell if he is starting to starve?
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 I Killed My Iguana
Posted by I killed Guam - 09-26-05 20:07 - 1 comments
Troll. Post deleted.
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 What's He Doing?
Posted by Newbie - 12-12-04 23:48 - 1 comments
Hi all. I have a quick question about shedding, at least I think it's shedding. my iggy has started turning white in patches on his body. I know about shedding, but is this normal? Do they usually turn white before shedding? Or is something wron ...read more
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 Losing Tail
Posted by malidas707 - 12-7-04 05:20 - 1 comments
I was wondering about an iguana losing it's tail. I have always wondered about that. Mine has not lost it's tail, I just wonder how it's done. I have seen iguanas with their tails missing and I don't really get how they do that. It i ...read more
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 Claw Clipping
Posted by Mayfield7 - 12-4-04 20:08 - 3 comments
I need to know a little more about claw clipping. I just got an adult female iguana from a friend and her claws are so long that they curve! Everytime I try to hold her she scratches me!!! I've read about it but I can't find ...read more
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