The Temple of Time, The Largest Public Temple in Hyrule
Grand Hierophant Roderick
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Hyrule's history was ancient and filled with seeming endless contradictions, and many scholars had spent their entire lives trying to unravel the events of the ancient past. One ancient structure that was seemingly involved in so many of those contradictions was the Temple of Time. The history of the Temple of Time that Roderick was visiting today was very well known, but historians had identified buildings bearing the name 'Temple of Time' in no less than two other locations entirely different from the one in Hyrule Castle City. One was said to have held a gate to the past, and another was said to have been involved in the Hero's quest to drive back the Twilight. While the others purpose and existence was speculated, the Temple of Time in the Capital served as the seat of the Archon's power like the Temples of Courage, Wisdom, and Power did for the Pontiffs. The Temple of Time served the practical purposes of being an administrative office as well as a place of worship, but it represented so much to the People of Hyrule.

Roderick ascended the stairs of the ancient cathedral that had been constructed following the War of the Interlopers to protect the Triforce while leaving one last tie between Hyrule and the Sacred Realm. The Temple of Time where Athanasios held court and preached was a link between Hyrule and the resting place of the Triforce. A select few knew the secrets of the Altar of Time and the Master Sword hidden behind the Door of Time. The Hero had used some other way that was unrevealed to the authorities of the Church to obtain the Master Sword during Zant's reign, but Athanasios was confident that the Master Sword would always be available whenever the Hero needed it. The Door of Time had not been open since before the War of the Sages was fought to capture Ganondorf before the Twilight, but the Archon was confident that if the Goddesses willed it to be behind the door, then that's where the Blade of Evil's Bane would be.

Time was central to Hyrulean religion. The Goddesses created at the beginning of time, and the years flowed in a cycle ever since. One day the Goddesses would bring the cycle to an end, but until then time marched on. Today, Roderick arrived at Athanasios' office to speak with his old friend and superior. The other pontiffs would all be arriving at their appointed time just as always, but the Grand Hierophant would be arriving early...just in time to speak to Athanasios as a friend before the time for business began. Time was precious, and not to be wasted. Roderick figured spending it with Athanasios would be a welcome respite for at least a couple hours.

May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce.
--The Maidens, A Link to the Past
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