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Posted: Mar 7 2012, 05:56 PM

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Seeing I created this account and never did anything with it I'd like to scratch the character I had for this one and replace it with another.

I'm requesting this due to the fact that I no longer have this guy's profile saved on my computer. (Having got a new one) That being the case I no longer have the rough draft of his history and I can't remember what I wanted to do with him.

Here is the character I wish to replace him with.


Name: Cyrac
Nickname/Alias: Headache
Name Meaning:
Age: Older than you.
Gender: Male
Race: Kokiri
Social Class: Kokiri

Physical Appearance

Height: 4í 7Ē
Weight: 86 lbs
Stature: Cyrac is a lean being, with an athletic build by keeping active from his travels.
Hair Color and Style: Most of Cyracís hair is a light orangish brown except for a small amount at the front that is blond. It is kept in an unruly and spiky fashion.
Eye Color: His eyes are amber, with a light yellow sclera. This tends to have him shunned by his Kokiri bretherns, as they tend to think he is becoming a Skull Kid.
Skin Tone: A light tan.
Scars/Tattoos/Other Features: He bears two upside down crosses, one under each eye.
Headware- Wears an eye patch over one of his eyes. It is random on which one it is covering. As he only wears it due to how nifty it looks.

Torso- Cyrac dons a white long sleeve shirt that has a high collar. With a brown vestment over it and two leather armband along his upper arms. A sky blue scarf is wrapped around his neck. It is pinned, by a pendant in the shape of a Shipís wheel, so that the tail of the scarf dangles over the left side of his chest.

Legs- Navy blue pants cover his lower half, and brown leather greaves protecting his shin.

Feet- Black ankle high boots.

Jewerly- A golden loop in each ear.


General Personality: Cyrac like nearly all other Kokiri has a childish personality. As such he is very energetic, carefree, and playful. Due to his advanced age and extensive travels he has lost his naivety and innocence. One of his most favorite pass time is accompanying strict or serious adults just to pester them.

Morality: Neutral
Lawfulness: Chaotic

Strengths: Small, quick, clever.

Weaknesses: Tall shelves (the best things are at the top ), crowded areas ( Itís not any fun almost being crushed by stampeding people), friends ( they always have to get you in trouble or getting into trouble themselves, so annoying) and does what he wants ( When you're young the world is your playground.).


Combat Style: If it's not too serious, a quick kick to the shin followed by a quick retreat. Tends to deal with the problem. Anything else he uses magic.
Weapons: Doesnít caring any, ( Got tired of being lectured about the danger of children carrying knives , by ignorant but concerned adults)
Magic: As a Kokiri he prefers using his magic to manipulate the earth, but he can use all the other elemental magics as well.


Birthplace: Lost Forest
Mother: N/A
Father: The Great Deku Tree? Age: ?
Siblings/Other: Every single Kokiri in the wide world. Skull Kids are disowned.
Pets: Nam is Cyracís fairy sidekick. She has a light purple glow with the normal high pitched fairy voice. Great for eavesdropping, scouting/spying, and getting into trouble.
Occupation: N/A
Current Location:

Brief History:

Cyrac isnít really sure how old he is. Not having a true grasp of what it is to age and perish from the world. No, he was just too busy playing games with his fellow Kokiri within the confines of the forest. Making it just one large blur for him. It would have remained so if not for a chance encounter, with travelers taking a shortcut through Faron Forest.

This unexpected meeting incited Cyracís curiosity for the people and the world outside of the forest. Without a moment to spare the Kokiri took to the road. All in all, it wasnít the most successful or brightest choice he made. His ignorance of lies, indecency, and laws landed him in more trouble than he could count at the time. Not one for giving up the Kokiri managed, learning lessons, his childish nature not succumbing from the brutality of adults. Although he did pick up a bad habit or two along the way. After all you have to spice up the world around you when dealing with grownups, as they can be so dreadfully dreary.

Name of Settlement: The Forest
Location: Lost Forest
Classification: Forest
Population: No one has really counted the number of Kokiri leaving in the woods.
Notable Landmarks: The Great Deku Tree
Inhabiting Races: Kokiri, Skull Kids, and a number of wild creature and monsters.
Government: The Great Deku Tree
Description: Itís a Forest.

If anyone is wondering why I didn't give him a last name. It's because I can't really see why Kokiris would have last names since they don't have separate families or ancestors to associate with.
Posted: Mar 23 2012, 01:56 PM

Mango Keeper

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I apologize for the delayed response Taybur. I've been dealing with a major household upheaval, Ammo got herself a job, Ludo and Elwise have school and Tell isn't online much these days.

Now that I've had time to look over it, there is a major flaw. I cannot allow a Kokiri who excels in all elemental magics. I can allow him to excel in one element and be able to use the others with the exception of Light and Shadow.

There is also no need for you to make a description for the Kokiri Forest as it is widely accepted in the world of Zelda. I would hope actually that everyone agrees that it exists.

All in all, everything looks pretty good with the exception of the magic. I'd like you to be a bit more descriptive in that area. Spell out what kind of earth magic he can perform, what his limitations are (he has to have some) and be sure to include that he does not excel in the other areas but has grasp of other elemental magics.

I also advise running this profile through a spell-checker with grammar-checking abilities like that in Microsoft Word. You have some slight grammatical errors though nothing that would cause this character to be denied.

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