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Zhivko N'jall
Posted: Feb 20 2011, 12:01 AM

The Shadowed One

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The mind of Zhivko N'jall maintained only a fleeting connection to the world outside of his body as he and Raz abandoned the endless sea of sands for the foliage and knolls that dotted Faron Field. With the discomfort significantly mitigated by the potions that Raz had brought, Zhivko found himself able to drift away peacefully from the pounding of the stallion's hooves and the dying rays of the winter sun, or at least would have if not for the Hylian who insisted upon floating beside the horse.

Slightly disoriented, Zhivko raised his head only slightly to turn his eyes in the direction of Leovir, who was sitting cross-legged as he kept pace with the cantering stallion.

"I simply cannot understand why you were in such a hurry to leave that place, Zhivko," said Leovir deprecatingly. "How do you suppose the rats will fare in your absence?"

Determined to ignore the dogged Hylian, Zhivko directed his blurry eyes forward, hoping that the darkness would surge forth and remove him, albeit temporarily, from the incessant chatter of Leovir Daast.

"It would have been prudent of you to inform those lovely women of your intention to leave," continued the levitating Duke, undaunted. "Such an oversight smacks of cultural, not to mention, social deformity, and I will not tolerate it in my own house. More than that, you abandoned those poor, defenseless creatures to their cruel fates without any attempt to provide for their needs. A simple note would have sufficed, my friend."

Infuriated, the bedraggled Sheikah attempted to vocalize his displeasure, a motion which only served to fill his throat with the infected fluid from his festering neck wound. Nearly succumbing to the choking sensation, Zhivko pointedly overlooked the smug expression of the nobleman.


Concerned, Raz drew Sarpedon to a halt and shifted his grip, hoping that he had given his mentor enough room to breathe. The Sheikah, however, recognizing the futility of his own efforts, had already returned to unconsciousness, which prompted Rhylzynar's next decision. Since they had escaped from the prison, Raz had neither rested Sarpedon nor dismounted for more than a few moments, and he was well aware of the toll that the two days of nearly constant travel had taken on both the stallion and Zhivko. Given the miles that he had placed between them and the potential pursuers, Raz felt at least marginally confident that they could afford to stop for several hours.

Carefully pulling Zhivko from the saddle, Raz carried him to the relative cover offered by one of the larger trees in the area. After setting him gently against it, the nobleman returned to his horse and removed the tack from the sweaty stallion. Breathing deeply, Sarpedon shook vigorously, sending flecks of foam spattering on the ground and heaved a sigh. Cocking one hind leg, the grey stallion lowered his head and allowed his eyes to droop. Satisfied, Raz returned to Zhivko and sat down beside him, his azure eyes focused in something in the distance. Not long after they had entered Faron Field, Raz thought he had spotted activity to the southwest and prudently had given the scene, whatever it was, a wide berth.

As long as we keep one step ahead of everything that resides in this foul place, we should return to the City within three days. Casting a glance over at Zhivko, Raz pulled up one of his knees and draped an arm across it. I just hope that we are upwind from those villainous beasts.

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Lord Raz Jiar
Posted: Feb 26 2011, 12:39 PM

The Razzle Dazzle

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No words existed to adequately describe the anger of Rhylzynar Jiar. For some inexplicable and unacceptable reason, the nobleman had allowed his guard to slip and succumbed to the rest that his body required, instead of keeping his senses alert for the myriad dangers that existed in Faron. In the intervening period, the beasts had taken complete advantage of his inexcusable lapse, and when Raz abruptly awoke it was to a chorus of cacophonous Bublin howls.

Scrambling to his feet, Raz snapped his short swords from their sheaths and immediately started forward towards the creatures. Behind him, Sarpedon screamed a challenge at the creatures, though the stallion did not move from his defensive position. But Raz, given the desperate condition of Zhivko, could not afford such patience. Breaking into a run, the nobleman charged forward into the ranks of the Bublins, of whom there were at least a dozen. Surprised, the lead Bublin hesitated just a moment, which was all the opportunity Raz needed to drive his right blade over its crude weapon and into its chest. Immediately, he spun away, his momentum carrying him towards the main group of the monsters, and jerked the sword free as he went.

Raz's left blade led and bypassed the awkward thrust of the second Bublin, slicing through its skinny sword arm and severing it just above the elbow. At the same time, the nobleman bent around the creature's blade and brought his right around to the Bublin attempting to move behind him. Though the muscles of his shoulder ached painfully, Raz refused to consider its protests and extended his arm, catching the neck of the Bublin. Its howl became an indecipherable gurgle as it crumpled to the ground, yet the monsters before him did not consider the fate of their comrade indicative of their own. Seeing the human's blades thrown wide in opposite directions, they closed ranks and brazenly charged.

But Raz had been trained by one of the premiere Sheikah warriors and so did not lose a step of his momentum. He pushed off his right foot and, snapping his blades back into position, smacked his head against the greasy cranium of the lead Bublin. Dazed, the creature reeled backwards and unknowingly gave Raz an advantage. Jumping up, Raz planted his left foot on the creature's chest and thrust himself into the air. As he landed, the nobleman pivoted back and sliced downwards, nearly taking the head of the nearest Bublin. The others, finally recognizing their own folly, scattered in the face of Raz's steely fury.

Swearing, Raz plunged his left blade into the back of the nearest creature and then started in pursuit of the others. In three strides he overtook the next and promptly incapacitated it, his blades now slick with Bublin blood. Its companion, feeling far more concern for its own safety than any desire for revenge, rotated on Raz and nearly caught the nobleman before he could set his defense. Twisting away from the creature's sword, Raz spun a complete circle and then stepped forward towards the Bublin, turning aside its weapon with one of his own and skewering it with the other, though the monster had managed to force its small sword across the top of his right thigh.

Yanking the blade free, Raz whipped around as the tenor of the monsters' calls changed. Howling in delight, the Bublins had abandoned their earlier fear at the prospect of savoring blood and had discerned the source of their animalistic desires. Sarpedon slapped the earth in a territorial display, but the lust of the Bublins for flesh would not be overcome. Swearing, Raz sprinted back towards Zhivko. The first Bublin, so intent upon savoring its prey, did not even register the precarious nature of its situation until Raz's wickedly edged blade dove through its ribcage, pulling innards with it when it retracted. Now reeking of Bublin gore, Raz raced towards the other three Bublins that remained. The closest he dispatched like the other, but the last, finally registering that something was about to separate it from its prey, abruptly pivoted and thrust its blade forward.

Not breaking stride, Raz shifted his weight left and came around behind the Bublin. Before the creature could turn, Raz sent his left blade through its ribs. Feeling the blade cling to the creature's bones, he allowed to rest with the falling creature, whirled, and threw the other at the last Bublin. A grim smile of satisfaction brightened Raz's features when the creature collapsed to the ground, vainly trying to stop the flow of its lifeblood, but it vanished when Raz realized that he had miscalculated. The last Bublin, the one whose head Raz had struck, was racing towards Zhivko. Raz, knowing both of his blades were of little use to him, immediately started in pursuit and tackled the creature to the ground, just as it turned to face him.

It was only after he had broken the monster's neck that Raz noticed the dark blood streaming onto his legs and felt the sudden fire of a tipped blade in his abdomen. Cursing, Raz extracted himself from the Bublin's blade, which reeked of poison. Quickly the nobleman recovered his swords and shoved the soiled blades into their sheaths. Already he could feel the warm venom seeping upwards into his chest, and Raz swore at his own predicament. Hastily he bound the injury and sought another blue potion from his pack. The pain, once he had taken a swallow, was unlike anything that he had ever experienced, yet Raz did not falter.

With more Bublin howls echoing off the foliage, Raz gave the rest of the potion to Zhivko, pulled himself and his mentor onto Sarpedon, and turned the stallion towards Castle City, leaving the tack where it lay.

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Kalyani Maat
Posted: Mar 6 2011, 12:39 PM

The Sand Sorceress

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The winter sun had neared its zenith when Kalyani slowed Zenaida to a halt just inside the boundaries of Faron Field. Though the sun warmed her, Kalyani found herself unusually consumed with icy irritation towards her distant cousin. Against everything she had expected, and she had known Rhylzynar most of his years, the nobleman had forsaken all wisdom and acted in absolute haste. The notion that she had misjudged Raz still infuriated her beyond anything she had believed possible, and the Gerudo found her normally unshakable condescending composure moved towards rage.

My dear cousin cannot even fathom the implications of what he has set in motion. The intrusion into the Prison will quickly spread to Hyrule and he will be implicated, despite everything Leovir did to cover his ties with the Sheikah. Rhylzynar has willingly commended himself to a course that even his own idolized father would not condone. Can he not even recognize the depths of his own folly?

Scowling, Kalyani dropped her right stirrup, swung her leg over the saddle’s cantle, and dropped to the ground. Leaving the mare to seek what weeds might still live in the area, she walked forwards to what had attracted her attention. As she neared her goal, the frozen earth began to shift beneath her boots, chunks breaking off from the larger pockets of icy mud, and Kalyani detected the singular odor of Bublin blood. The Gerudo glanced down, expecting the dark, seeping stains that she beheld, and then looked ahead to the corpses strewn about in various degrees of dismemberment. A stately tree stood in the background, and Kalyani, given the evidence before her, could easily discern what had occurred.

He did not even think to at least attempt to remove evidence of his passage, she thought with deprecating frustration. Has my unfortunate relation lost all claims to pragmatic thought? The notion arose in her mind that Rhylzynar, in fact, had never been given to such thoughts of his own, but Kalyani dismissed it vexedly, for her cousin had already disproven her presumptions once.

While Zenaida searched for forage behind her, Kalyani finished inspecting the Bublin corpses, all of which bore evidence of the precise cuts of Sheikah-crafted blades. Nearer to the tree, however, the Gerudo came upon something of decidedly more interest. The last Bublin had not been deftly dispatched by any manmade weapon; indeed it appeared as though its neck had been broken. Beside the creature, Kalyani discovered a small blade crusted with dried blood, a scarlet of a noticeably lighter shade than that which had been released from the monstrous creatures.

Dear Rhylzynar, into what regrettable situation have you placed yourself? Smirking, for she had detected poison on the blade, Kalyani left the scene as she had found it and returned to Zenaida. Given what she had learned, the Gerudo felt marginally more superior as she turned the black mare towards Castle City.

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