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Selkie waited in the small pool by the steps outside of the western channel. She was ready to go. While she carried no bags except a water skin, she was prepared for a journey. Her friends were soon to join her and she was trying to hold back her anticipation. She had never been outside the Domain save for deep sea fishing trips and to carry messages to the Gorons who were their close neighbors and friends. But this was to be a journey across land, not up the small rivers and channels that they had always used as travel routes.

She twirled her fishing spear, splashing it in the water as she waited. The only other item was a small dagger strapped to her thigh, the small draping loincloth that she wore when leaving the domain, and the water skin that hung on her back and across her shoulder. She had her hair pulled up as usual and the small scale was newly formed into an earring that rode in the new hole in her right ear. It was the gift her parents had given her for her journey. Up to that point she had worn it on a simple chain around her neck. This was a more travel worthy way to carry the scale and the pearly finish was a nice reminder of home to keep next to her heart and mind.

"Ready to go, Selkie?" Jazrel asked coming up to her and giving her friend a hug. Selkie got up and emerged from the pool and embraced her friend. "Yes. Are you?" Jazrel nodded, hooking her thumb behind the strap of her own water bag. "Have you heard from the boys yet?"

Selkie shook her head. "Not yet. They said to be early though. It would figure that they were late." The two laughed and were interrupted by a voice coming from behind them. "What's so funny," Razorfin asked.

"We were about to give you the tardy slip, Ray. Where's Jarrel?"

"Right behind you guys!" Jarrel, Jazrel's twin brother arrived, slightly out of breath. "Sorry, you know how mom gets at goodbyes." Jazrel rolled her liquid eyes with knowing consideration. "She said to give you this. Finrings for when you perform and make it big." Jazrel took what her brother had to offer her and put them in a small pouch attached to her waterskin. They had been the only pair to tell their parents the truth. The rest of them, Selkie included, had had to convince their mothers and fathers that they were going to the outside world as part of their religious group.

"Let's get going, shall we?" Ray asked, slinging his guitar behind him and shouldering his bag. His mother had given him pamphlets on water proof paper to pass out to the infidels they met. They would ditch those along the way.

"Sure!" Selkie leaned over to Jazrel and whispered in her finned ear, "I can't believe we're actually doing it!" All four dove into the water from the pier.

((Selkie leaves Zora Domain))
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