The Fugitives Retreat, [PERMISSION REQUIRED]
Posted: Sep 12 2010, 01:10 PM

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Not much light managed to break through the canopies of the Faron Woods. What light that did break through was emerald in colour, giving everything a greenish tinge. For most Humans, Hylians and Sheikah, it gave them a sickly tone, for other species they were somewhat exempt. The camp itself was difficult to find, hidden under a collection of dense trees. Even then one had to know the secret password to enter the camp itself.

A man approached, followed by his Goron companion. The two looked about from under their hooded guises before returning their gaze to a fairly large tree. There was a large knot in at the base of the trunk. The man leant in close and whispered a word.

"Er..." He turned towards the Goron, who was standing guard, holding his large club ready to plough down anything that moved. "What was this week's password, Rokkr? Something to do with bird?" Asked the man. The Goron named Rokkr turned and sighed.

"Really Gale, you suggested it this week and you've forgotten it? It's Phoenix." Spoke the Goron, his voice rough but still compassionate. Gale nodded, a laugh escaping his thin lips.

"I knew it was a bird. Phoenix!" He said, his lips inches from the bark of the large tree. A groan from within the tree sounded, a click and then the sound of cogs turning. The knot seemed to roll to the side allowing entrance into the trunk. The inside of the trunk was small, barely large enough to fit Gale and Rokkr. The man pulled a lever on the wall, the trunk shuddered and the knot rolled back into place. Then the ground began to ascend... or was it they who were descending?

A few seconds of darkness past. Though the two stood silent together, it was not awkward, they had done this hundreds of times over. Light quickly flooded their eyes as the sight of an underground cavern came into view. Though large, with tunnels darting off into several directions, the place was somewhat desolate. A few huts, houses and the odd shack occupied much of the space. A blacksmith chimed in the distance, using the very rock for resources. The smoke was pumped into the ground, heating the cavern with it's own hypocaust.

"Home sweet home," whispered Gale, sounding half hearted. The elevator touched down upon the cavern's surface, the pair disengaged and then the elevator began to rise again, taking its place in the trunk of the tree. A child ran to Gale, a young boy with a bright smile.

"Gale! Gale!" He shouted. In his hand was a toy bow and a small quiver was attached to his back. Gale smiled, kneeling down to greet the small boy.

"Bowen, it's nice that someone gives up a greeting for when we return. Hows your aim doing?" Asked the man, showing genuine interest in the boys activities. Bowen smiled, took an arrow out of his quiver and notched it in his bow.

"I'll hit that root at the other end of the cavern!" Bowen said. Gale laughed, he had his doubts, the target was quite far away and small, even an experienced archer would have trouble hitting it. The boy pulled back on the string of his bow, lined up his shot and then released the arrow. It sailed in the air and struck the rock a meter or so from the root. "Damn!" He said, blushing now. Gale didn't say anything, instead he took another arrow from Bowen's quiver and handed it to him.

"This time, aim just a little higher than the root, and as you release your shot, exhale." He suggested. The boy nodded, notching the arrow and taking aim. Gale watched as Bowen exhaled and releasing the arrow. It sailed in the air once more before striking the root and sticking. The boy cheered, and Gale hi-fived him. "Never fails!"

In the distance a woman's voice cried out Bowen's name. The boy's face saddened.
"My Mum's calling me. I need to go. Thanks for the tips, Gale!" He said, before rushing off to one of the houses in the cavern. Rokkr stepped forward, apparently witnessing the whole event.

"He'll make a fine hero one day." Gale nodded, though his face did not express the same optimism.

"Let us hope a hero won't be needed." Spoke the man, crossing his arms and watching Bowen disappear into his house. His mother gave a wave in their direction, to which Gale nodded in reply. Rokkr moved to Gale's side, looking in the same direction.

"Heroes are always needed. For one cause or another." With that, Rokkr departed to one of the side caves, his quarters. Gale gave a silent 'hmm' before turning in the opposite direction towards another cave, his own quarters.

"Hard times don't create heroes. It is during the hard times when the 'hero' within us is revealed."

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