The Knights of Hyrule, Join the Order, Save Hyrule
Sir Hayden
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The Most Holy and Ancient Order of
The Knights of Hyrule

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Allegiance: The Kingdom of Hyrule, the Church of the Triumvirate

Type: Hyrulean Triumvirate Military Order

Role: Maintenance of Order and Execution of Justice throughout Hyrule, Protection of the Royal Family, Preservation of the Hero’s Lineage, Officers of the Armed Forces of Hyrule

Headquarters: Hyrule Castle

Chapel: The Temple of Time

Nickname: The Knights of Hyrule, the Hylian Knights

Patrons: Farore, the Goddess of Courage; and Link, the Hero Chosen by the Gods

Motto: “We are the Sword of the Triforce”

History: The Knights of Hyrule were formed under the first King of Hyrule to protect and execute justice throughout the realm, and especially to protect the Holy Triforce from the Dark Interlopers who sought to capture the Golden Power and abuse it for wicked ends. With the aid of the Knights of Hyrule, the Light Spirits drove off the Dark Tribe into the Twilight.

Riding the momentum of a great success, the Order thrived for centuries following the War of the Interlopers and was viewed in the eyes of the citizenry of Hyrule as great warriors and champions of righteousness. When the War of the Sages broke out, the Knights fought valiantly alongside the Seven Sages and the Hero of Time to defeat Ganondorf Dragmire, the Gerudo King who would later become known as the King of Evil. After Ganondorf’s defeat, the Knights were heralded as the saviors of the realm, and Hyrule entered a time of peace with the Knights of Hyrule serving as the protectors thereof.

However as fate would have it, the blood-bought peace came to an end and, disaster struck once again. Zant, the Usurper King from the Twilight, attacked Hyrule; and though they fought bravely, the Knights fell left and right before the wake of his evil. Empowered by the King of Evil, Zant was too strong for the Order which was forced underground until the present day Hero appeared. Members of the Order assisted the newly anointed Hero on his quest to defeat Ganondorf once again, and the Knights rebounded from their seeming failure. But victory did not come without sacrifice, the Knights' numbers had been decimated during the initial fight against Zant, and soon the aged Grand Master Sir Bryce Drago passed away leaving his young, hand-picked successor Sir Hayden Rhys to assume leadership of the recovering Order. Only time will tell if the famed Knights of legend will survive to protect future generations of Hyruleans or if their Order will be lost in the annals of History.

Chain of Command:
--The King or Queen of Hyrule--Queen Linnette Hyrule

--The Pontiff of Courage--Archdruid Driscoll

-Grand Master
--Knight Commander of Hyrule--Sir Hayden Rhys
-----Supreme Commander of the Grand Army of Hyrule

-Knights or Dames Grand Triforce
--Seven Members, including the Grand Master, as a homage to the Seven Sages who fought alongside the Knights thoroughout Hyrule's History.
--Senior Officers of the Order

-Knight or Dame Commanders
-- Able to hold “command”
-----Defined as the legal authority derived from a sovereign power to exercise authority over subordinates, as well as direct, organize, coordinate, discipline and control military forces for the accomplishment of assigned missions.
--Veterans of the Order
--Commissioned Officers

-Knight or Dame Companions
--Able to hold “control” but not “command”
-----These officers have not received a commission from the Sovereign and therefore do not possess the legal authority of a commissioned officer. However, their orders are still to be respected by subordinates in the completion of whatsoever duties their superiors have assigned.
--Initiated Knights
--Also mages, tradesmen, smithies, and other “companions” to the armed forces
--Non-Commissioned Officers and Professional soldiers

-Knights-elect or Dames-elect
--Knight Bachelors nominated to be fully initiated into the Order

-Knight or Dame Bachelors
--Knighted without full membership and privileges in the Order
--May be an honorary bestowed by the Sovereign for outstanding service to the Kingdom
--May be civilians rather than professional soldiers

--Pages who have attained to 14 years of age.
--Paired with a Knight Companion or above for training

--Young sons of nobles between ages 7 and 14 who are training in the service of Knights and Noblemen to become Squires

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Duke Rhylzynar Daast is a Bachelor Knight, and the honor was granted to him by the late Sir Bryce. He hopes, however, to become a Knight-elect soon and become fully initiated into the order.
His sister, Duchess Morianna Daast Bredyn (NPC) was also given the title of Bachelor Dame.

His father, the late Duke Leovir Daast, was a Knight-elect in the Knights of Hyrule. The honor was not given to his son, Fen, as he vanished before he reached the age at which his siblings received their honorary memberships.

Captain Ferran Jiar (NPC) is Raz's biological brother and holds the rank of Knight Commander.

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Knight Bachelor


Mordred-- Knight Commander (Major)
Maleagant-- Knight Commander (Lieutenant)
Markov-- Knight Companion
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The three are all brothers that entered the Knights at relatively the same time. The only exception is perhaps the quiet Markov, who is the youngest of the trio. As Knights of Hyrule, they are to expected to be loyal to the Crown, but due to their family's previous allegiances, they are perhaps more loyal to their patrons, the von Eldricks. They do well in concealing this fact, however.

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Kiran is one of the senior officers of the order, a Knight Grand Triforce, an honor which he has held for only a couple of years.

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