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 The Prodigium
Posted: May 16 2010, 03:18 PM


Group: Admin
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  • All Fairies are in tune with a natural element which includes, but is not limited to water, fire, earth, air, and spirit.
  • All Fairies have wings which colors correspond to the element they control. However, in Fairy form, their wings may only take them as high as most tree tops.
  • All Fairies may use glamours which hides their wings and gives them the appearance of whatever the seer pleases.
  • Most Fairies prefer not to wear clothes and are allowed to do so in their dorms. During school they must wear school uniform and after school they must wear clothes if wandering around school.
  • All Fairies have pointed ears.
  • Fairies have True Names. If one were to discover this name, they would have control over the Fairy.
  • Most Fairies cannot lie, or at least find it hard to.
  • Fairies may turn into a pixie at will. Pixie's look like small glowing orbs and are hard to understand if not a Fairy. In Pixie form, their wings can take them high than the tree tops.
  • Earth and fire Fairies usually have a more tan skin color. Water, air and spirit Fairies are usually pale. If both parents were Fairies then skin color may not correspond to their Element.
  • Fairies may be born with abnormal hair and eye colors.
  • Most Fairies are above average human height (about 5'4" for women and 5"9' for men)
  • Fairies usually keep to their own kind.


  • There are two types of witches. White Witches and Dark Witches.
  • White Witches have natural powers of healing, protection, or divination, but there are many others. Most cannot cast powerful spells of Dark Witches.
  • Dark Witches have natural powers of astral projecting, necromancy, mind reading, or many others. Dark witches cannot cast powerful spells of White Witches.
  • All Witches use spells, incantations, or runes to use their magic.
  • Witches are of average human height, and look exactly like humans. However, they usually have long fingers and fingernails.
  • Runes may appear on Witches bodies when casting spells and a Witch must deceifer the meanings in order to have complete control over their powers.
  • Witches usually prefer wear long sleeves or clothes that cover most of their skin.
  • If someone else touches a rune along the body of a Witch that does not have complete control over their powers, the Witch will subconsciously use the spell that had brought that rune upon their body.
  • Runes burn when they appear on a Witches body and appear in light colors on White Witches, and darker colors on Dark Witches.


  • All Vampires MUST drink blood at least one a day. Some can control themselves enough to last without blood for a week.
  • Vampires have abnormally pale skin and sometimes abnormally colored eyes. Their eyes turn a shade of red when they are hungry.
  • All Vampires have fangs that usually enlarge when feeding, and return to normal when they are done.
  • Most Vampires are above average height of human.
  • Sunlight does not kill Vampires, but it does bother them. Vampires cannot spend more than two hours out in the sun without falling unconscious.
  • Vampires can see exceptionally well in the dark.
  • Vampires usually keep to their own kind and rarely ever associate with Fairies.
  • Vampires usually wear clothes that cover most of their bodies.


  • All Shapeshifters can turn into a single animal at choice.
  • Shapeshifters usually have some feature in human form that resembles their animal as well has have some feature in animal form that resembles them as a human.
  • Shapeshifters are of average height and usually look like humans.
  • All Shapeshifters change on a full moon until the sun rises the next day. However, a Shapeshifter must return to the exact place they changed on the full moon or they will not be able to shift back to human form until the new moon.
  • Shapeshifters bodies resemble how much muscle mass their animal has.
  • Shapeshifters usually keep to their own kind, werewolves, and witches.


  • Werewolves may turn into a giant wolf at will during the night. During the day and during puberty, Werewolves may change into wolf form at random.
  • All Werewolves change during the full moon and like Shapeshifters, must return to the exact place they changed on the full moon or they will not be able to change back to human until the new moon.
  • Werewolves are usually taller than the average human and are usually very muscular.
  • Werewolves usually have some feature in human form that resembles their wolf as well has have some feature in wolf form that resembles them as a human.
  • Werewolves usually have tan skin colors and normal hair and eye colors.
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