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Grey Area 51 News Box
The latest News from The Grey Area! The Clan is very popular, and we now have some players coming! Welcome guys!
Forum Rules
Hi! Im Drakai, I run this place. It isnt big, but it will do.

We have a few base rules here:

Standard Rules:
1: Always try and respect people, we dont mind bad language here but try and keep it low, we dont want people calling their parents "Gay &&" etc. We will always warn a person before banning them, you get basically one warning, you do it again and you're on probation, once again, and you're gone.
Of course, if you vilate some of the VERY important rules you're just gone straight away, but understand. I dont like banning people. I dont want to ban people, I have been banned myself once before, It aint nice.
2: No porn. This isn't that kind of forum. Take it somewhere else please.
3: Try and keep things on topic, dont stray off topic or change a topics subject by interfering, as the thread wil probably end up getting locked.
4: Keep things in their respective categories PLEASE. We made enough didn't we?
5: Respect the mods. This is not a demand, its advice, Mods are very egotistical people, and they can get away with a lot more than you. But dont worry, if a mod steps out of line I will sort him out.

6: This is a big rule, as regarding ROMS, you may not provide links to ROMS in your posts. This may get us shut down, you may only discuss about them, you could mention the name of a site, but no links, we will get shut down. Do everything except uploaded ROMS or links K?

Sig Rules

Here we have rules on sigs. To be fair to 56KB modem users we never have sigs or avatars over 900KB. Also the maximum width and height is 500x150 pixels.
You may post large pictures, but please warn in the topic title that the picture is large.

Warhammer Board Rules

This is Important.

You may NEVER post an entire stat line on the site. Or an entire special rule etc. You may say for example, oh remember Orcs are S3, but you cant go Orcs are MX SX WSX........
No really, this gets us into trouble, and its an instant ban, its the one thing we have to put our foot down on.
Also, wherever possible, quote PAGE NUMBERS, not actual lines from the book. If someone tells you they dont have the book, its Tough Shit.

EDIT: This is the rules that Da-Warpath has, and it explains it pretty well, so we will use their rules:
Games Workshop, rightfully so, is very protective of it's intillectual property. Do not, under any circumstances, reproduce or quote anything directly out of a Games Workshop publication. It's OK to discuss things but here are some things I never, ever want to see:

Never, ever post a unit stat-line in its entirity. It is OK to discuss or mention elements of it related to a discussion but never the whole line.

Never directly quote out of a Games Workshop publication. If it's essential that the exact wording be seen by those participating in the discussion give it's page number and location on the page.

Never give another person a full description of what a magic item does, even if you paraphrase and don't directly quote. Games Workshop doesn't want freeloaders getting the rules without getting the book and neither do I.

Never reproduce, even in part, an article from a Games Workshop publication of any kind including White Dwarf or any of Games Workshop's online publications. It's OK to discuss them and paraphrase parts of them that relate to a discussion.

The main reason for these rules is that Games Workshop, myself, and anyone who respects the game does not want unscrupulous individuals who do not want to buy a proper army book to get the rules.

Thats about it, when we get the mod system worked out (Its going to be elements), I will post a "meet the mods" thread.

Have fun!

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