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 Return to the Beginning, (Plot- Ask to join.)
Seijaku Kurakowa
Posted: Feb 19 2012, 09:43 PM

She's Baaaaaack..

Group: Ye Olde GZer
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Joined: 23-September 05

"They thought that they had seen the last of me.."

The mountain was silent, their hides shrouded in a thick, impregnable mist. Not even the sun's blazing rays were able to pierce through, nor was the normally cleaning wind capable of creating an opening. Silence encased every last inch of rock, swallowed the frosty thinning forest.

"They thought they had me beaten."

The ground trembled, softly at first, but the recurring quakes grew quicker, stronger. Beyond the mountain's peak, long, mournful groans accompanied the thuds as trees were helplessly uprooted, their branches snapped, and trunks torn in twine.

"But they were mistaken."

Large, ominous forms moved through the fog, their bodies misshapen and indistinguishable. No two matched in size, but they moved with equal determination, and caused small segments of the mist to illuminate a menacing red. They showed no remorse as they continued to brutishly push their way through the forest, their focus aimed at reaching the clearing up ahead.

"Horribly, mistaken."

Upon reaching the edge of the woods, the figures stilled, and silence once again blanketed the region. One of the monstrosities took a few lumbering strides forward, marking itself the leader, and set its blazing sights at a section of moss-covered rock, a good mile away. It was spotted through the utility of highly advanced technology, and recognized by the data stored in a very complex memory bank. The very image of that stone forced free a deep-seated growl, one which vibrated the very mist, and encouraged its owner's companions to join in on its heated rage.

"This ends now. No more running. No more hiding. I will unleash the full force of my family against him."

Seijaku Kurakowa, empress of the Renstrom Empire, narrowed her eyes as she stared through the illuminated visual screen. Without her beckoning, it became lined with deep red cross-hairs, then a triplet of circular targeting icons were birthed. Her hands, encased in fingerless leather gloves, tightened on a set of opposing white controls, through which she sent her intentions.

THUMP. Large, thick metal beams dropped down into the earth. I won't hold back. Kokushibyou rumbled as he clenched his talons deeply into the earth and leaned forward, creating a perfect alignment from the tip of his silver-armored snout to the end of his tail. Upon his husky backpack, his Buster Claws stretched their beams outward, then adjusted the end segments forward, allowing for the six long, sharp blades to point forward. Deep within his chest, his Core pulsed as energy coursed through it and accumulated into his circuits, where it was properly distributed to three potent weapons.

The Zoid's jaw creaked open. From the back of his throat, a cannon extended, whose dull barrel quickly became illuminated by a golden glow. Spheres composed of particles materialized from the thin air, sucking the mist that surrounded him along with them into the barrel, where they collected together into a single pulsing mass. At the same time, the blades on his back parted, their bodies gleaming a brilliant blue. An electrical current visibly crackled between them, starting from the base, and quickly traveling to each tip rapidly. Two more spheres materialized of equal shape and proportion. The power the three generated was so great, that the silver Berserk Fuhrer was forced to open a set of panels on his tail, where ventilation fins were exposed, as well as a set from the triangular armor that rested on his back, less he overheat.

"She threw everything at me."


The three orbs released their might, unleashing a trio of massive beams of a golden hue, their centers a plasma white, with a jittery electrical current. The force behind their wake parted the very earth, exposing the fertile depths of the soil, while simultaneously scorching it black. There was a slight recoil on behalf of the Zoid, but his anchors secured him in place. With great anxiety, he and his best friend watched the particle beams quickly close in on their target, and hit.

From the collision of matter erupted a concussive explosion. A titanic half-circle of flashing white light burned through the fog, causing each lingering particle of moisture to reflect the light and brighten it tenfold. A swirl of wind whipped around the expanding mass, which soon broke free and lashed outward, uprooting more trees, stirring up filth, but failed to move the trespassers. With a resounding BANG, the explosion imploded, then subsided, revealing a smoldering crater a good half-mile deep. But that wasn't all..

"She believed she destroyed so much, but it was oh-so-little.."

It was a tunnel. A partially caved-in one, but the entrance she was searching for nonetheless.

With a self-assuring nod, Seijaku gave the controls a tug. Kokushibyou responded by slowly shutting the expanded fans, releasing pent-up heat as hissing steam, and raised the anchors into their locked positions on his armor. Both Buster Claws snapped shut and returned to their stationary positions, talons retracted from the land, body eased back into a more relaxed stance. He remained in place, staring down at the blackened opening, ignoring the mist as it collected back together before his very snout.

We move. Now.

No one dared go against his authority. Everyone knew their place well, and while it was at the Zoid's side, his word was law.

First to follow to the crater's edge was Kakkazan, the Bio Volcano. Her movement was sleek, controlled, every talon placed with purpose. Though a fire burned in her Core, which was represented through the magma-like glow of her round optics, her mind was sharp and focused. Her curved, ridged claws flexed open and closed, tail swooshed eagerly from side to side. Burn. The entire place will burn. I will bathe in the molten metal. She grumbled to herself, working hard to keep her rage in check.

Next stalked Meikan. Orange facial panels, normally flickering with bouts of emotion, were stoic and dull. She didn't so much as utter a word, nor launch a strange, quizzical sound. It was a rarity for the Gairyuuki Shin to be so serious, but her compliance was necessary for this mission to be successful, and she understood the risks. This wasn't a game. While scarcely used in combat, it didn't mean that she lacked experience or know-how. She knew that her unique talents were valued, and were to come into play this evening.

While those three cautiously descended the steep slope, two more Bio Zoids emerged from the desecrated forest. The larger was Onikisu, a Tyrannosaurus of black skeletal armor that had once been lost to Seijaku, and forced to fight against her. He hesitated as he gazed down into the still smoking structure, his Core aching with unwanted memories. He once believed that he was immune to fear, but being so close to the facility that was once his prison awakened the unwanted emotion. But he was not alone in the confrontation. At his side stood Myu-Tanto, a Bio Chimera, and former slave to the same master. The two exchanged glances, then nods, sharing a silent moment between them. Together, they marched down to face a frightening foe, and to redeem themselves.

Only one remained behind.

Ryuu huffed to himself, not out of irritation, but acknowledgement. His part was not to take place below, but rather, above- where he reigned supreme. His brethren were more suited for combat on the ground; they were far more flexible than him; not to mention, they didn't possess a pair of bulky wings on their backs. The GenoTrooper turned his head skybound, though tried as hard as he might, he couldn't see the glorious atmosphere above. It made him shudder a bit, and he helplessly cut a claw through the fog, shooing it away, but to no avail.

Once the others completely vanished into the tunnel below, he engaged his booster system, and activated his flight mechanics. Multiple thick, but powerful streams of white embers burst out from various vents and boosters upon his metal hide, their force more than enough to lift the multi-ton mecha from the ground. With a little more effort, and angle adjustment, he launched himself through the mist, and to the awaiting heavens beyond.

"I wonder if she realized that I knew of her plan- that I expected such a comical retaliation."

The tunnel was suffocatingly dark. Though their optics were bright, they provided minimal light- it was inadequate for traveling through the narrow space, which could easily possess traps. With a bit of annoyance, Seijaku tugged her controls in towards herself, bringing the behemoth to a slow stop. He retorted with an equally agitated growl, but understood, and looked over his shoulder to the mecha behind him. With a snort and a gesture, he conjured Kakkazan, Onikisu, and Myu-Tanto forward. The three were equipped with Heat Signature Radars, allowing them to better transverse the tunnel.

"Kakkazan, take point at the front. Myu-Tanto, Onikisu, I want you two to watch the rear. Our enemy is cunning, and we didn't exactly use much subtlety in our approach. I'm sure we'll be having company at any moment."

Her chest swelling with pride, Core rattling with excitement for a possible encounter, the Bio Volcano more than willingly took the lead. Her magma-hued eyes burned with a shade of red, indicating her radar system was activated. All around her, what was once black became deep shades of blue, and some green. The metal walls, it seemed, were kept at a constant, comfortable temperature. Without a word, she clenched her claws together and began the march forward again.

As instructed, the Bio Tyranno and Bio Chimera slipped to the rear, their own radars engaged. The former seemed more focused on the beast up front, whom he had always deeply admired. While he was thrilled to be in the menace's presence once more, it also pained him to remember all he had done against his will. He had been forced to attack his own beloved, ruthlessly at that. While she seemed to be willing to forget and forgive, Onikisu could not allow himself to do the same. He had to constantly remind himself of how treacherous their opponent was, and made himself a promise to never be forced to fall so far again.

Myu-Tanto, realizing her partner was distracted, paid more attention to the assignment at hand. Every now and then, she would crane her flexible neck to the side and glance behind her, the spines along her back twitching with anxiety each time she did so. If there was to be an attack from the rear, she'd be the first to enter battle. The Bio Chimera wasn't much of a warrior on her own; she fought well, and was quite dangerous with a pilot's knowledge. But she wanted to prove her worth to the woman that took her back into her home and make her proud. Especially since she was the only one that didn't possess the same power as all the others.

It seemed like an eternity before they reached an end to their descent, and the tunnel evened out. However, they were confronted with a large, and most likely thick, blast door. Most structures such as these were easily disassembled by Zoids, but Seijaku knew this one in particular wasn't going to be so simple to pass through. Her enemy, as much as it pained her to admit, was highly intelligent in not only the field of combat (not as much so as herself, of course), but in technology as well. No doubt, he constructed the barrier with the most refined of metals Planet Zi had to offer.

"Move aside, Kakkazan. I need to test something."

The Bio Volcano complied and back-stepped away, though continued to emit her radar's readings to the others, less they be enshrouded in darkness once more. While she did so, the Berserk Fuhrer moved in to replace her, and leveled one of his Buster Claws forward. With a grunt, he launched a single shot from his Z185 Beam Cannon. The thick blue, but concentrated bolt of energy smashed into the wall, but instantly ricocheted off. Kokushibyou quickly ducked beneath his own attack, allowing for it to smash into Meikan's face. The Gairyuuki Shin's facial condenser panel instantly absorbed the energy and transferred it into her Core for later use, and she scratched at the struck spot calmly.

"Just as I thought. We're not going to be able to blast our way through, and melting it will take too long." Seijaku sighed. "Looks like it's up to you two."

((Work in progress))


Characters---> Organoids----> Zoids

Seijaku Kurakowa---->Koi, Wrath----> Berserk Fuhrer (Kokushibyou)
Akutenshi Kutairiku--> Chokkatsu , Ugoku--> Murasame Liger (Anjerasu)

Yajuu Riku---> Shinigami, Doki---> King Gojulas (Kaiser)
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