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 FCW Application, Gotta' come here to get in to FCW
Kaji Fireson
Posted: Jun 13 2010, 03:20 AM

Advanced Member

Group: Root Admin
Posts: 1,424
Member No.: 1
Joined: 2-June 10

This is the application for FCW. Fill out everything as completely as you can and post your application here as a reply to the thread. If you have any questions, PM or otherwise contact me and I will clarify things as well as I can.



Twitter Handle:
  • It is not required to have a twitter account, but it IS highly recommended.






Character Rep:

Text Color For In Shows: Please check here to ensure that the color you want is not in use. We'll be lenient in most cases, but if there's already five people using a specific color...

  • NOTE: Face or heel only. No tweeners. If you need to be listed as a tweener, we will decide that.
Entrance Theme:

Entrance Description:

Fighting Style: (Technical/Brawler/MMA/High-Flyer/etc.)

Sample Moves: (List as many as you feel necessary to give me a feel for your character's individual style: use your better judgment)

Signature Moves:
  • You can have up to five.
  • These should be moves that can realistically end a match.
  • If you want the move to never be kicked out of, make it a finisher.
  • You may have up to two. We prefer you only have one.
  • Think of this as your trump card. This move will be harder to set-up, but more effective. Your opponents will rarely kick out if this move connects properly.
  • This move should be unique to you. If someone else in FCW has the move you want as their finisher, you will be asked to find something else. Duplicates will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but without a strong case, I'd advise looking for something else.
Short Bio:

Sample RP:
Kaji Fireson
Posted: Jan 21 2011, 11:25 AM

Advanced Member

Group: Root Admin
Posts: 1,424
Member No.: 1
Joined: 2-June 10

This is the Tag Team Application for FCW. Same deal as the singles app.

Tag Team Name:

Member Names:


Combined weight:

Team alignment:

Entrance theme:

Entrance description:

Tag team moves:



Team Bio:

Current/Past Feds:

Past Title History:

Sample Team RP:
Posted: Jul 28 2013, 09:08 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 1
Member No.: 152
Joined: 27-July 13

Ring Name: Killgrave
General Info
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 6'3
Weight: 215
Hometown: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Alignment: Neutral
Poser: Goldberg

Move Info

(1)Name: Devastator
(1)Description: Powebomb Lungblower
(2)Name: Drop Dead
(2)Description: Samoan Spike

Wrestling Style: Powerhouse with a little MMA experience.

Five to ten moves that your wrestler uses that fit your height weight and style.
(1) Headbutt
(2) Clothesline
(3) Powerbomb
(4) Chokeslam
(5) Armbar
(6) Triangle Choke
(7) Roundhouse Kick
(8) German Suplex
(9) Bodyslam
(10) Big Boot

Entrance Info
Entrance Theme: "Live It Up" - Airbourne

Detailed Entrance description: "Live It Up" starts to play as the lights are out, white lights flash through the arena and spotlights circle. Killgrave walks out in (color varying every week) gear with a water bottle, he pours the water over his head that shines in the light, the water dripping from his body. He walks down the ramp tossing the bottle to a fan and takes a deep breath, he only hits hadnds with five lucky fans, he slides into the ring where he walks around with one arm in the air. If he is second to the ring he shakes hands with his opponent as the music stops.

Background Info
Biography: COMING SOON!

Kaji Fireson
Posted: Jul 28 2013, 06:54 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Root Admin
Posts: 1,424
Member No.: 1
Joined: 2-June 10

Okay, Killgrave. There are some issues with your app that will need to be fixed before we can accept you.
  • Please use our application form. Some look different than others (namely the ones that put pictures in their bio vs. those that don't), but all of them have the same fields in the same order so I know where to find things.
  • Please fill out the application completely. If this is a case of you posting without finishing when you intend to come back to it later, you can save it to your computer or Google Docs or some similar service until it is ready to be reviewed. If you want to reserve pic bases/speech colors/theme music, you can PM an admin (if you're unsure, our names are white when we're on the "Who's Online" list, and there's also a link at the bottom of the forum that says "Our Moderator Team" and you can find us there) and we can add the pic base/color/song to the respective lists.
  • The application states "Face or heel only." If we think your character is effective as a tweener, then we will put that into your bio at that time, but everyone has to start as either a face or a heel.
  • Your fighting style and moveset don't match your character's size. You may be able to overpower Jocelyn Ames or Nolen Phillips, but there are plenty of people on the roster that you wouldn't be able to overpower, and given your moveset, all you'd be able to do to, say, Bruno, are the striking moves, and while the Samoan Strike might be somewhat effective due to the nature of the move (a.k.a. you go for the throat), the other strikes are unlikely to do much to him, which leads to it being highly unlikely you'd be able to hit the Samoan Strike at all.
  • If you want to change your character's dimensions so that he can more realistically overpower most of the roster and stand toe-to-toe with men like Bruno or Kenol Billy, that's fine, but as he is now, it just wouldn't work.
Dan in the Box
Posted: Jul 29 2013, 03:16 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 9
Member No.: 151
Joined: 20-July 13

Sorry, I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this but is there any chance I can have my app adjusted slightly? I want to change my theme song and entrance to "Hollow" by Alice in Chains, not Man in the Box. Although it fits with the name and stuff, the actual sound of Hollow just fits the mood and the mindset of DITB so much better.
Kaji Fireson
Posted: Jul 29 2013, 05:33 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Root Admin
Posts: 1,424
Member No.: 1
Joined: 2-June 10

I'll do that, sure. In future, you (or anyone else that needs to do so) can just PM a mod with any changes they want to make. Just don't make a habit of doing it every week.
Waffle Turn Confirmed
Posted: Aug 5 2013, 08:00 PM

No-Seller Of Fish Tanks

Group: Members
Posts: 31
Member No.: 88
Joined: 24-July 11

This is the application for FCW. Fill out everything as completely as you can and post your application here as a reply to the thread. If you have any questions, PM or otherwise contact me and I will clarify things as well as I can.

Name: Brady Neal


Twitter Handle: B61Neal

Gender: Male

Age/DOB: 25; 2/24/88

Height: 6'5

Weight: 285

Hometown: Miami, FL

Character Rep: Roman Reigns

Text Color For In Shows: BurlyWood

Alignment: Face

Entrance Theme: Imperium by Machine Head

Entrance Description: The crowd snap to attention as Imperium starts blaring through the speakers. A few moments later, the powerhouse Brady Neal emerges out onto the stage. He walks slowly at first, pace picking up ever so slightly until he reaches the top of the ramp. Stopping, he looks around and soaks in the reaction. Taking a deep breath, he paces in place a bit before he starts heading down the ramp. For the most part he keeps his attention straight ahead, although he briefly nods his head to acknowledge a fan here or there. Halfway down the ramp he goes into a light sprint and slides under the bottom rope. Popping back up to his feet he raises a fist in the air as the crowd cheers before heading to his corner and readying himself for the fight ahead.

Fighting Style: A stiff powerhouse brawler. Like many classic Gaijin big men, he's very agile for his size. Freakish raw power is his biggest strength though.

Sample Moves:
Arm Trapped Headbutts
Belly To Belly Suplex (Both versions)
Clubbing Blows
Discus Clothesline
Forearm Shiver Flurry
Running Boot to seated opponent
Running Leg Drop
Senton Splash
Sidewalk Slam
Slingshot Shoulder Block
Standing Dropkick (Momentum shift counter move)
Traditional DDT
Triple Rolling Short Arm Clotheslines

Signature Moves:
Alley Oop into top turnbuckle
Corner Big Boot
Military Press into Samoan Drop
The Pounce (Finisher setup)
Triple Pendulum Backbreaker into Fallaway Slam

B61 - Spinning Sitout Powerbomb preceded by a Buckle Bomb
The Great Calamity - Backfist (Sometimes spinning) followed by Backdrop Driver

Short Bio: A standout defensive tackle at the FCS level, Brady ended up getting a developmental contract with a rather large company who he'd rather not dignify by mentioning by name. He was green as gooseshit and didn't have a clue what he was doing, but considered a prospect for the future because of his size and athleticism. Unfortunately, certain promoters can be fickle and they found other shiny new toys to fast track to the main roster while he was out with a torn meniscus. He floated around doing nothing of note when he returned before being quietly released. From there, he headed to Japan to train under David Fireson and found work for his WMAF promotion. At that point Brady's in ring prowess grew exponentially, as it was a case of needing to learn to kick ass if he didn't want to be the one on the receiving end of a beating from one of the grizzled veterans. He found a great deal of success over there before his knee, and some other injuries from his college football days that he never got fixed started catching up to him in a bad way. After healing up, he worked his way back into ring shape back stateside at some low pressure independent shows before signing on the dotted line with FCW to work for the much more pleasant member of the Fireson clan.

Current/Previous Feds: New Character

Title History: See above

Sample RP:

Fade in on a wall with the number 4 spraypainted on it. Suddenly Brady bursts through it with an Abobo style elbow smash.

Brady: I'm pretty sure all you staff people have seen Brady's handler's work before.

Grizzly Hogan
Posted: Aug 8 2013, 07:09 PM

Scream my name

Group: Members
Posts: 1,086
Member No.: 8
Joined: 7-January 11

Name: Holden Hawthorne

Nickname(s): The Hangman of Hannibal

Twitter Handle: Fuck your Tweets

Gender: Male

Age/DOB: 43, September 13, 1969

Height: 6‘7“

Weight: 304 lbs

Hometown: Hannibal, Missouri

Character Rep: Dolph Lundgren (older Dolph, not Rocky IV era)

user posted image

Text Color For In Shows: Dark Slate Gray

Alignment: Heel

Entrance Theme:
Simple Man by The Deftones

Entrance Description:
The opening guitar lick of Simple Man starts up over the PA system at around the 25 second mark when the lyrics start to be sung, Holden Hawthorne steps out from the back and walks to the ring staring bullets at people in the crowd who reach out to touch him, occasionally getting in the face of some of the more vocal ones. He climbs the steps quickly and wipes off his boots before stepping into the ring and leaning back in a corner waiting for the match to start without any excessive show-boating for the fans.

Fighting Style: Brawler

Sample Moves:
--Knife Edge Chops
--Flashing Punches (showy but effective)
--Bolo Punch (Spinning Big Right Hand)
--Elbow Smash to the back of the neck
--Eye Rake
--Hamada Style Headbutt (Leans back and throws whole body towards the temple)

--Body Slam Series (ala Three Amigos only Slams)
--Jumping Vertical Suplex
--Swinging Neckbreaker
--Two Handed Chokelift
--Fall Away Pumphandle Slam
--Full Nelson Slam
--Abdominal Stretch with an Iron Claw to the ribs

Running/Counter Running-
--Diving Shoulderblock
--”Kitchen Sink” style running knee
--Flapjack Toss Hot-shot

--Spinning Bootscrape
--Stretch Plum
--Wishbone Punch Torture (sits down, in front of a seated opponent and splays their legs out with his feet on their thighs, he holds onto one of their wrists and pulls them towards him while pushing away with his legs, and starts punching them in the face with his free hand)

--Chop/Elbow Smash flurry (chops them across the chest then elbow smash, chop-elbow-chop-elbow)
--Rushing Knee Smash followed with a quick Hiptoss out of the corner
--Catapult Guillotine (opponents neck under the bottom rope catapult them into it)
--Hung Out Kneelift (opponent draped over the middle rope, he steps onto the apron and hits a running kneelift forcing them back into the ring)

--Adept at using the outside to his advantage i.e. whipping opponents into steel steps or the guardrail, smashing their head into the announce table or a ringpost and looks to do this kind of stuff at every turn
--Remarkably strong grip (hence the Iron Claw usage) if there's a “test of strength" spot he'll usually win just due to his gripping power, and if he's holding onto the ropes to counter a roll-up there's little chance the opponents momentum would cause him to lose hold
--Occasionally just abandons all pretext of wrestling pinfalls and just punches and stomps the shit out of people until the ref pulls him off

Signature Moves:
Brainstorm Bomb; Stalling Double Underhook Released Orange Crush Bomb

Black Eyes; “Snake-Eyes” drop onto a corner turnbuckle and catching the recoiling victim with a running Big Boot in quick combo

Hangman’s Noose; Japanese Sleeper (Half-Nelson Sleeper)

Trust-Fall; Iron Claw Proto-plex (Atomic Drop Lift Holden twists and reaches up with his right hand putting on an Iron Claw and slamming them down to the mat maintaining the claw for the pin)

Trash Compactor. Air Raid Crash/White Noise (Will be his “main” signature and most likely to end a match, but “kick-out-able”)

Widowmaker; Standing on the Top Rope Brainbuster Superplex

Short Bio:
Holden Hawthorne was a better than average high school athlete, a three sport letterman in basketball (Center), track (Shot-put) and was a stand-out offensive tackle that got a scholarship to Missouri but had to enroll in what was then a DII school because of academic problems. During his sophomore year in college he blew out his knee effectively ending his football career because he was almost to the point of getting kicked off the team for academic sanctions anyways and his collegiate obligations because going to class was the means to play football. He got surgery and while rehabbing noticed a wrestling school flier, he took it on a whim and went to a tryout when medically cleared to do physically exerting stuff. He took well to the business and started as a drifter in the early to mid-nineties, he again was a stand out, if green around the ears and it was widely considered that he’d be a break out star in the next few years.

His chance came when he was asked to fill in as a probationary member of Los Lobos, a renegade wrestling faction that was notorious for raiding different feds, wrecking havoc and then just leaving. They didn’t tell him exactly what they had planned, but promised him, “You’ll never be forgotten” What did happen was the group attempted to sodomize another wrestler mid-ring with the legs of a steel-chair, the only thing that stopped them was the heightened security force that was standard procedure when Los Lobos were around and most, if not all, of the locker room emptying pulling Will Silverburg to safety. Los Lobos were blacklisted, fed after fed signed a non-compete clause for the people involved, and nobody would touch them for fifteen years it made them money when the renegades showed up, and forced established status quo out the window, former enemies becoming friends over a greater foe, but nobody pays to see a rape Holden’s new career was over before it began.

Only he was lied too, he was forgotten, he faded into nothingness, then new feds cropped up and those fifteen years passed. He felt like he was owed something, he felt the business should pay him back for it’s broken promises, for his failed marriage... both of them, for his shitty life, and one day he got a call from a friend of a friend of a friend. A fed might have an interest in him, was he interested in one last run? Yeah, he is, and you’ll never be the same.

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