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Karla Alduino - September 3, 2011 07:29 AM (GMT)
She was exhausted. Anyone who knew Karla had to know that. The girl didn't walk with the usual intimidating pose, or even flicked her guns as much anymore. She dragged her feet now, yawned all the time and had dark circles under her eyes. You couldn't blame her though. She had no place to go, her apartment being wrecked as it was. That last meeting was not something she would like to repeat. But, well, at least now she could take care of Si without him running away.

Talking about the devil...

"Hey." She said lightly, smiling as soon as she saw him. Just seeing him safe and sound brought more energy into her. Karla rushed down the stairs, just to get there sooner. There was still a cell there, and bars in between, that made her stop herself from hugging him. It seemed like all she wanted to do lately was smile and hug him the moment she saw him. What the hell was wrong with her?

"Beat it." That was said to the guard present, and Karla instantly dropped her smile and turned it into a glare. It was pretty obvious for everyone what was going on between the two, but no one dared to say anything. If Cerberus wasn't making a big deal out of it, then why would they? The knight gave her a glare of his own, but took the opportunity to leave. Karla was the one assigned for watch anyway, and she seemed happy to do it.

Karla waited until the knight left the room, before she relaxed and turned to smile again. "How are you?" She asked, taking the last steps towards Si's cell, until she was leaning against the bars. "I see they brought you the t.v. I requested. I wasn't sure what movies you liked so I just kind of... brought random ones." She dropped the bag to the floor, kneeling down, before pulling out some boxes. Karla handed them to him through the bars, still smiling. Never mind she didn't bring him the DVD machine thingie, but Karla just didn't understand that much about technology.

Josiah Clacher - September 3, 2011 07:39 AM (GMT)
It turned out that sitting in a jail cell really was as boring a it looked on the movies. Si spent most of the time staring at the ceiling and ignoring the Dreck's requests at conversation. The inner being seemed more than willing to get the hell out of there, and more than a little ticked at being shoved into a jail cell in the first place. Tough. They were there because the Dreck needed to be controlled.

Just as Si thought he heard the creature start up again, he heard something much, much better. Karla was approaching, and Si twisted nearly hurting himself in the process. He wished he could actually clean up, though they did grant him a shower every day. Technically, he was getting better treatment than most prisoners. While a lot of the Knights weren't thrilled at the media frenzy that had popped up, most of them knew Si and/or knew Karla. They knew enough of the two of them that they seemed rather put out by the whole thing. Then again, there were also those that looked like they'd love to take Si outside and beat him till blood ran freely.

Guard gone. Karla was smiling at him, which made Si smile in response, rubbing the back of his head.

"I'm doing alright," he said. More or less true. "They feed me, and I've got stuff to do."

Like a television. Karla really didn't get how these things worked, because a television without connection to satellites or cable really wasn't much of anything. True, Si did sometimes get bored enough to turn it on and stare at the fuzzy screen, but it was mostly a really nice statue.

A really nice statue that would now have some DVDs to go with it. Si smiled and took them in, thanking Karla profusely.

"You got a couple right here," said Si, truthfully too. "You'd have to pretty well try to get it wrong anyway."

A shrug, and Si nearly reached toward Karla, before thinking better. Sure, she'd said some... things last time. But it had been the heat of the moment, and long before Si had ever been imprisoned.

"So, uh, what's new?" he said, trying to sound casual, like they were sitting down for a date instead of a prison visit.

Karla Alduino - September 3, 2011 08:01 AM (GMT)
"Damn right they feed you." She replied. She would kill them if they even thought of starving Si. Karla smiled again, looking down shyly for a moment. He knew, didn't he? She'd said it all last time. It made her nervous and more than a little frustrated at his lack of response. Couldn't he notice how much she smiled lately? It surely wasn't missed by her. Her exhaustion flew out of the window, along with her sadness and everything bad. Even if Si was, indeed, in a cell.

Si took all the DvDs and Karla felt some sort of accomplishment. She'd made him happy! Okay, she hadn't considering she'd been missing some important parts for him to be entertained with what she got him, but he was too nice to tell her. So Karla still felt she was doing good. It was enough for her.

Ugh, why did there have to be bars between them? She could really use a hug right now.

"Well, a lot actually..."

Karla let out a sigh, moving away from the bars to the sole chair in the hallway, the one the other knight had been sitting on moments ago. "I just had a talk with Cerberus..." She started, before nibbling on her lower lip as she tried to come up with a way of saying it.

"He... asked me, about everything I know and, well, I- I tried to tell him. I think he'll end up firing me after all of this." She let out a small bitter laugh, as she thought of the possibility. "In fact, after what I've done, I should probably be sharing a cell right now." Not a bad thing, mind, but she would be of no use hidden away in a cell, even if she was to share one with Si. She crossed her arms behind her, resting her head on her hands.

"I think he's pretty pissed at me. Not that that's news. But well, I can't blame him." She shrugged slightly and smiled at Si. She wanted to pretend everything was fine, that he was going to get out of there soon. She didn't want to mention Cerberus would get fired, along with them, that Si could stay in that cell forever, or worse. So she changed the subject.

"How's the Dreck?" She asked, still smiling, almost teasing, "He won't bite me if I go inside the cell, will he?" She teasingly grabbed the keys resting on the chair, flicking them with one finger. But really, she hoped he said it was okay. She could really use a hug after what Cerberus told her.

Josiah Clacher - September 3, 2011 07:09 PM (GMT)
It had occurred to Si that he wouldn't be able to use any of the DVDs that had just been handed over to him, but he wasn't about to tell Karla that. He was just thankful to have them. Plus, there was always a decent chance that he could talk someone else into getting him a DVD players. Again, most of the Knights didn't seem quite as thrilled about Si's being here as the press would like to believe. There was also another visitor who'd started frequently the cells lately, claiming that he wanted a good place to take a nap.

A lot. Si wasn't sure to move and get comfortable or try and stay as close as possible. Well, seeing as Karla was trying to get in, and he was supposed to be a good little prisoner, moving to the bed and sitting to wait seemed like a good idea. Still, his eyes were locked on Karla, following her every move. Wait, she was sitting in the hall, talking.

Cerberus. "He likes us though," argued Si. "And he's got to know there's more to this than, well, you know." The Dreck going crazy and killing people. Si swallowed and shifted in his seat.

Pretty pissed. Si shrugged. They'd been on Cerberus' bad side for a while now, Karla worse than Si. Not like this was really their fault, beyond the whole hiding Si in a closet or whatever for several months. Even then, there was just too much going on. Si had had way too much time to think about it, not to mention talk to the Dreck. There were just too many questions that the two of them couldn't answer.

"He won't fire you," muttered Si. The truth was, he just wasn't sure. It was just one of those several questions that he didn't want to think about. Like how the Dreck was feeling, though Karla wanted to know that too. Si sighed and leaned back, smiling.

"He's pretty ticked," he said. "Not exactly a fan of being closed up. He's unlikely to do anything though. He wants out even worse than I do."

which was saying something. Though really, if Si were to admit the whole truth, his hands were just itching, and he really wanted to just hold Karla for a while. But that was weird.


Karla Alduino - September 3, 2011 08:10 PM (GMT)
Karla smiled gently at Si's words. Leave it to him to be the positive one when he was the one stuck in a prison cell. "Yeah, he does." She agreed, stretching on the chair. "He's working hard to get you out... We both are." She smiled at him again, as if saying everything was going to be okay. Better than that, in fact. Her heart skipped a beat at the memory of her talk with Lexis and she blushed and looked away. Stop making things complicated. That's what he'd said, or something like that... Was it really that simple?

"I know it's silly..." She muttered with a soft smile. "But he reminds me of my father, you know?" Karla looked away fro a moment, lost in the memory. "Well, what I imagine how he'd been like. Sometimes I feel we're related." And in a way, they were. This was a whole new world, different than before, and she had to admit that she'd created her own little family here. Who else did they have but each other anyway?

Karla yawned then, stretching again. Wow, she was really tired. She shrugged at Si's words as if they didn't mean anything. "He can't even keep his own job, I doubt he can do anything for mine..."

But they were talking about the Dreck now and Karla smiled like a little girl who was about to misbehave. She stood up, "I'll be right back!" She said, almost excitedly, and left to close the door upstairs. At least they would know if someone wanted to come in by the noise. Hurrying back, she ran down the stairs, almost tripping with the last one, and moved in front of Si's cell. It took her long enough to get the door, struggling and kicking it in frustration as it didn't open the first time she tried. After some pulling, kicking and cursing, she managed to get it slid as it was supposed to, and she grinned at Si, stepping inside.

And how awkward was this?

Karla slid it close again, almost cursing under her breath when it got stuck midway, and she tried to pull harder to get it close again. Ah, there we go. She placed her keys on her belt and turned with a soft smile on her face. Awkward as she felt, she couldn't stop smiling.

"You know, this is the first time I'm inside a cell..." She walked in, looking around. There wasn't much there. The television was there, in a corner, a small toilet that made her frown in disgust, and a bed. No wonder more prisoners were crazy, she would end up killing herself if she had to live here.

Karla moved to the bed and let herself fall on it, sitting and wiggling."This is not so bad." She said with a smile. "It's got to be better than my couch, right?" She turned to smile up at Si and she urge to hug him went over her. Why was it that the jerk never hugged her?


Josiah Clacher - September 5, 2011 04:37 AM (GMT)
Si nodded. Not hard to believe that Cerberus was working hard to get him out too. There was just something about the man, something that Si trusted. Probably helped that he was fairly certain that Cerberus was actually older than he was, which, considering Si's older age, was saying something. Might also help that Cerberus was their authority figure and he had a knack for sticking his neck out for them.

"I never knew my dad," admitted Si. Most Drecks weren't exactly known for their wonderful parenting skills. However, Karla's second comment, the one regarding how she'd always pictured her father being, that one made sense. Si found himself nodding to that. Stuck here, they built families where they could. Huh, building families. Now Si was thinking domestic, what was next?

Apparently Karla letting herself into the cell was next. Si followed her with his eyes, which had become something of a recent hobby of his. Didn't help that the Dreck loved staring at Karla. Albeit, the parts of Karla that the Dreck liked staring at the most generally weren't where Si felt comfortable looking. Still, his eyes might have traveled slightly downward when Karla had her back to him, closing up the cell.

Needless to say, her thoughts weren't the only ones wandering toward certain other activities.

Inside. Karla was looking around. Si shrugged. Not like he could do much for the cell. At least he'd had the foresight to actually look at cells before hand. Had to admit it though, his cell was much better than most. Probably because of his whole position, having turned himself in, not really being the instigator of anything, and having, you know, actually worked for the organization that was doing the imprisoning. Nice to know there were some perks.

Speaking of perks. Karla was sitting next to him now. Fidgeting. Si tentatively stretched his hand toward her, almost afraid. Till the Dreck seemed to rear up slightly, Si's eyes slipping just so. There was almost a hell, lemme do it, pansy. And Si's arm was around Karla, nearly pulling her close.

"Yeah, um, better than the couch," agreed Si. He shifted again, absently tugging Karla a little closer. "So, um, err, do you, err, I mean, are we still, uh, partners or something?"

Why was he blushing? It made no sense for him to be blushing...

Karla Alduino - September 5, 2011 06:23 AM (GMT)
He was always so quiet...

Karla still smiled up at him, being content just by knowing he was safe and right next to her. She still rolled her eyes though, knowing how silly he was.being. She knew him by then, gotten used to the stares and it didn't bother her anymore. It had at first though, and made her angry. There'd been times she actually yelled at him out of nowhere, picking up anything to complain about. Now it was sort of nice. Well, maybe it was because she didn't notice him staring at other things too.

And now he was reaching out. Karla raised an eyebrow, half smiling at the whole thing. He was still acting so shy around her after what happened? They'd spent months living together and he still couldn't touch her without shaking. She let out a sigh, before scooting closer, leaning her head against him as his arm went around her. Better. Much better.

Better than the couch... Karla blushed as her thoughts made a turn. He would had been sleeping in her bed, had she been more honest with herself in time. But really, wasn't that taking things too fast? Well, they moved that fast in Sarmartia and, from what she'd gathered from the Dreck, they moved even faster in Si's land.

"Well, not really." She said frowning, not sure what he'd meant. "You haven't worked in months now. I'm pretty sure the Castle doesn't consider you to be my partner anymore." She let out a breath, closing her eyes and nuzzling his side. And arm slid around his waist, getting closer. What a silly question that'd been. She would had shook her head had she not been happy where she was, content by just being held. "I wouldn't accept someone else though. I think Cerberus knows that. And nobody's wanted the position yet." She smiled then, using her hand to form a gun, and made a small shooting noise. "Bam!" She chuckled, before returning to the hug. "I doubt anyone wants to deal with my girls." Of course, by that she meant her guns.

The sat there, snuggling closer in silence, eyes closed and a small contented smile on her face. How much had she longed for this? These moments just weren't enough, but the little she got filled her with more energy to keep working for his freedom. To get him back to her life. Which reminded her...

"You know, Cerberus said he'll fix my apartment." She said wearing the same small smile, though there was a stutter there. She was getting nervous, with her heart pounding inside her chest. "He- he said he could fix it up for two people if I wanted." A nervous laugh left her as she shook her head. "I mean, it's silly, right? Why- why would I need a place that big..." Okay, so she was playing dumb. Sue her. It was difficult for her! She didn't know how to say it, how to bring it up. Hey Si, want to live with me? Si, would you like to live with me? Si! Live with me! That's an order! The last one was probably more suited for her...

Josiah Clacher - September 18, 2011 04:20 AM (GMT)
Close, with the warmth nearly seeping into Si. It was enough to make the young man swallow hard, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. The last thing he wanted was to make the situation more awkward, but he just couldn't help it. The Dreck certainly wasn't happy either, and it seemed to be waking up the longer Si held Karla there.

No work in months. "Months," repeated Si, dazed. It hadn't felt like that long, but he guessed it had to have been. Would he ever get his job and position back, his freedom? At least Karla's last statement made Si laugh, pulling her closer yet.

"Yeah, we're partners, for-- err, because we're partners," he said. Nice to know he could still stumble over words with the best of them. He shifted, feeling even more out of place and uncomfortable than before. But why? It wasn't like things weren't out in the open now, weren't right there to observe.

Silence. Contented cuddling, essentially. Then Karla said something that Si hadn't expected, really couldn't have expected. He wound up staring, not believing. Was she?

"Are you asking me to move in with you?" came out of his mouth at about the same time he said it. Blinking, he shook his head. "Not that you have to, or anything. I mean, I really want to, but not if you don't want me to. I mean, uh, yeah. That. So, um, err, did you want to live together or something?"

Boy, was the Dreck happy about that idea. Not like they hadn't just been living together for ages or anything, oh, no, that would make too much sense. The stupid creature was just salivating over the idea. Si shoved it back, wanting to keep control. He was in the driver's seat, not that, that creature.

{this is sucky and full of crap; I'm not even sure I'm writing my char right anymore -.- }

Karla Alduino - September 21, 2011 11:39 AM (GMT)
Asking him to move in with her? Karla snorted, quickly moving away from his embrace. "What!? No! I mean- No! I- I was just saying, you know, Cerberus thinks we- but we're not- are we? I mean, we are! Somewhat, but not really because-" Wait, what? "Wait, what?"

Karla stared up at him for what felt like the longest time, but it could had been a few seconds, as she tried to understand what he'd stuttered. "You want to move in with me?" She asked, wondering if she'd heard him right. It really sounded like she was asking him though... "I mean, you can! If you want to, I just..."

Karla let out a breath, rolling her eyes. Why were damn relationships do damn complicated? Why couldn't they just say things as they were? She growled, her legs moving randomly, as if wanting to kick the floor. "Dammit!" She yelled out finally, throwing her arms up and standing up.

"Okay, Mister! Now it's your turn to listen." She said, obviously angry about something, though she didn't know why. "I don't- I don't know what the hell is going one here."She waved her hands back and forth signaling Si and herself. "And it doesn't help you keep stuttering like an idiot every freaking time I try to get close! For Folder's sake, be a man and tell me what you want!"

She let out another growled, throwing her arms up in frustration. "I'm tired of waiting. I'm tired of waiting for you to be- you know! And not having to wait for me to- You know! Is- is that what you want? For me to take the damn lead like you always do? Fine!"

And she leaned down, not much, mind, because of the huge height difference, and kissed him. It wasn't more than a smooch, but it left Karla's face burning. She straightened up, still looking angry, crossed arms and huffed again. "There."

Josiah Clacher - September 22, 2011 11:18 PM (GMT)

Wait, what? And Karla thought she was lost. SI felt like he was trying to have a conversation with an alien, or like his translator had broken or something. But at least Karla got the idea, because she asked. Si nodded. More asking. Then some eye rolling, which made Si start shaking his head. Was he supposed to be responding a certain way or something? He tried to remember how it worked in all the movies, with girls like Karla. Then it occurred to him that he needed to rent more films that involved spunky girls that liked to beat up their significant others. His brain was liable to get completely off track, and probably would, if it weren’t for Karla yelling.

“Yes ma’am,” said Si. Like he had a choice. Karla had sort of ordered, said something about not knowing what was going on there. Then came a real order, one of those that Si couldn’t disobey even if he wanted to. Which, he found, he didn’t. So the words started coming out, even as Karla kept talking.

“I want to move in with you. I want to sit next to you and watch movies. I want to be there when you wake up and I want to be there when you go to bed. I want that not to sound stupid and creepy. I really want us to be together as partners in more than just work, which I don’t think is allowed. I’d love to stop stuttering but I don’t think I can, and if that’s all a problem ,then it’s fine.

The fines hit at the same time, somehow. Then Karla was leaning forward and kissing Si, making his, and surprisingly, the Dreck’s, brain completely stop. There was a heartbeat where nothing went on for Josiah Clacher and his draconic counterpart but a kiss on the lips. Then he was staring at her while Karla blushed.
“Uh, that was, that was nice,” he tried. Yes, back to stuttering and not knowing what to say, while the Dreck growled viciously in the background.

Karla Alduino - September 27, 2011 01:37 AM (GMT)
'What do you want?'

What a question. There was something inherently confusing and yet simple in it that could either make someone ramble on, or stay quiet, thinking deeply. Well, it seemed Si knew exactly what he wanted, and so he rambled on... And what a ramble it was.

Karla stared with wide eyes at him, not expecting something so openly deep and honest from him. She stared for the longest time, eyes lost, as she stared at his handsome face. She often forgot how handsome he was when he was cowering and yelping every time she spoke. But there were moments, moments like this one, when she could see some manly features. They came from the courage, she thought. She liked it when he got that way, honest and brave. It left her smiling, and less self conscious about that silly, tiny kiss she gave him. Except she wasn't all that fond of the reaction.

"You're an idiot." She said, smiling widely, before she moved closer again.

Using one hand, she pushed on Si's shoulders, trying to push him backwards, hoping he would lean backwards, allowing her some space. "Shut up." She warned him, still smiling, before she sat on his lap, arms went around his shoulders, up his neck, before he held him there, in place, and she kissed him again, this time mimicking the kiss he'd last given her. It lasted for several seconds, just like his had, before she pulled away.

"You're the one who said kisses were to show affection." She whispered, keeping her eyes close, still clinging to him. "So... yeah. I'm going to tell Cerberus to go ahead and make the apartment big enough for two." She kissed him again, pressing closer. "And we're going to need a bigger bed..."

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