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 Wei No Su
Posted: Aug 10 2007, 07:29 PM

Group: Member
Posts: 16
Member No.: 3,437
Joined: 29-April 07

Ahh... Eh... This is my RP from another forum. A mod said i can post a separate OOC thread. But i'm not really sure kund dito yung sabi niya... (paki move nalang pag nagkamali ah... tee hee)
Genre: Mythological. China-like something..

The Story:

It all began when Tao, the supreme god, created the blanked earth. then, he created two supreme holy beings.. Tao's sister, the goddess of the moon, said it was not a good idea.. Then, many years have passed on the blanked face of the earth the couple had no children. The two prayed to Tao to grant them Children. However, Tao did not answered their prayers directly. He thaught the couple the four elements to produce the last hidden element: Life. after mastering it, the couple summoned The Four Maidens of the Elements, namely Feng ( wind) Shui(water) Chung (fire, pronounced as tu'tsong) Ming( earth).. Then the four elements was born in the earth.. the couple raised the maidens.. And they were graceful when they grew up. When the four maidens suddenly mastered their powers, they have summoned a baby-- their youngest sister-- Isha(life).. Isha began practicing her powers, summoning good creatures in the earth. However, deep down the earth, the God of the Underworld snatched up Isha- and tortured her to death. but he could not kill her, for she kept reviving herself- the art of life. The God of underworld was tired of torturing her. And many years have passed, Isha grew beautiful in the underworld, but, the God Of the Underworld raped her and threw her back to her sisters. Isha kept crying to Shui; saying that she is pregnant to twins. Her sisters protected her, And many years have passed, Isha bore two babies-- Yin(maiden of the dark) and Yang (maiden of the Light). Isha's sisters helped her in raising Yin and Yang- keeping a secret whom their father was. one time, Their father snatched up Yin and open her eyes- not to the truth. Yin grew in anger. While Yang created creatures of the light, Yin created creatures of the dark. and then the war came. Yin kept on killing, then one time, she met Yang. Yang opened her robed and out came light. Yin cried to Yang- saying she was blinded. Then Yang took care of her and she was restored to the light. But, they knew something was wrong- The God Of the underworld cursed her. Yin became Insane. The maidens decided to separate- and they agreed. Shui, being the Eldest sister, was the first to separate, she became the rivers and oceans or any water forms. Ming became the forests. feng came to the mountains. Chung came to the volcanoes. Isha spread herself troughout the world. Yang, made the heavens, in which, she became the sun. Isha summoned creatures- the humans, to fight for them. but some, however, followed the dark. Every day and up to the present, Darkness became stronger. Yang created Sages- them to master the four elements, and created more humans troughout the world to Restore The Light to all of the earth.

The Maidens are calling you, but, the choice is in your hands, Restore the Light, Or fall the earth into darkness?

The Elements
the generative and destructive cycle
Fire ( weak to water, strong to earth)
earth (weak to fire, strong to wind)
wind ( weak to earth, strong to water)
water (weak to wind, strong to fire)


The Land
Jiyongyang Province- NW part. this province is a vast area of forest
and residence are small and spread out. patron maiden: MING (earth)

Dragon Mountain- a mountain at the west of Jiyonyang. a continuation of the vast forest. it has a waterfall that connects a river and a vast lake. Patron maiden: Feng (wind)

Shui Waterflow- it begins at a waterfall in the dragon moutains, then continues to a river and ends in a vast vast lake called "Reliya" Patron maidens: FengShui

Reliya lake- the end of the water flow. this is a lake surrounded by trees.at the other side is a village. Patron Maiden: Shui(water)
Red Mountain- a tall mountain at the east-- or rather a volcano. it has a village along its feet. Patron: Chung

The Sage Academy- this is were sages train. it also trains other proffesions such as: Ranger, ritualist, assasin, Dervish, swordsman. to their second proffesion

To proceed in the journey fill out this form and wait for my approval:

Patron: (if a sage, please leave this area blank)
Proffesion: (ranger, swordsman, ritualist, assasin, Dervish)
Yin/Yang??: (yang if you'll fight for good, Yin for evil)
Eye color:
Character History:
Techniques: ( the ordinary ones. E.G: magic, spells, physical attcks.must not exceed 15. please put their descriptions)
Signature Techniques:( techniques only your characters can do. must not exceed 5. please put the descriptions)
special skill: (pick only one. If a Sage, you can pick one per element and cannot have signature techniques)

( the story thread will open soon.)

Time: past- ancient
Concept:ancient china, Chinese-like, or the like.

Special Features:
According to your patron maidens you have special skills
Water- Tsunami- makes water to burst out from the ground to flood
Mirrored Universe- encloses the area in a mirror in which, water property can only move.

wind- Shock- paralyses the enemy
Lightning bolt- strikes the enemy with bolts of lightning
Refreshing winds- every time the wind blew, you are healed

Fire- volcano- magma bursts out from the ground and creatures in it are damaged by fire property
Scorching missiles- strikes the enemy with balls of fire

Earth- Magnetic Earth- Magnets all creatures in the area and becomes earth property
Avatar of Ming- you become the avatar of the maiden of earth
Fertile Grounds- heals all earth creatures in the area.

Rules And regulations:
1. As always... BAWAL ANG FLAMMING!!!
2. Subukan niyong makipag away sa ibang tao naku...
3. Do not try to attempt destroying my thread... Mods and Admins lang ang pedeng gumalaw dito... pif!
4. no hentai/ecchi... alam niyo naman siguro yun diba?
5. Having fun is the first rule.
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