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c. Should the same member commit the offense for the third time, I will report his/her actions to the Supermods or to the Admins and they will subject you to a possible suspension or ban depending on the degree of the offense, or to my recommendation of action.

2. The picture links that you'd like to post should be taken by you or by a person you know. Always credit the picture-taker.

3. Members could freely take any of the pictures posted here provided that it is for their own private use and not to be used for any form of promotion, for display in blogs/forums/others, or display of image revision or alteration (such as spoofs) unless having taken permission from the original owner of the pic. Asking permission would involve PMing or emailing the original owner and settling to whatever condition the owner requires (which include's credits, conditions, etc).

4. If you'd like to post picture links featuring an event that is not found here, feel free to start a topic about it.

5. The archive is also now open for video contributions of events. The rules in posting are the same as the ones in posting picture links.

Thank you and happy posting. ^^

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 AME Matsuri, Dec. 09, 2006
Posted: Dec 10 2006, 02:14 AM

khell_ferraro's slave

Group: Advanced Member
Posts: 141
Member No.: 2,913
Joined: 10-December 06

Hey everyone!
I uploaded some pics here:

*I'd like to apologize for the image quality... My camera's a wreck >_< Grrr...
*90% of the pics are blurred... sorry >_<
*I resized most of the images to 600 x 450 (I'm on dial-up)

Anyway, I hope you guys post your pics soon ^_^

*(Does anyone know the Hisagi Shuuhei cosplayer from the Bleach group? Nyahaha!)

[Might upload my bro's videos]

Btw, I'd appreciate it if you'd ask permission (via PM maybe... or somewhere else) if you'd like to use any pics from my album.

That's all... thanks! tongue.gif
Posted: Dec 10 2006, 10:12 AM

Group: Member
Posts: 38
Member No.: 2,917
Joined: 10-December 06

Hi! Was a lurker under a different account. Got a new one for this.


85 shots, mostly unedited, resized to 800x600. Pics taken with an old digicam and a phone cam, so excuse the colors and quality (hindi sila mist-friendly).

Mostly Naruto shots. Kami yung isang Timejump group -- Kiba, Tenten, Sakura, Hinata, and Shikamaru (me. yeah with the fake ponytail, hehe).



I'll say it again, ang cute nung toddler na Naruto.

Edit: Yes, feel free to share the link, that's why it's here biggrin.gif . But ask permission for other devious purposes. Thanks sa mga hinila namin for the shots, esp. the other Naruto groups.
  Posted: Dec 10 2006, 02:35 PM

Fehlgam D. Troice

Group: Member
Posts: 13
Member No.: 51
Joined: 5-May 04

ayan, pics!!!!!

again, if you wants pic using, please make paalam yes thanks.



sa susunod ko na ayusin comments and pic titles Xp


Posted: Dec 10 2006, 03:52 PM

gah~! don't do it!!!!!

Group: Member
Posts: 41
Member No.: 1,434
Joined: 13-January 06

Ladies and gents, here are my shares! Just PM 'lil 'ol me if you wanna take something! Much thanks!

Event: AME Matsuri '06
Date: 9th of December, 2006

click me! click me!!!
Posted: Dec 10 2006, 06:02 PM


Group: Advanced Member
Posts: 197
Member No.: 1,275
Joined: 26-December 05

here's my share of the fun as well..


most of these images are dedicated to the Loveless group cosplay.

i have also switched our Loveless cosplay official photoshoot release for public view.

Matsuri videos can also be found here

thanks so much! have fun! if you want a copy of the images presented, please don't hesitate to poke my attention. arigatou!
hideto matsumoto
Posted: Dec 10 2006, 09:07 PM

Psychedelic Violence Crime of Visual Shock!

Group: Advanced Member
Posts: 186
Member No.: 11
Joined: 30-April 04

Posted: Dec 10 2006, 09:10 PM

Familia DeSanggria
Group Icon

Group: Moderators
Posts: 2,878
Member No.: 109
Joined: 14-May 04

here's my share

my guidelines:

1. ask permission first before taking any of the pictures. PM or email messages are most welcome.
2. please state what website/journal you plan to post the pictures. provide links as much as possible (yes, even sa friendster).
3. please provide a link back to this thread or to my FC account when taking pics upon permission.
4. absolutely no direct linking of the photos from my account. please upload them in your own server.
5. i absolutely forbid mike abundo to use my pictures in his blog & his mothballed forum as well as the other forums/sites he regularly posts on.
Posted: Dec 10 2006, 09:52 PM

I bring tidings of doom...

Group: V.I.P.
Posts: 867
Member No.: 372
Joined: 7-November 04

eto po mga kuha ko, magpaalam muna kayo sakin bago nyo kunin/gamitin yung mga pics ha, lam nyo na, wahehehe, baka ma-tsane ni "darth boobman" at nga kanyang mga lackeys eh XD sensya kung medyo madilim at "basa" yung mga pics. XD saka medyo onti lang mga cosplayers pic, nag-lowbatt ako lol.gif

AME Matsuri 2006
Posted: Dec 11 2006, 01:46 AM


Group: Big Fan
Posts: 210
Member No.: 469
Joined: 11-January 05

my share:

190 photos

Pm me first if you plan to use any photos. Also include where you plan to post it.

If you want the original photo, pm me the name of the file and your e-mail.

This post has been edited by FART on Dec 12 2006, 09:35 AM
Posted: Dec 11 2006, 09:54 AM


Group: Advanced Member
Posts: 139
Member No.: 2,648
Joined: 17-September 06

Here's my share of pics from the event. biggrin.gif Didn't get too much pics coz my camera's a greedy bastard (nag-lowbatt ako agad. huhuhuhu....). If you wanna use them, feel free to PM me. biggrin.gif

UP AME Matsuri pics

Heehee! I even got a shot of the ever-so-famous Caramel Dance (Alodia & Crissey)! haha, lolz. biggrin.gif


Posted: Dec 11 2006, 06:54 PM

OTAKU - Serious Business

Group: Senior Member
Posts: 66
Member No.: 2,529
Joined: 22-August 06

Here's my fair share of pics from my mobile. though almost of my pics we're... well... yes, I've crossdressed as a girl and the "2 costumes in 1 event" happened to me @ AME. nice ;D


And here's the playlist of my videos from AME. I'm terribly sorry for those ppl who cosplayed but not shown on my vids because I'm focused on guarding my precious PC on one of the booths. I'm so sorry. cry.gif


Please PM me if you want my pictures and videos for reference. Thank you! wink.gif
Black Mage
Posted: Dec 11 2006, 09:03 PM

a.k.a. Alodia

Group: Big Fan
Posts: 230
Member No.: 129
Joined: 22-May 04

Finally, got to finish uploading the pics my friends and I took.

UP Ame Picsu

Congratz to all the winners! biggrin.gif
Posted: Dec 11 2006, 09:11 PM

~P A I N L E S S~

Group: V.I.P.
Posts: 715
Member No.: 852
Joined: 23-July 05

my share of pics po ^_^ though mostly puro pics po ng loveless group (at ang aming kakulitan) ang contents ng album XD thanks nga po pala sa mga sumuporta sa group namen and congrats po sa mga naging winners sa event (though para sa akin lahat kayo winners!! wee~!) ^_^

Enjoy po minna, if may gagamitin po kayo na photos, PM me lang po ^_^ thanks din po sa mga cosplayers na pumayag na kunan ko ng photos (pasensya na po sa kakulitan ko hehe) ^_^ astig niyong lahat yun lang masasabi ko XD (sayang nga at konti lang nakunan ko ng pics ~_~ nahiya kasi ako lumapit sa iba hehe)

here's the link---> UP matsuri photos

Posted: Dec 11 2006, 11:45 PM

Oro? @_@

Group: V.I.P.
Posts: 696
Member No.: 809
Joined: 3-July 05

My share~!


If by any chance you want to take any of them, please PM me to tell me which photo, and what you want to use it for. Sankyuu! ^_^x
Posted: Dec 12 2006, 12:08 AM

khell_ferraro's slave

Group: Advanced Member
Posts: 141
Member No.: 2,913
Joined: 10-December 06

QUOTE (moodyangst @ Dec 11 2006, 09:40 PM)
Hey, does anyone here have a decent pic of the Ban Mido cosplayer? My friend's terribly addicted to him, but didn't get the chance to take a photo coz my camera's dead...
@Black Mage - heehee, Alodia-sama! Thanks for the Caramel Dance photo-op! And Crissey's very kawaii! XD

May pinost po si FART sa photobucket niya na Ban pix... here:

Haha di ko po siya nakita sa event, pero cute siya smile.gif
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