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We currently have 0 out of 4 needed for the Eleventh Wave. The Eleventh Wave arrives on the island on Day 23 at noon.

The Tenth Wave has been posted.

Upcoming Fabrications:

  • Day 20: Senoh and Archer
  • Day 21: Jeremy and Dwight
  • Day 22: Shariah and Alexa
  • Day 23: Jina and Devereau
(If you wish to forgo the RP thread, send a PM to Gale.)

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 Jeremiah Kraye, Just a good ol' southern gentleman.
Posted: Apr 3 2012, 01:35 PM

Group: Subject
Posts: 3
Member No.: 65
Joined: 3-April 12



Applicant Name: Jeremiah Kraye
Alias(es): I just go by my last name.
Sex: M
Age: 30
Current Residence: Goldenrod, Jhoto
Legendary Pokemon of Interest: Celebi
Boarding Preferences: Don't really care. Would appreciate my own room if possible. If not, I'd rather at least not be with anyone on the young end of the spectrum.


General Description: I'm 'bout 5'7" and have a fairly solid build. Broad shoulders and the like. I get asked by a lot of people if I ever played football. Nah. Not much in to sports. I've got black hair that's usually kept pretty short and am usually clean shaven. Brown eyes. That's 'bout it. Nothing extraordinary.
Additional Information: None.


Personal Analysis: I'm generally a pretty laid back fellow and don't get worked up easily. Rarely have problems gettin' along with people. Certainly ain't antisocial, but I'm not usually the type to strike up conversations with random people. Least not off the clock. On the clock I have to, but yeah.
Definitely an ol' fashioned type of person, in the sense of holdin' doors and bein' polite and acting like a decent human and such. It's amazin' how rare that seems to be these days. 'Course, with that said, I'm ain't very forgivin' when people get on my wrong side and ain't afraid to stand up for myself or anyone I consider a friend.


Personal History: Significant events, eh? Only had a few of those. I'm an only child and my parents died when I was real young and I don't even remember them. Was raised by my grandparents on my pop's side in a small town south of Azalea, and they died about 8 years ago. Far as I know, ain't go no family left. Went to school and graduated from high school. Didn't do any adventurin' as a trainer or the like. I liked my town just fine.
Wasn't a very exciting life, 'cept the one time where I saw this lil green Pokemon when wandering the woods. Musta been 13 or 14 at the time. Never seen it before, but there just seemed to be an aura of... serenity about it and I hadn't ever felt so at peace in my life. Been interested in it ever since. I managed to find out later that it may have been Celebi and I been doing some research on the Pokemon off and on since then in my free time. Ain't really been able to learn as much as I'd like, though. Just that it can apparently time travel (which makes no sense to me, by the way) and apparently causes extreme growth in nearby plants.
Anywho, I worked at the local Pokemart starting as an after school job and went full time after graduating. Ended up getting promoted to the store manager about four years ago and got exposed to some of the corporate bullshit that goes on, but been makin' a decent livin' at least.
Only took 'bout two years to get sick of the corporate bull and ended up relocatin' to Goldenrod and became a store manager at a clothin' store. Didn't take long for me to realize the city life wasn't for me, but I've been stickin' it out. Then I saw these fliers pop up a few weeks ago talkin' 'bout y'all, and finally decided to send an app. I need a change of scenery from retail, and thought maybe doin' some research full time would definitely make a nice change.
Additional Information: None.


Player Name: Lego
Contact Information: lego_lug@yahoo.com
How You Found Us: Trebles way back when.
The Omnipotent
Posted: Apr 12 2012, 12:34 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 189
Member No.: 1
Joined: 14-June 10

Dear Jeremiah Kraye,

The IASRLP has reviewed your application. We are pleased to accept you into PROJECT FABRICANT. Congratulations.

You will be specializing in research on Celebi, the Time Travel pokemon.

#251 in the International Pokedex, Celebi is said to journey through time, and also rumored to make vegetation flourish in its path.

You have indicated no preference for boarding, so we may not be able to guarantee particular accommodations until more participants have been registered. You may be residing in a room by yourself or with a single roommate for a period of time, until participants with similar preferences arrive.

Currently, more applicants must be accepted before you may be transported to our residential location. We will contact you closer to the time of your departure with further information. We would advise you to begin packing now.

Welcome to PROJECT FABRICANT. We look forward to meeting you soon.
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