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The Tenth Wave has been posted.

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  • Day 21: Jeremy and Dwight
  • Day 22: Shariah and Alexa
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 03. The Island
The Omnipotent
Posted: Jul 28 2010, 05:04 PM


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The island is the setting for the RP, and is where the experiment takes place. It is divided up into three sections:

Living Complex

The Living Complex is where subjects will stay before and during their transformation. It is a fully equipped facility that operates much like a hotel, with a constant stock of food, bedding, and toiletries. The Living Complex itself consists of three different buildings, which are within close proximity of each other, as well as the beach where the airplanes full of subjects land.

The first location is the villa, a whitewashed lounge building designed to blend in with the tropical setting. With open walls and simple furnishings, it is an ideal social hub for the subjects, designed to encourage interactions between them. It also features a small pool, cleaned daily by the island staff.

The second building is the food court, a well-lit and well-stocked eating area. Essentially a buffet, subjects can come and go as they please, and there is enough seating to accommodate all participants. Fresh food to meet all dietary needs is prepared daily.

The third building in the living complex is the living quarters, a two-story building where subjects are housed before and during their transformation, or until they require special accommodations. This building consists of nine rooms total: five rooms for three people each on the ground floor, and four rooms for four people each on the second floor.
Each room has its own bathroom facility, and basic furnishings for every occupant.
Subjects choose either coed (males and females in the same room) or same-sex (girls or boys only in the same room) boarding when they apply for the program.

The final building is the staff living quarters. This single-story building is where all island staff live. Island staff typically do not have a room to themselves and normally live in the same room with up to three other people. Each room has its own bathroom facility and basic furnishings for every occupant. Staff may choose who they room with.

Laboratory Complex

The lab complex is where the bulk of the actual experiment takes place, from the DNA infusion all the way to the final stages of the transformation. It consists of five buildings connected to each other through short hallways.

The first building in the lab complex is the research laboratory. Designed to give subjects activities to enjoy during their stay, the research lab is half computer lab, half science lab. The computers do not have access to the internet, but they do connect to an extensive database with information on the legendary pokemon that are being used in the experiment, as well as a general pokedex and encyclopedia.
The other side of the building houses a simple chemistry lab, stocked with standard chemicals and equipment. The idea was to keep the subjects-- who were likely science-minded individuals to have applied for the project in the first place-- busy with a multitude of their own experiments and research.

The second area is the operation room, which doubles as Gale's office. This is where Gale performs the intricate and top secret procedure that infuses a legendary pokemon's DNA into a human subject. Usually, only Gale and the subjects he is currently working on are allowed inside, but he may occasionally invite in other subjects or scientists.

Connected to the operation room is the hospital. Its original purpose was to house subjects who had complications during their transformation, but it is also equipped to deal with serious illness or injuries. Gale and Gaia are both trained to work in the Hospital, but they also have nurses who help them.

The testing facility is Gaia's office, and is where she performs tests and experiments on the subjects to assess their progression during the transformation. The building is spacious, designed to accommodate even the largest Fabricants. Gaia is very restrictive about who is allowed in the testing facility, and will often only have one to three subjects in there at once.

The underground bunker is located directly under the testing facility, and is reached through a flight of stairs. Reinforced steel and concrete make this huge room very sturdy, capable of withstanding great force. This is directly related to its purpose as a training facility for the Fabricants who have completed or are nearing completion in their transformations.
Data has his office here, and it is his job to help the subjects come to terms with their new bodies, powers, and abilities.

The Secure Intellectual Database (SID) is not a building on its own, but is rather a small, highly secure room off of the research laboratory. Hidden behind an inconspicuous locked door, which has be reinforced with the strongest materials and technology, the SID is accessible only to those who know the password; no amount of physical force will ever open the door.
Inside the room is a standard computer terminal. Within this device, however, are the most sensitive and secret documents regarding PROJECT FABRICANT. The only person on the island who knows the password is Kindle, for he uses the computer terminal to communicate with the Omnipotent and file reports on the subjects.

Field Area

The field area is the undeveloped tropical land that covers the majority of the island. Set aside as a habitat for Fabricants who could no longer stay in the Living Complex, the jungle has been flushed of all natural pokemon populations and divided into several areas.

The thick rainforest is the lush tropical forest area that covers much of the island.

The ocean beach is the only area where wild pokemon could not be controlled, and is a stretch of ocean water that extends several hundred feet out from the shore.

The mountain is the rocky peak that cuts through the middle of the island. Cutting high into the sky, grassy plants color the otherwise rocky landscape.

The grassy clearing is a strip of land along the base of the mountain, where the trees and bushes thin out and an open area of grass receives constant sunlight.

The pond is nestled somewhere between the mountain and the grassy clearing, and is one of the few sources of fresh water on the island. - The best sales, coupons, and discounts for you

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