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 Custom Rockman Contest, Make A Unique Rockman! EXE6
Posted: Jun 11 2006, 04:11 PM


Group: Members
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Joined: 11-June 06

Anyone Think That When it Comes to Customizing Rockman, the Process is Severly Limited? Well, Upon Futher Exploration of the Game, Few have discovered "Kaizou" which has been in existence since Rockman EXE4, With these added abilities, We can Now Customize with Endless Possiblities.

What is the Kaizou/E-Reader System

The E-reader Screen is a system which needs an external component named E-Reader. This E-Reader is connected to GBA and it needs special cards named E+modification cards. Those cards can be bought as the E-Reader and you must scan it in the e-reader to activate in EXE 6, but in EXE6 the E-reader is only available in Japan. When you Plug in the E-Reader to the GBA you can access to the E-Reader Screen across your buster status (three times to the right)A: Rockman HP

B: Rockman Image (Can change depending on the Body: Wood, Aqua, Fire, Elec)

C: Press A Symbol: Moves you to the Card/Kaizou List (if you have)

D: Parameter List: Shows your current parameters (ATK, SPD, CHR, CUST, MEGA, GIGA)

E: Ability List: Shows you your current Abilities

F: REG Memory: Shows your current Memory, each card has it's own memory.

When you press A you can acces to your card list which has all your scanned cards, if you press A over one of them you have 3 options

ON: Activate Card
OFF: Disable Card
Delete: Delete Card.

A: Card Name

B: Card Memory

C: Up/Down Parameters

D: Enable/Disable Abilities

***************Kaizou E-Reader Rules**********************

Before you input all the codes that you want, you must know some rules about the position and effects of the kaizou E-reader cards.

1. (a bit obvious) The Maximum of cards is 32. You can choose between 117 cards (How many combinations?... wow).

2. The Kaizou card has the following effects to your game:

a) Buster parameters: Can change your Buster parameters (Max: 10 ATK, 5 SPD, 5 CHR)

b) Custom Folder: can change your chips number in custom screen (Max: 8 Chips in screen (10 if you have Number Open))

c) Mega and Giga Folder: can change the number of Mega/Giga Chips to your folder (Max: 10 Mega, 10 Giga)

d) HP: The Kaizou Can Change your HP

e) Buster Type: Can change your charge shot or buster
Example: Rockman Zero----> B blaster: Sword; B charge: Z-Saber.

f) Element: Can change your sprite if the kaizou have an >element<body property and you have an extra bonus for >element<chips as their weakness

g) Side Effect: The well-known bug. In EXE6 the Kaizou cards don't have the "bug stopper" program for all bugs.

h) Customize Effect: Some Kaizou Cards Have NC Programs that can enable(yellow) or disable(purple) the NCP
Example: Air Shoes, under shirt, Super Armor etc.

i) First Barrier Effect: Some Kaizou Cards have F-Barrier with chips lika Dream Aura, Barrier 100, 50 or 10

j) Charge Shot Effect (CS:??): Some Kaizou Cards have a Charge Shot Effect
Example: You Have "Hit Desta" Kaizou (AquaBody, CS: Bubble). If you attack a Virus with a charge shot it will be under Bubble Effect

k) Chip Recovery: Some Kaizou Cards have the Chipe recovery effect that is like the "Chip Recovery" Chip from EXE 5

3. The Order Is Important. The last card have more priority than the first card.

Example 1 (Parameters):
Basic Status: ATK 3
Card 1: Soul Battler's Customize (ATK +4)
New Status: ATK 7
Card 2: Toadman (ATK -1)
Final Status: ATK 6

Example 2 (Abilities)

Basic Status:None
Card 1: Cyber Beast Greiga (Custom HP Bug -purple-)
New Status: Custom HP Bug
Card 2: Iceman (Custom HP Bug -Yellow-)
Final Status: None

********************Kaizou Abilities*********************[ERS04]

The Kaizou abilities are programs which customize your battle routine.
Those Abilities are in the second column of the Kaizou Card.

I will make a List of the kaizou Abilities and the cards in which are

--Structure-- (If the prog has a * its because i don't know the real name or is the japanese name)

Name: Description.
Kaizou Cards with ability

********************Buster List (Complete)******************[ERS041]

Description: Customize the normal buster shot

---Ability Types---
B button: Replace your shot with a battlechip
Buster: Adds a side effect to your shot (sometimes

---Ability list---

B button: Meteo1: Press B-->Summon 1 Meteor in Battle, it attacks the opponent field randomly (like Meteor1 Chip)
Cards: Meta Fire

B button: Sword: Press B-->Use Sword Chip
Cards: Rockman Zero, Dark Shadow

B button: Minibomb: Press B-->Throw a minibomb
Cards: Bombeetle

B button: Crack: Press B-->Use Crack Shot
Cards: Planetman

Buster: Normal: Use Normal Buster.
Cards: Airman, Topman

Buster: Pushing: Add Pushing effect (like Tank Cannon Pushing) to your buster (sometimes)
Cards: Airman

Buster: 1 Step Back*: Sometimes when you shoot the virus it goes 1 step back
Cards: Bomboy

Buster: Grass Panel: Sometimes when you shoot the virus's panel converts in a grass panel
Cards: Elementman, Wood Note, Morikyuu.

Buster: Karauchi*: Counter the "Buster: Karauchi" Bug (see Purple Buster List)
Cards: Senbon, Toadman.

Buster: Paralyze: Sometimes when you shoot, the target becomes paralyzed
Cards: Dustman, Parala & Remokogoro.

Buster: Freezing: Sometimes when you shoot, the target's panel becomes Ice
Cards: Freezeman

Buster: Poison Panel: Sometimes when you shoot, the target's panel becomes a poison panel.
Card: Dark Rockman, Mistman

Triple Buster: When you shoot, the buster does the following effect


A=Triple Shot (3xATK)
D=Normal Shot(1xATK)
C=Normal Shot if it's D in front is Empty (1xATK)
(you understand, is Forte's Triple Buster)
Cards: Forte Cross Rockman

---Counter Ability---

Buster: Status: Disable the side effect from the buster shot.
Cards: Magnicker, Heavy Array.

Buster: Karauchi*: Stuck your buster, making that: First shot, good; Second shot, *click* DON'T SHOOT; Third Shot, good.
Cards: Kakajii, Knightman, Slashman, Takoball, Kendouman.

************Buster Charge List (complete)******************[ERS042]

Description: It has every "B Charge" ability. I'll save some work because every B Charge ability is a battlechip so it don't need explications so i'll put the name and the card/s

B Charge: M. Cannon
Cards: Canodumb

B Charge: Ice Cube
Cards: Cold Bear

B Charge: Grass Seed (Kusamura S)
Cards: Kill Plant

B Charge: Invisible
Cards: Dark Point, Momoguran

B Charge: Panel Steal
Cards: Jellime

B Charge: Black Bomb
Cards: Volcano

B Charge: Hell Burner
Cards: Darasuto

B Charge: Fire Bomb
Cards: Gra San

B Charge: Spread Gun
Cards: Yakarn

B Charge: Ice Seed
Cards: Iceman

B Charge: Long Sword
Cards: Shadowman

B Charge: Yo-Yo
Cards: Cutman

B Charge: Step Sword (Fumikomizan)
Cards: Beastman

B Charge: Blizzard
Cards: Blizzardman

B Charge: Wide Sword
Cards: Slashman

B Charge: Drill Arm
Cards: Groundman

B Charge: Cross Bomb
Cards: Handies

B Charge: Bubble Spread
Cards: Pukool

B Charge: Battle Lance
Cards: Kill Boo

B Charge: Cannon
Cards: Cano Guard

B Charge: Machinegun
Cards: Gunner

B Charge: Elec Pulse
Cards: Pul Foron

B Charge: Corn Shoot
Cards: Bom Corn

B Charge: Sand Worm
Cards: Storm

B Charge: Tornado
Cards: Airman

B Charge: Big Bomb
Cards: Napalmman

B Charge: Vulcan
Cards: Bowlman

B Charge: Bamboo Sword
Cards: Kendouman

B Charge: Circle Gun
Cards: Searchman

B Charge: Thunder Bolt
Cards: Cloudman

B Charge: Fan Racket
Cards: Tenguman

B Charge: Wide Shot
Cards: Diveman

B Charge: Steal Punish
Cards: Judgeman

B Charge: Dark Sword
Cards: Dark Rockman

B Charge: Super Vulcan
Cards: Soul Battler's Customize

B Charge: Super Buster
Cards: Forte BX, Forte Cross Rockman (Greiga Version)

B Charge: GundelSol
Cards: Django

B Charge: Blood Rain
Cards: Hakushaku

B Charge: Z-Saber
Cards: Rockman Zero

B Charge: Hell's Raider
Cards: Forte Cross Rockman (Faltzer Version)

B Charge: Warning You (Waraningyou)
Cards: Darkman

B Charge: Dull T
Cards: Kakajii

B Charge: Elecsword
Cards: Thunderman

Counter Ability---> B Charge: Charge Shot: Disable B Charge Effect
Cards: Bombeetle, Numbers, Tsuboryuu, Doldara, Morikyuu, Pharaohman, Topman, Elementman

**********Buster Charge Shot Effect List****************[ERS043]

Desc: With this Ability you can add status to your charge shot
Rules: You can only use this effect with a Normal Buster (without B Charge effect)


CS: Fan Effect* (step back)
Cards: Magutekuto

CS: Bubble
Cards: Hit Desta

CS: Break Panel
Cards: Allman

CS: HP Bug
Cards: Skullman

CS: Paralyze
Cards: Toadman

CS: Coming Load* (when you shoot the enemy moves forward)
Cards: Videoman, Magnicker

CS: Chip Break
Cards: Swallowman

CS: Sokushi (Kill weak viruses, poison bosses)
Cards: Killerman

CS: Confusion
Cards: Skullabia, Colorman, Punk

CS: Grass Panel
Cards: Plantman

CS: Freezing
Cards: Coldman

CS: Ice Panel
Cards: Elementman

Counter Bug (purple)---> CS: Add Status-----> Disable Every CS Effect
Cards: Magnetman, Bomboy, Twinz.

*********B+Left Attack List***************[ERS044]

Desc: Allows Rockman use an attack with the B+Left Combination

---Ability List---

B+Left: Shield
Cards: Yakarn, Shellkie, Cano Guard

B+Left: Antidamage
Cards: Shadowman

B+Left: Magnet Line (Any virus in front of the navi can't move)
Cards: Magnetman

B+Left: Reflect
Cards: Yamatoman, Punk

B+Left: Fan
Cards: Dustman

B+Left: Meteo3
Cards: Mete Mage

B+Left: Risky Honey
Cards: Hanhoo

B+Left: Machine Sword
Cards: Assasin Mecha

Counter Ability--> B+Left (purple): Disables any B+Left Attack
Cards: Azomata, Pukool, Colorman.

**********First Barrier List*******************[ERS045]

Desc: Allows you to start the battle with a barrier.

---Ability List---

Cards: Amonacule, Marina

Cards: Poitton

Cards: Megalia

Cards: Freezeman

Cards: Meijin's Perfect Customize

Counter Ability--> F-Barrier (purple): Disables any First Barrier ability
Cards: Circusman, Walla, Airman.

**********NCP and other Abilities*********************[ERS046]

Desc: These abilities allow you to have some Navi Customizer Programs without put them in the Navi Customizer
Note: The Counter cards are e-reader cards that disable the program (purple)

---Ability List---

Air Shoes: Rockman can walk over Broken Panels
Cards: Megalia, Zero Preen, Swallowman, Satella, Hanhoo, Tenguman, Forte BX, Cyber Beast Falzer
Counter Cards: Jiira, Kill Plant, Planetman, Desertman, Searchman,

Super Armor: You do not flinch (cringe) when hit. Also, you don't lose S rank for being hit.
Cards: Heavy Array, Knightman, Nido Caster, Stoneman, Footman, Punk, Soul Battler's Customize, Forte BX, Cyber Beast Greiga, Forte Cross Rockman (Greiga)
Counter Cards: Gra San, Iceman, Marina

Status Guard: Allows you to protect the navi against an attack with add status
Cards: Azomata, Planetman, Kill Boo, Plantman, Django
Counter Cards: Dark Shadow

Float Shoes: Rockman can ignore the negative effects from the Panels. Stepping over cracked panels does not break them.
Cards: Magutekuto, Zero Preen, Shadowman, Pukool, Yura, Pharaohman, Forte BX, Cyber Beast Falzer, Forte Cross Rockman (Falzer)
Counter Cards: Jiira, Blizzardman, Canoguard, Bowlman

Undershirt: When you receive a fatal attack your HP reduces to 1.
Cards: Remugon, Knightman, Beastman, Poitton, Footman, Django
Counter Cards: Gunner

Chip Recovery: When you use a battlechip you recover HP
Cards: Yakarn, Twinz, Toto Pole
Counter Cards: Handies, Parala & Remokogoro, Mistman,

Rush Support: Stops a defense chip such as Invis once, and paralyzes the enemy. Netbattle only.
Cards: Beastman, Momoguran

Quick Gauge: Increase the Custom Gauge Speed
Cards: Videoman, Rockman Zero

Beat Support: Steal mega/giga class chips. Netbattle only.
Cards: Swallowman, Tenguman

Tango Support:When in critical HP, Recov300 and a 100 barrier
Cards: Circusman

Search Shuffle: Gives you one Search Shuffle Per Turn
Cards: Searchman

**************Bug and Side Effect Abilities************************[ERS047]

Desc: A bug is an ability (purple) which changes rockman's fighting system. We have two methods to counter the bugs: the Bugstopper Chip or it's respective Counter Bug Ability(yellow). We notice that rockman has a bug when in the battle routine screen, Rockman's status are appearing and dissapearing quickly like a flash
Note: The Bugsttoper NCP doesn't fix the Kaizou possible bug.

---Bug List---

Movement Bug: You walk two panels, not one
Cards: Meta Fire, Beastman, Mete Mage, Darkman
Counter Cards: Bomboy, Yura

Emotion Bug: The Navi doesn't respond, it has been tainted for the dark doul
Cards: Volcano, Burnerman, Pul Foron, Nightmanre, Dark Rockman
Counter Cards: Ele-Ogre, Starman, Nido Caster

Custom HP Bug: Continuous Damage while you are in custom screen
Cards: Numbers, Toto Pole, Napalmman, Cyber Beast Greiga
Counter Cards: Iceman, Skullabia

Battle HP Bug: Continuous Damage in Battle
Cards: Darasuto, Skullman, Killerman, Assasin Mecha, Thunderman, Dark Rockman, Cyber beast Falzer
Counter Cards: Yakarn, Starman, Doldara

Custom Damage: You lost HP when you enter to custom screen
Cards: Yakarn, Burnerman, Satella, Darkman
Counter Cards: Pikaler, Morikyuu

Status Bug: Random Status when you start the battle
Cards: Tsuboryuu, Skullman, Dragrin, Nightmare, Colorman, Hakushaku
Counter Cards: Ele-Ogre, Yura

Damage HP Bug: You receive more damage than usual
Cards: Remugon, Topman

Normal Gauge: Disable Quick and Slow Gauge.
Cards: Jellime, Judgeman

Movement Grass: When you move, the panel becomes Grass
Cards: Kumosu, Kill Boo

Movement Ice: When you move, the panel becomes Ice
Cards: Cold Bear, Coldman

Damage Confusion: When you receive an attack the navi becomes confused
Cards: Swallowman, Bom Corn

Heavy Movement: When you move, the panel becomes cracked
Cards: Dustman, Stoneman

Heavy Gauge: Slow Gauge Effect
Cards: Jelly, Footman

Heaviest Movement: When you move, the panel becomes broken
Cards: Parala & Remokogoro

---Counter Ability List (yellow)---

Panel Bug: Disable any Panel alteration when you move
Cards: Bomboy, Starman, Blastman, Chargeman, Elementman,

Damage Bug: Disable any Damage Bug (not continuous)
Cards: Wood Note, Desertman, Poitton

Kaizou Card System Codes

Unlock kaizou screen(Must) by zgmf999a
32001CA7 0080

Enabler(MUST IN THE FALTZER VERSION) by zgmf999a
420006C0 0000
0000003A 0002
32000734 0000
42005048 8D8D
0000003A 0002
320050BC 008D

Enabler (MUST IN THE GREGA VERSION) by zgmf999a
420006C0 0000
0000003A 0002
32000734 0000
42005048 4343
0000003A 0002
320050BC 0043

0MB used in Kaizou screen
3200661A 0000
*So you can use as many e+ cards as you like.

32 card slots in kaizou screen
320065F0 0020
*32 is the official max. You can have more, but it will probably screw with what is supposed to be in the following addresses. :P

then the slots! remember, use them IN ORDER! don't ever skip even just one slot.

Slot 1: 32006620 00YY
Slot 2: 32006621 00YY
Slot 3: 32006622 00YY
Slot 4: 32006623 00YY
Slot 5: 32006624 00YY
Slot 6: 32006625 00YY
Slot 7: 32006626 00YY
Slot 8: 32006627 00YY
Slot 9: 32006628 00YY
Slot 10: 32006629 00YY
Slot 11: 3200662A 00YY
Slot 12: 3200662B 00YY
Slot 13: 3200662C 00YY
Slot 14: 3200662D 00YY
Slot 15: 3200662E 00YY
Slot 16: 3200662F 00YY
Slot 17: 32006630 00YY
Slot 18: 32006631 00YY
Slot 19: 32006632 00YY
Slot 20: 32006633 00YY
Slot 21: 32006634 00YY
Slot 22: 32006635 00YY
Slot 23: 32006636 00YY
Slot 24: 32006637 00YY
Slot 25: 32006638 00YY
Slot 26: 32006639 00YY
Slot 27: 3200663A 00YY
Slot 28: 3200663B 00YY
Slot 29: 3200663C 00YY
Slot 30: 3200663D 00YY
Slot 31: 3200663E 00YY
Slot 32: 3200663F 00YY

Replace the YY with these values. Remember! use them one at a time!

01 Canodumb
02 Amonacule
03 Cold Bear
04 Jiira
05 Megalia
06 Metafire
07 Kill Plant
08 Dark Shadow
09 Bombeetle
0A Heavy Array
0B Azomata
0C Jellime
0D Volcano
0E Numbers
0F Magutekuto
10 Kumosu
11 Bomboy
12 Wood Note
13 Pikaler
14 Ele-Ogre
15 Darasuto
16 Senbon
17 Hit Desta
18 Gra San
19 Kakajii
1A Zero Preen
1B Remugon
1C Allman
1D Yakarn
1E Tsuboryuu
1F Numberman
20 Iceman
21 Skullman
22 Shadowman
23 Cutman
24 Knightman
25 Toadman
26 Magnetman
27 Planteman
28 Beastman
29 Desertman
2A Yamatoman
2B Videoman
2C Burnerman
2D Starman
2E Blizzardman
2F Swallowman
30 Slashman
31 Killerman
32 Groundman
33 Dustman
34 Blastman
35 Circusman
36 Handies
37 Pukool
38 Jelly
39 Poitton
3A Satella
3B Parala & Remokogoro
3C Yura
3D Takoball
3E Shellkie
3F Magnicker
40 Mete Mage
41 Momoguran
42 Nido Caster
43 Twinz
44 Walla
45 Kill Boo
46 Toto pole
47 Cano Guard
48 Skullabia
49 Dragrin
4A Marina
4B Doldara
4C Gunner
4D Pul foron
4E Bom Corn
4F Morikyuu
50 Hanhoo
51 Nightmare
52 Storm
53 Assassin Mecha
54 Stoneman
55 Colorman
56 Sharkman
57 Pharaohman
58 Airman
59 Freezeman
5A Thunderman
5B Napalman
5C Plantman
5D Mistman
5E Bowlman
5F Darkman
60 Topman
61 Kendoman
62 Coldman
63 Searchman
64 Cloudman
65 Footman
66 Chargeman
67 Tenguman
68 Diveman
69 Judgeman
6A Elementman
6B Punk
6C Dark Rockman
6D Soul Battler's Customize
6E Meijin's Perfect Customize
6F Forte BX
70 Django
71 Hakushaku
72 Rockman Zero
73 Cyber Beast Greiga
74 Cyber Beast Falzer
75 Forte Cross Rockman

The Contest Is Simple - Use These Codes to make the Most Innovative (Note:Innovative NOT Powerful, Not many People want to Breeze through the Game with 6000hp) Customs, Example - HeatGuts Style, Aqua Soul, etc.
Format is - Name of Custom, Slot Code(s) , Abilities and Stratergies (I'm Sorry to Anyone who Despises Cheating but this is the only way)
Others can Rate the Custom.
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