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 The X-Men Strike Back Part 1, Can they enter the base?
Posted: Mar 20 2012, 12:01 AM

Leet Fighter

Group: Moderator
Posts: 1,582
Member No.: 47
Joined: 12-April 11

Iosice moved quickly. He reached a computer and started typing furiously. He bit his lip in frustration and growled.

“Not good.”

“Yo,” the deep voice of his brother called. Iosice didn't even spare Icen a glance.
“What's up?”

“Intruders.” Iosice spat.

Icen's eyes widened.

“Wha? But-”

“Someone from Blazer Ice's group.” Iosice's eyes narrowed on the screen.
“Probably Blazer Ice himself. Either way, they're dead men.”

Icen pondered and folded his arms, grinning like a fool.
“At least it should mean a good fight.”

A screen flashed in front of him and bounced off the walls, working as a hologram. A hairy, muscular man in disturbing yellow tights marched towards the base furiously. Behind him was a mutant with a visor covering his eyes, wearing blue tights.

Seriously...what was up with this group and fruity tights?

A gorgeous woman with long blond hair, dressed in white lead the tail. Next to her was a large, hulking man in...a toga? The final one was a demonic looking creature (also tights), who had a metal leg.

“Eh, they don't look so tough.” he folded his arms.

“They fact-” Iosice pointed to yellow tights.
“He was the mutant who was with the girl. He's actually much stronger than you.”

“Than me?!” Icen sputtered.

Iosice nodded. “I sent Dodoria and Zarbon to the second base. Regardless of how this ends, this location has been compromised. The remaining henchmen have been ordered to hold them off.”

He looked at Icen and stepped through a door.

“You stay here. Don't let anyone enter.”

Icen nodded as the door sealed itself.

“Man,” Icen shook his head. “Since when did badasses wear tights.”

Emma Frost watched in amusement as Cyclops attempted- and failed- to control Wolverine from storming the base. It appeared to be a giant ship, with a mighty glass dome and state of the line technology.

“Pretty scary,” Morph, briefly taking on the form of NightCrawler, exaggerated a shudder. She glanced around, wondering if she could see the real Night Crawler, but he was not in sight.

Next to her, Colossus said nothing.

Wolverine stopped and everyone surrounding him stopped as well.
“They're here. Four of them.”

Cyclops eyed the area with suspicion. While he lacked Wolverine's sense of smell, he still sensed the presence of three fighters inside. Guns were aimed from the inside through port holes and a giant laser canon appeared at the top of the base, aimed down at them.

One large, bulky Saiyan exited the ship. He wore thick armor and carried a metal staff.

“You are on private property,” his voice bellowed. “Identify yourselves.”'

Without even responding, Wolverine brandished his claws (1AP) dashed 9 spaces (9AP) and uses a 1st class (14AP) piercing blow against the guard.. The Captain of the Guard yelped, unable to dodge so countered by thrusting his staff at Wolverine.


Somewhere...far away from the battle....Kaiju snickered, but could not understand why.

Wolverine's attack easily overpowered The Captain's. The Staff crumbled under the severity of the attack...His claws pierced his armor (408.5 dmg).

“Ugh,” The Captain growled through the pain.

Slowly the staff began to reform in the Captain's hands.
“Hehe, this aint no ordinary weapon, fool!”

As he said that, three 5AP blasts came from the building, all targeted at Wolverine. The giant canon unleashed a 5AP(5aoe) blast on the other X-Men. Cyclops, Morph and Emma moved forward to avoid the attack (10AP).

“That was close!” Morph declared.

Emma and Morph moved forward (2 and 1 spaces). Cyclops turned back.


Colossus had changed his body into an aluminum metal, appearing now like a Titan. He braced himself (1AP) and took the blast. The 1,000 blast was reduced to 170. He advanced 5 spaces. Cyclops nodded and started charging an attack (2AP)

Wolverine growled at the blasts and avoided them (18AP). However, he did throw a 6AP piercing strike.

The Captain avoided it (8AP) and used 2 more AP to regenerate his staff (60%).

The Cannon didn't move, so Cyclops grinned. Now was his chance. He sent two pulsating beams at the Canon (10AP), doing a total of 1870 damage. Yet the canon was barely scratched! He bit his lip and charged up 40% (4AP).

The three guards were prepping another assault. The henchman in charge (behind the Captain) was a weird looking alien, a creature with no mouth or nose but actually breathed through its large ears. Said ears perked as his Human comrade muttered something about Wolverine's speed.

Big Ears turned to the sound of the direction as he saw a foreign black smoke dissipate and the bizarre looking feat of Night Crawler grabbed his suit of armor (5AP). He fired a 2nd class Energy Blast just as he felt himself thrown in the direction of his allies.

“What the Hell!?” The Human yelped and dived out of the way of his friend. The Third henchman, a female demon with big feat and orange skin, ducked as Big Ears sailed above her. Big Ears landed behind him, stunned.

Without losing momentum, Night crawler avoided the 2nd class attack (3AP), crouched low and threw his feat out from under him (1AP), planting them both firmly against the chest of the human (5AP). The humans armor shattered and he felt himself take 573 dmg. He was propelled right back into the woman, nearly knocking him out cold.

On all fours, Nightcrawler dashed a space (1AP) and dived right into the human, pouncing on him (5AP). The human was immediately knocked out cold, being hurled into his allies. The human landed on the ground hard, his eyes opened and glazed over.

Wolverine had calmed down and entered a stance (1AP), his movements now being designed to conserve energy. This had worried the Saiyan, who had hoped Wolverine would tire himself out. He was also worried about the grunts of pain and struggling coming from the inside. Wolverine seethed with rage, his power increasing rapidly.

Wolverine stabbed at the Captain with a barrage of strikes (24AP; 12 strikes). The Captain bit his lip so hard he drew blood. He only had once chance!

He finished replenishing his staff- Somewhere in the world, Kaiju giggled once more- and used 8AP to block the onslaught. The claws immediately ripped through his staff but oddly, the Captain felt no pain from the slashes. His armor was shredded and his life force had to have just been depleted, but they merely tickled.

Death had come for him with painless violence, and he fell to the ground in pieces.

Emma Frost huffed in disgust. She looked up and her mouth opened.

“Oh God,”

The Canon was aimed right for them!

Once again it's blast forced everyone to flee. This time Colossus was able to avoid it, grateful to have been far behind.

Wolverine dashed forward, using his claws to climb up with the canon. Wrapping his arms around it, he twisted its nozzle around until it started to short circuit. Then he tore it off and threw it to the ground.

Nightcrawler silently prayed for the fallen human, taking no pleasure in the man's death, even if he had lived his life poorly.

Suddenly he teleported in front of the demoness (1AP), startling her as he clasped his fists together and brought them down against her face (5AP). She desperately used her AP to recharge as her skull nearly caved in from the pressure. He then teleported behind Big Ears (1AP), using a similar strike (5AP). Both of their armor had been knocked off in the process.

He then grabbed Big Ears with his toes and threw him into the woman (8AP). His automail stiffened and he flicked his nose at it. It sped him up and slowed him down, but luckily he didn't need to do much against these guys.

Big Ears and the woman wearily attempted to charge.

“Alright, you guys.” Nightcrawler folded his arms.
“You obviously can't win. So you should surrender, okay?”

Both of them glanced at each other, surprised, and then glanced at the dead human. Big Ears merely collapsed to his knees. The Demoness sighed.

“We surrender.”

Outside, Cyclops was investigated a nearly invisible patch on the wall.

“What is it?” Morph asked, mockingly in the form of Cyclops.

“The Door.”

“Hmmmm,” Morph shrugged and changed into the Captain.
“This is the Captain speaking, let me in!”


Then the door opened.

“Haha, it-”

Nightcrawler appeared, looking somewhat exhausted.

“Phew, you guys should come in. It's all nice and air conditioned in here.”

Icen, from his safe haven, burst out into laughter.

“These guys are awesome!”

He flexed his muscles and admired his reflection on the monitor.

“But too merciful. I'll have to kill the cowards who surrendered.”

He rubbed his chin.

“Man, what should I do now?”

He glanced at Iosice's chamber.

“Oh well, guess he's got a plan.”

He grinned.

“Welcome to the Maze”

(to be continued).


Techniques used by the Captain of the Guard:

Thrust: User thrusts his staff at the enemy, knocking them back 1AP per class.

My Rod: The metal staff can repair itself, healing 10% of its dmg per AP put into it. The staff itself does 5 dmg, but has 250 durability.

Techniques used by Wolverine:

Claws: 50 dmg.

Piercing Strike (Weapon): User forces its flaws into his enemy, negating armor percentile.

Claws of the Wolverine: Stance. All physical attacks cost 1/2 stamina.

Stabbing Strike (Weapon): User stabs at the enemy, doing double durability damage.

Techniques Used by Cyclops:

Pulsating Beam: A blast from Cyclops visor that is designed to conserve energy, costing 50% the ki that it usually would.

Techniques used by Colossus:

Racials Used: Stone Skin, Android Components.

Bloodline: Perfect Body- Colossus's mutant powers enable him to form a strange metal substance that coats his entire body. Ki automatically moves to strength and in this form, he cannot bleed or suffer from poisons.

True Form: A hyper-advanced version of his bloodline, it raises his defenses by 50% and makes him immune to all effects.

Techniques used by Morph:

Racials Used: Android components. Cannot be sensed when he's morphed.

Bloodline: Morphing- Morph can change into any person he has seen without the cost of ki or AP.

Racials Used: Rage, sense of smell (custom)
Posted: Mar 27 2012, 01:09 AM

Leet Fighter

Group: Moderator
Posts: 1,582
Member No.: 47
Joined: 12-April 11

They had entered the base, its interior designs being simple and bland.

“Well, this is boring.” Morph pointed out the obvious.

“Yeah,” Emma took a step forward and her eyes opened wide. Suddenly she crumbled into dust, vanishing without a trace.

“Emma!” Cyclops yelled and jumped forward where he was. His body disintegrated as well.

“No one move!” Wolverine barked. He looked around.

Then he sniffed the air.

“I can sense them vaguely. They're alive. One by one, take a step.”

He growled. “We don't have much room for anything else.”

He took a step forward and crumbled away.

“Don't you think-?” Nightcrawler began but was interrupted by Coloussus taking a step.

Morph shrugged. “Might as well.”

He performed the same action with the same result. Nightcrawler sighed.


He stepped into darkness.

Morph felt himself on his hands and knees. He was dizzy. Looking up, his heart sank. It looked like hell. He blinked. Had he died?

No, it didn't feel right. It wasn't literally a hell, it was just a grim looking labyrinth. The walls were rusted with blood and the smell was nauseating. He looked around. It was just a hall, but there was something wrong with it. It was far too large for the base. Could it be an illusion?

No, he was immune to that. Unless....

He gulped and looked at himself. He was in his form? Who to morph into? He chose Emma. Emma was hot.

He was alone, so he figured he best start moving forward. He did so one step at a time.

“Kurt,” a loud whisper assaulted Nightcrawler's ears.
“Kurt, wake up.”

Nightcrawler opened his eyes, staring at the concerned expression of Cyclops. Cyclops sighed in relief and stood up.

“Good, you're okay.”

Nightcrawler blinked.

“I see...white.”

No, literally. All he could see was....white. He hopped to his feat and looked around.

“Is it just me or is it-”

“White in here?” Cyclops finished.
“Yes, it is.”

There was no sign of any sort of texture. It was just white wherever he looked. Only Cyclops and himself had any color or weight in their appearance.

“What is this?”

“I suspect it's the ship. We've fallen into some sort of genjutsu.”

“Aren't you unaffected by genjutsu?”

“It's not..normal, possibly the ship is doing it?”

“So wha-” He paused. He could see a figure approaching from what appeared to be miles away. Even stranger, he could tell who it was.


Wolverine approached them quickly, his claws drawn and his face suggesting that war was about to begin.

“Logan, what's wr-” Cyclops began as Wolverine dashed at Nightcrawler, expanding his arms and forcing down his claws upon the two Mutants (14AP).

Emma woke up in a relatively normal hallway compared to the ones her comrades were dealing with. It was poorly lit, however, and Emma was forced to squint. A figure stood a few spaces ahead of her, his back turned from her.

She focused and immediately knew who it was. She sighed.


Nightcrawler avoided the attack (18AP).

He then teleported 10 spaces behind Wolverine. He recharged all of his ki.

“What's going on!”

“It's not him!”

Unable to dodge the attack, he entered his prize Aikido stance (1AP) and grabbed Wolverine's wrist (9AP), flipping him over and dazing him 4AP. He then moved away 3AP in the opposite direction of Night Crawler.

“There's an dark aura surrounding him!” Cyclops yelled. “It's not Wolverine!”

“Right!” Nightcrawler acknowledged.

“Also, I'd stay away from him! He's too good in close quarters combat!”

Rage filled Dark Wolverine and he stomped towards Cyclops (3AP). He entered the same stance that Wolverine had entered earlier (1AP) and he slashed, aiming to rip Cyclops apart with 16 4th class strikes.

“Crap,” Nightcrawler cursed. He teleported behind Wolverine, seeeing a weak splot and tried to grab him (20AP). Cyclops could only desperately avoid 13 of them and was forced to take the remaining 3 (1147.5 dmg).

Cyclops gasped, dazed (2AP) and bleeding (30HP).

“Cyclops!” Nightcrawler trembled.

Things were already looking bleak for the two.


Techniques Used by Night Crawler:

Teleport: User turns into a black puff of smoke and re-appears somewhere in the same arena. Counts as both a 4th class ki AND a 4th class Non Ki. Furthermore, recharging this ki is at 5% per 1AP instead of 10. if teleporting behind him, enemy is surprised.

Teleportation Attack: Nightcrawler can grab onto his enemy and if he has them, he can teleport them wherever they want. It includes 'terrain damage'+half of class damage+ Stunning+ 1AP daze. But it can be countered.

Techniques Used by Cyclops:

Aikido: Cyclops has learned a few martial arts styles, this one halving stamina costs.

Reverse throw: Cyclops can counter, automatically dismantling their attack and automatically dazing them 1AP per class. Note: User has to match 50% of enemies attack in terms of AP user (half of what it is to dodge)

Techniques Used by Dark Wolverine:

Claws of the Wolverine: Stance. All physical attacks cost 1/2 stamina.

Double Strike: Can attack two or three people if they are in a 3 space radius next to eachother at once.

Rip: Wolverine rips into his enemy, doing 10 bloodloss and 0.5 daze per class.
Posted: Sep 4 2012, 01:37 PM

Leet Fighter

Group: Moderator
Posts: 1,582
Member No.: 47
Joined: 12-April 11

The screen flickered on and Icen saw it.

"Shit, sorry Iosice."

He pressed a button and suddenly the X-Men found themselves expelled from the ship for mysterious reasons. None really understood what was happening.

"Looks like we've just been called to the war room"

(A/N: Would be too difficult to finish after the hiatus so just ended it for now)
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