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Posted: Apr 19 2011, 09:14 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 1,620
Member No.: 1
Joined: 19-June 06


((Note to purchase an item, you must select an ore for it to be made out of. (Iron, Steel Wood) etc. A list of Ore can be found at the bottom of the page))

When it comes to bloodloss, unless it says otherwise, here are the basic rules.

Light: 2.5

Medium: 5

Heavy: 10

Does not apply to Blunt weapons.

(L) Knife $50 - A very ineffective weapon, its more fit for a household rather than combat, but is very cheap and common among lesser thieves. Does +3 base damage and has 100 durability

(L) Kunai: $100 -A ninja tool, it is a knife that can be used for both melee and as a projectile and even more concealable making it very versatile. Does +4.5 base damage and has 150 durability

(L) Shuriken: $100 -A ninja tool and one of their most popular projectiles. Does +8 base damage, can only be thrown and has 50 durability.

(L) Dagger: $100 -A cheap yet slightly more effective weapon , it is easily consealed but cannot pierce most armor. Can be thrown at -1/2 dmg(so 3.5) Does +7 base dmg and has 150 durability

(L )Short Sword : $200 - a short bladed sword, light and easy to use, does +9 base dmg and has 250 durability

(L) Tanto: $200 - A small dagger/knife. Developed in Feudal Japan for Seppuku (Ritual Suicide). Though can be used in battle if desired or required. Does +7.5 base dmg, 5 bloodloss and has 200 durability

(L) Wakazashi $250 - Short version of the Katana, used in medium range fights Does +9 base dmg and has 200 durability

(L) Sabre: $300 - A thin but razor sharp sword, that is very light and fast. Does +12 base dmg has 250 durability

(L) Rapier: $350 -A blade with an even thinner and dull blade than the sabre, but has almost no weight, and is good at stabbing and causing blood loss. Does +12 base damage, +5 bloodloss and has 200 durability

(M) Broad Sword: $350 - a now common type of sword, its blade is wide and long , and able to withstand and dish out a decent ammount of damage. Does +15 base dmg and has 350† durability

(M) Scimitar: $350 - A exotic sword with a broad curved blade, designed to make deep clean cuts and cause more bleeding than a common sword. Does +15 base damage, +10 bloodloss and has 250 durability

(M)Block Sword: $400 - A simply designed sword, it is long with a very broad blade with a small hook at the end to cause more damage. Does +18 base damage, no bloodloss and has 300 durability

(M) Katana: $500 - The long sword of Feudal Japan. Considered the primary weapon of any Samuraiís arsenal, is extremely sharp and very effective in battle. Does +18 Base Damage, +10 bloodloss and has 200 durability.

(M) Long Sword: $500 -A popular blade amongst people, it is considered to be prestigous and held by those of at least little rank , fame or nobility. Does +15 base dmg and has 250 duability. Reaches 1 extra space.

(M) Double Edged Katana: $600 - Katanas are single edged. Double edged Katanas are double edged. Making it sharper, and easier to swing so that it causes more damage. +21 dmg and 200 durability.

(H) Claymore: $650 - A extremely big sword, with a very long blade and hilt, this two handed weapon can cause massive ammounts of damage upon the enemy and is made so that it isn't unwieldly or controlable. Does +30 Base dmg and has 350 durability

(H) Tachi: $700 - An extremely long weapon, measuring up to 36 inches long and rivals the claymore in strength and durability, having almost a bad affect upon a opponent. Does +30 base dmg, reaches 2 spaces and has 300 durability.

(H) Zanbato: $1000 -The biggest and strongest weapon known on the market, the Zanbato is about 8 feet long and has a very devastating hit. 1 slash can hit everything surrounding the user, and it does +60 base damage, 400 durability. however its huge size slows you down by 1 AP.

(L) Hand Axe: $150 -A small one handed ax that is more portable than its counter parts, and is also designed to be thrown. Does +9 base dmg and has 100 durability

(L) Hatchet: $200 -A less effective but larger ax, it is mostly ment for lumber jacks to cut wood with but still can be used as a deadly weapon. Does +7 base dmg and has 150 durability

(L) Axe: $300 -A true battle weapon, with a think bladed head used to cleave through the enemy Does + 12 base dmg has 200 durability and does double durability dmg to armor

(L) Battle Axe $500 -Lighter more specially crafted Axes ment for cutting through flesh. Does +15 base dmg has 200 durability and causes +5 bloodloss on an unarmored opponent

(M) War Ax $700 -A generally heavier thicker blade used to puncture armor in a single blow, Does +15 base dmg has 250 durability and neglects armor values (Except Shields),

(M) Double Headed Ax $700 - An Axe with Blades on both sides of it, making it slightly heavier, but still easily controlled. Does +18 base dmg and has 250 durability

(H) Giant Ax $1100 - An Axe of Gigantic Proportions as its name suggestions, able to cut through flesh and armor alike, Does +45 base dmg, and neglects armor values. Takes 3 AP to swing and 3 AP to dodge and has 350 durability

(L) Javalin $150 - A slim and simple spear usually made of wood that can be easily thrown good distances to impale ones enemy. Does +5 base dmg and +1 dmg per space thrown and has 100 durability

(L) Short Spear $350 - A short spear with thick metal tip and perfectly balanced made for quick and deadly stabs in close quarters. Does + 12 base dmg and has 20 durability

(L) Feminine Naginata $400 - A naginata many samurai women prefer to use, as it's lighter and easier to handle. Slashes all around user. +10 base dmg and has 100 durability.

(L) Sickle: $300 - A curved blade that is attached to a stick.Does +10 base dmg+ 5 bloodloss and 250 durability

(M) Spear $500 - A very long pole or shaft armed with a sharp point or tip, used to stab opponents from afar. Does +14 base dmg and has 200 durability. Reaches 1 extra space.

(M) Naginata $750 - Instead of having a single spear point, Naginatas have long sword like blades on the end of them, giving them a great edge in battle. Slashes all around user. Does +15 base dmg and has 250 durability

(H) Long Spear $750 -An extremely long spear, used to completely impale an opponent before they can get any where near the wielder Does +15 base dmg and has 300 durability. Reaches 2 spaces.

(H) Lance $650 - A type of spear with a long cone like appeared mainly used for mounted warriors, Does +12 base dmg and has 350 durability. For Mounted Warriors it does +20 dmg and +1 dmg every space travelled before impaling.

(H) Pike $650 - A spear with a small hook at the end of it, enabling it to be more effective at close range combat, Does +15 base dmg and has 350 durability. Costs 1 less AP to wield.

(H) Halbred $800 -A very deadly weapon made with an axe head under the main spear point making it deadly in mid and close range combat.Does +16 base dmg and has 400 durability

(H) War Scythe $600 -A pole with a long blade on its side, usually for harvesting crops and the work, but still a deadly weapon when used right. Does +15 base dmg, + 15 bloodloss and has 300 durability

(L) Club: $150 - Crude blunt weapons that are still quite effective they are more commonly used by lowly thugs or more primitive races.† Has +3 dmg and 250 durability

(L) Blacksmithing Hammer: $200 - Actually a tool used by most tradesman and workers to pound iron or steel it is also perfectly suitable for pounding skulls in as well.† Has +2 dmg and 250 durability

(L) Mace: $300 - A simple weapon that uses a heavy head on the end of a handle to deliver powerful blows. A development of the club, a mace differs from a hammer in that the head of a mace is radially symmetric so that a blow can be delivered equally effectively with any side of the head.† Does +14 base dmg and has 200 durability and can daze opponents for 1 ap per hit

(M)Spiked Mace: $350 - An upgraded version of the mace which included one or more spikes. Each used, to varying degrees, a combination of blunt-force and puncture attack to kill or wound the enemy very effectively.† Does +19 base dmg , has 200 durability and causes +2.5 bleeding per hit and .5 ap daze per hit

(M)Flanged Mace: $450 - A mace with sharp decorative blades or knobs on its head to allow greater penetration of armor.† Does +17 base dmg, has 200 durability and neglects armor values

(M)Flail: $400 - A distant cousin of the Mace, its is instead equiped with a spiked ball on a long chain making it very difficult to block or counter. Although it is very light it is also very hard to control properly. Does +16 base dmg, has 150 durability , Countering does not usually hurt the user, and may go around shields if user puts more AP(1AP per weight class) into attacking than defender does into blocking. 1AP to recall after attacking. 4 space range.

(M)Battle Hammer: $400 - Bigger more battle orientated versions of workers hammers armed with much thicker heads to crush enemies.† Does +20 base dmg, has 250 durability and causes double dmg to limbs and normal armor.

(H)Maul: $600 - A hammer with a much larger, flat head attached to a thick lever or handle much like a sledgehammer. These can apply more impulse than other hammers, due to its large size. Does +35 base dmg, has 300 durability , and does double damage against limbs, armor and weapons.

(H)War Hammer: $550 - Longer polearmed version of hammers meant to deliver full impact blows at a distance or things normally out of range for a normal hammer.† Does +28 base dmg, has 350 durability , has a range of 2 spaces, and dazes opponents for 1 ap per hit.

(H)Massive Club: $500 - Really big over sized clubs, Like trees or big slabs of stone usually wielded by bigger and/or dumb creatures.† None the less these are quite good at their intended purpose of smashing things.† Does +45 base damage and has 250 durability

(L) Short Bow $200 -A small but sturdily crafted bow that is much easier to use than its bigger cousins, but far less range Does +6 base dmg , has a range equal to 3 plus half your AP. 50 durability.

(M) Normal Bow $500 -A normal bow that has no particular strength or weakness in regards to range , speed and power. Does +12 base dmg that neglects armor,and has a range equal to 5 plus your AP. 100 durability.

(M) Composite Bow $750 -A specially crafted bow, made to be a more flexible mix of speed and power that can neglect armor. Does +13 base dmg, and has range equal to 5 plus your AP . 75 durability

(M) Long Bow $750 -A generally big and powerful bow, intended for its range and great power that can neglect armor, Does +15 base dmg, and has range equal to 7 plus your AP, but takes 3AP to fire. 100 durability.

ARROWS: Arrow damage is added into bow damage and often have a unique effect. Custom made arrows are common. The price comes with TWO arrows.

Sturdy Arrows ($50): +2.5 dmg and 10 durability.
Poison Tip Arrows ($50): +2.5 dmg, + 5 poison.
Kill Shot Arrows ($50): +7 dmg.
Expanded Tip Arrows ($50): +2.5 dmg, + 5 bloodloss.
Flaming Arrows ($75): +2.5, 2.5 burn but lights space on fire (10 dmg) if it is aimed at one.
Piercing Arrows($50): +2.5 dmg. Penetrates your body, doing -1AP per limp until pulled out (which costs 1AP per class).

Quiver: 10 arrows for $100 (doesn't include fire arrows, which cost $150 for 10)

(L) Mini Crossbow $325 -A small yet complex hand held crossbow that can be somewhat easily consealed a nice punch. Does +10 Base dmg, has a range of 6, and takes 1 AP to fire. 1AP to reload. Carries 1 shot. 50 durability

(M)Normal Crossbow $575 -A nice and hefty ranged weapon that nice power and a fixed range. Does +15 base dmg, neglects armor and has a range of 10 but takes 1 AP to fire, 1AP to reload. Carries 1 shot. 100 durability

(M) Repeating Crossbow $750 -A technological marvel at the time, Repeating crossbows have a great rate of fire, but in exchange for lower dmg and range. Does +9 base damage, and has a range of 6. Carries 3 shots. 1AP to fire, 1AP to load. 100 durability

(H) Heavy Crossbow $850 -Large and powerful crossbows with tremendous range and power. Does +21 base dmg, neglects armor, has a range of 10. 1AP to fire, 1AP to reload. 100 durability

Crossbow Arrows: $25 for 2 or $50 for 5. No extra dmg, but are needed for crossbows to work. Poison, burn, or bloodloss can be added to crossbows for $75 extra. +5 of each.

Quiver: $50 for 10 arrows.

(L)1 Shot Pistol $500 -A small portable firearm, that packs a very powerful punch. Does +25 base dmg, has a range of 8, has 1 round and takes 1 ap to reload

(L)Revolver $1250 -Another small portable firearm, but with a bullet chamber for a great rate of fire. Does +25 base dmg, has a range of 8, 6 rounds, and takes 6 AP to reload

(M)Shotgun $2000 -A common rifle type weapon, suited for close range combat by firing a spray of pellets that can hit everyonein a cone in front of you. Does +55 base dmg, has a range of 5 , 8 rounds, and takes 1 turn to reload

(M)Musket $2000 -A standard single shot rifle, with far greater range and power than any of its predessors. Does +50 base dmg, has a range of 12 and 1 round, but takes 3 AP to reload

(M)Rifle $2500 -A much more improved rifle in terms of range power and rate of fire. Does +60 base dmg, has a range of 15, and 5 rounds, but takes 1 turn to reload.

(L)Sub-Machine Gun $2500 -A small more portable weapon capable of extreme rapid fire for quick heavy damage, although it lacks the range of its rifle counter part. Does +6 base damage, has a range of 7, 30 rounds takes 1 AP to reload

Gun Ammo: A full reload costs $50 for a reload. GUNS CANNOT BE COUNTERED!

Dynamite $250 -A small red stick packed with explosive gun powder amoung other things that can cause a small explosion. Does 25 Damage Per Stick, can hit everyone within 1 space of the explosion, and costs 1 AP to dodge

Bomb $500 -A big round black ball , filled to the brim with gunpowder and explosives and packs a nice punch to it. Does 40 damage , can hit everyone within 2 spaces of the explosive , and costs 1 AP to dodge

Grenade $650 -A very small round green bomb, capable of very big explosions dispite its small sature, and cannot be stoped from exploding once the pin is pulled. Does 50 dmg and can hit everyone within 1 space of the explosive and costs 2 AP to dodge

Exploding Tag $500 - A thin piece of paper inscribed with a special writing, centering around the kanji for "explode" Infused with chakra, they will explode after a set amount of time, remotely, or after being ignited by flame. The tags can be attached to a surface or wrapped around a weapon to be thrown at an enemy. They are very versatile and one of the basic ninja tools.† 1 exploding tag does 50 dmg and only covers 1 space all around, but multiple exploding tags may be stacked to increase the damage. by 1 per new tag. 1AP to dodge. However, tags can be moved around so their aoe effects larger spaces.

(L) Buckler $500 - a small round shield that is easy to make but not always cost efficient.† has 10 defense added to physical power and 400 durability. Costs no AP to wield.

(M) Kite shield - $750 - a fancy shield that is designed to be lighter but still offer considerable defense. has 15 def and 500 durability. Costs 1AP to wield.

(M) Round Shield $650 - the most common shield its basically a bigger buckler. has 20 def and 600 durability

(H)Tower Shield -$850 - a massive bulky rectangle shield that provides full body cover. has 30 def and 750 durability. 3AP to wield.

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Posted: Jun 29 2011, 12:17 AM

Leet Fighter

Group: Moderator
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Joined: 12-April 11


(L) Throwing Dart($350): A poisonous dart that does +10 poison and X2 AP to dodge. Reaches 3 spaces.

(L) Throwing Knife($350): A knife designed to be thrown. Does +5 dmg and +5 bloodloss. Reaches 3 spaces.

(M) Blowgun ($500): +1 dmg Doubles the range to 6 spaces and makes dart X3 harder to dodge. However, takes 1AP to reload after every shot. Darts cost $25 each.

(M)Staff ($500)- A long pole that does +5 dmg, +250 durability, can reach a space and do +0.5 daze.

(M) Machete ($500) - A sturdy blade that can be very dangerous. +20 dmg. 175 durability.

(M) Boomerang ($650) - A faithful weapon in that it returns to you after you've thrown it and can possible hit the enemy again if they dodged. (If countered and the weapon survives, it returns as well). 5 dmg. +150 durability.

(L) Sai ($200) - a Sai is an ancient weapon often used for quick attacks and defense against blades. + 5 dmg, 5 defense against swords. 200 durability. If user has two Sai, the dmg improves to 7. and defense is 7.

(M) Bokken ($500) - A wooden sword that while usually used for defenses, this version is often used for battle too. +10 dmg, 1 daze, stuns, 150 durability.

(L) Brass Knuckles ($150) - + 2 dmg punches. No durability. If countered and overpowered, they are vanished and user recieves -2 dmg against his arms. If you wear two pair, dmg is improved to + 5 dmg, but you recieve -5 dmg to limbs if overpowered.

(M) Chinese Sword ($500) - The Chinese sword is meant for stabbing. A red tuff on the end distracts the enemy whenever the sword moves. +15 dmg, 250 durability and every stab causes 1 extra AP to dodge.

(M) Blaster ($1,000) - A power weapon attached to users hand. Its commonly seen and found in the Kold Empire. Costs 1AP to aim and 1AP to fire, but does 50 dmg+ 10% Ki. Needs to be reloaded after every 5 shots (3AP load).

(M) Wizard's Staff ($1,000) - A staff wizards carry that adds +50 dmg to all magical attacks, but costs 3 extra AP to all attacks. On its own, 15 dmg + 200 durability.

(L) Wand ($400) - Another magical item that assist in magical attacks. Costs -5% ki for all magic attacks and adds an effect. 50 durability. If shatters, all attacks cost +10% more ki to do. (effects depend on Wand)

(M) Phaser Gun ($1,200) - A Galaxy Police favorite, phaser guns fire a dangerous blast of 100 dmg. 1AP to dodge. Cannot be used to counter. Needs reloading after 5 blasts.

(M) Stun Gun ($1,200) - Another Galaxy Police favorite, Phaser guns Stun and daze an enemy for half of their AP. But do only 10 dmg and need reloading after 5 turns. 1AP to dodge, but two to wield. Cannot be countered Used mainly for nonlethal attacks.

(M) Tranquilizer Gun ($1,200) - A gun used to put people to sleep, also for nonlethal attacks. It drains an enemy 1AP per turn until they fall asleep(0AP). However, it costs 1AP to dodge and needs to be reloaded after every shot. No dmg. Cannot be countered.

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