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Title: IronMaiden's Naix Build(s)
Description: Ample for seiging and hero killing

IronMaiden[LSD] - July 30, 2006 04:59 PM (GMT)
For this post im posting two builds that I use.

WEAPONS ORDER(For Both Builds):
1) First i call top creep and get 2 slippers & a claw [+12 dmg, +6 agi, +1.8 armour]
2) Then while creeping I try to gain 500 more gold (if creeping properly you get this by lvl 3)
3) I go back to the fountain and shop and get another claw and 2 slippers [+24 dmg, +12 agility, +3.6 armour is a shit load early on and heroes will lose energy fast]
4) I usually don't hero kill unless the top laner has 50% health or less until lvl 4/5 when i stop creeping.
5) Then from my gold gained from hero killing i replace:
-1 slipper with Crystalline/or Bloodfury(Bloodfury ruins camo so i usually dont get it)
-1 slipper with Hammer
-1 slipper with Crystalline
-1 slipper with Hammer


Canna/Aura/Canna/Aura/Canna/Aura/Death & Decay/x3 Ranged

Pros: -faster creeping
-amazing close range combat/beasier close range hero kill
-heals faster then founatin at lvl 3 cannabolize
-better gold off hunts & dryads
-can chase faster and run away faster with lvl 3 aura
-I use this build 96% of the time
-easy beginner Naix formula
-can kill FM, Sniper, Rowen, PD, FL fast

Cons: -harder to kill running heroes because lack of ranged attacks
-will have to chase heroes longer and at risk of being killed while chasing


Canna/Aura/Ranged/Ranged/Ranged/Death & Decay/Aura/Aura/Canna/Canna

Pros: -for more finessed Naix players
-kills running heroes fast before PD can arrive

Cons:-I use this 4% of the time
-harder to chase and run away
-creeping is harder
-healing takes a long time
-close ranged combat is weaker

Other Stuff:-Practice with aiming Death & Decay becuase its an awesome spell thats takes up 1/3 or life
-Death and Decay can hurt allies and yourself
-FM & Sniper can pwn Naix easily
-Camouflage with your ghouls
-Steal NE bot creeps and attack NE bot laner from behind while Scourge bot laner attacks from the front
-Don't chase too far past towers
-Ask me for a replay if you need to

Slippers Of Agility= 150 gold
Claws Of Attack +6= 200 gold
Crystalline Sword = 1150 gold
Hammer +24 = 1700 gold
BloodFury = 2100(Dota 3.7, 3.7b, Fight Club, AT 1.1, Rumble 3.3)
= 1900(Dota 4.1d, 3.9, 3.9c)

Email me at or msg me on Bnet @ IronMaiden[LSD]

JCalderon - July 31, 2006 09:06 PM (GMT)
2 Slippers of Agility -beginning
1 Claw -beginning
5 Staffs of Dexterity -asap (replace slips and claws)
Damage (crystalline, hammer, demon)

Final Build
5 Staffs
As much damage you can get.


Why Items: 5 staffs give you a total of 30+ agil, 30+ damage, 15+ str, 12+ armour and 75% increased attack speed.

Alot of Naix builds focus on sheer damage and nothing but. If you want to be an effective, all-around Naix as in both seiging and hero killing, you will NEED the extra armour and strength staffs give you in order to withstand enough damage to take down buildings.

Why Build: Drain Life is much more effective in 4.1d then in 3.7 because you actually gain life back as well as doing damage. You will not need the movement speed anabolic gives you because you won't be travelling alot before level 5, as you will be creeping. You should have enough for your first staff before level 5 to make up for the attack speed anabolic gives you anyways.

Unless there is like, a cow, titan, brute and a jug all on the same team, (:blink:) I don't find Siphon useful early on. I would rather max drain life and anabolic first before putting a point into Siphon.

I always like to creep top with Naix because it's closer to the top secret shop where you buy the Staffs. Always use the pulling creeps technique as it is much faster. Depending on the situation, if your team is doing well laning, you can creep until level 6 before helping with other lanes lanes. By then, you should have at least 2 staffs which will allow you to easily take down a lane tower. With a good SR, Kazil or Nyraga to heal, a push at level 6 can take down the entire top rack with ease.

Keep seiging when given the chance. If you need to heal, just run to the mid creeps, get some gold, eat the corpses to full HP and get back to seiging. At level 10, you hopefully have at least 4 staffs and trust me, you will win 99% of 1 on 1 encounters with other heroes with 4 staffs easy. Quickly pick away at their health, they will soon start running away, chase them and slowly chop away at their HP. Once they have a slit of red left, drop a drain life and get the kill.

Other Tips
- Never die from seiging. If you have low health (300-400HP) just find a creep, and eat the corpses and go back in at full health and finish off the building.
- Be productive. Either be eating corpses, seiging, or hero killing at all times.
- At early levels, try not to go back to the fountain. Just eat corpses and let your mana regenerate naturally. Alot quicker.
- Avoid fighting the level 5 creeps. Spiders and Satyrs can quickly kill you at level 3-4.
- Pull creeps. Enough said.
- When creeping, always take a peek at the health of the opposing top laner. If they have low health, go in and get the kill. Alot of times, they will think you are just a regular Ghoul and do nothing.
- Save drain life for the last shot.
- Siphon hurts buildings. If you have enough mana when seiging, use Siphon.

Thats really all I can think of. In a full game with this build, I will get at least 15 hero kills and 15 buildings razed, give or take a few. Uhm, good luck. :lol: Ask any questions.

EDIT: This is my build for 4.1x series. As I play this version most often.

IronMaiden[LSD] - August 1, 2006 02:58 AM (GMT)
LoL I never tryed staff of dexterity. I should try it. Thanx for stating that Naix's ranged attack you get life back in 4.1d I did not know that. I might use my 2nd build more often. By the way props to the new clan member TheJordanRiver (July 31, 2006) for our defending skills (MS & Veno).

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