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Darbyville Academy
is a school unlike any other. You won't only find lessons in Math or Chemistry here; you'll also find a small community of outcasts, people born or raised with special powers or abilities, that set them apart from the rest of society. People who might be persecuted or humiliated because of their powers.

But in Darbyville Academy they can find a place of solace and learning, where they are taught to control their abilities and intergrate into society.

Of course, the school can't remain a total secret and some 'normal' people don't like the fact that thes students could be part of a 'super army' that could easily knock out any military force currently in operation. There have been attacks on the school, both physically and socially.

However, by and by, the students live happy and normal lives - as normal as they can. At Darbyville Academy it's not unlikely to encounter werewolves, wizards, angels and demons; hence the students nickname: Demon High.


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 Vash Morgan, The Stampede
Vash Morgan
Posted: Apr 29 2008, 09:44 PM

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Group: Members
Posts: 7
Member No.: 1,374
Joined: 29-April 08

.:About You

Name/Nickname: Jake/Vash/Orin Bascially any character name I have used.
Age: 23
Contact information (optional):
Role playing experience: Hmm. 14 years, counting all of it.
Any other characters here? Nope.
How did you find us? Poking IF.

.:Character Details

Name: Vash Morgan
Age: 17
Date of Birth: January 3rd
Gender: Male
Hometown: Downtown Los Angeles
Student/Teacher: Student
Abilities: Vash has one sole ability that he relies on quite a bit. Being made the way he is, he can take on certain attributes of a male Kodiak, including the brute strenth, the stubbornness, as well as on occasion the claws and teeth of a Kodiak. This is what gave rise to his nickname, Vash "The Stampede" He can't yet fully shift into a Kodiak, but that is only a very small matter called 'time' Also, he can be forced out of it before he wishes simply by removing or limiting his contact with the charm on his wrist, which expands when he activates this power.

Also, he is able to do minor manipulations to time, freezing it for up to a minute, or fast-forwarding or reversing it up to half an hour. It is a very limited power, but one that he intends to use fully once he leaves Darbyville.


Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175 lbs
Build Tank. Quite literally.
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
General Appearance:
Vash is quite literally built like a tank, with shoulders the width of a refrigerator. His entire body is covered in massive muscles, and his sandy blonde hair is quite unkempt. His clothing usually consists of lighter colors, usually light jeans and a t-shirt, and a pair of tennis shoes or combat boots. The one thing that is consistent from one day to the next is a hand-made Thor’s Hammer, made out of a piece of jet, silver wire, and a black leather strap. His blue eyes are usually frosty and cold, almost daring anyone to challenge him with a single glance around a full room. Also constant is a small charm on his wrist, made of another leather strap and a trio of bear claws. Some say that this charm is what allows him to channel the bear’s fury, but that’s because no one knows what secret lies in his blood.

.:Family Details

Mother's Name: Unknown
Father's Name: Unknown
Brothers/Sisters: Unknown

.:Background and Personality

Vash is loyal to the way of the Asatru, revering both the Norse gods of the Aesir AND the Vanir, distinguishing him from an Odinist, who only worship the Aesir. This is one reason he will never be seen without his Thor’s Hammer. This is one topic on which he is quick to fight, if anyone insults it.

Other than that, he is not combative in the sense of always looking for a fight. As a big guy, he seems to attract them, whether he is looking for them or not. He tries to avoid fights, simply because he believes that not everything in life can be solved by fighting.

He will fight, however, whenever he feels he or one of his inner circle is threatened. If he gets enraged during the fight, look out. He may just mow you down like a scythe through so much wheat.

Likes: Training, fighting, winning, protecting others, a good friend
Dislikes: Dishonor, lies, losing, failing to protect others, a bad friend

Strengths: his skill in fighting, as well as his devotion to the Asatru religion
Weaknesses: his devotion to the Asatru religion (See personality)
Biggest Fear: Failing in his dreams, and losing the people he considers his friends

History:(Must be at least 200 Words)
Vash was actually born in Salem, Oregon, but he was spirited away from his parents at an early age. A group of ‘doctors’ had gotten their hands on his blood work from shortly after he was born, and found something of interest. The ‘doctors’ had been trying to find someone they could try out a new experiment on, but everyone they looked at lacked the special enzyme in their blood that would allow them to perform the experiment. But Vash had that enzyme.

So from a very, VERY early age, Vash remembered nothing but cold lab tables, needles, medical instruments, and pain. What were they doing to him? What had he done to deserve this kind of treatment? All the questions had no answers, and they wouldn’t for a long time.

He was released into the foster care system of California at the age of ten, with no external sign of the doctors having done ANYTHING to him. But of course, there was something different in the way he acted. He was more willing to back down from a fight than someone who had been through what he had, but when he did fight, he went all out, and usually sent the other person to the hospital with at least a couple broken ribs. His main method for ending a fight was to rush up and grip his opponent in a tight bear hug that they couldn’t escape.

He was also open about religion, and it’s thanks to one of his teachers at school that he was introduced to the Norse religion, Asatru. Research and reading paid off, and he got the materials and hand-made his own Thor’s Hammer, which is the one that he still wears even now. So he had something to devote his energy and time to, and the fights he did get in become more few and farther between.

But things got out of control one day. A group of students, all of them raised by atheist parents, decided to confront him on his decision to devote himself to a dead religion. Normally, he would have been able to shrug this off, but it had been a bad day all around. A fight quickly ensued, and ALL of them were pummeling him.

But things turned against them after about fifteen minutes. They had Vash pinned to the wall, while the largest of them, a junior in the high school, was punching him in the gut. Only the few witnesses remember clearly what happened next. Vash spoke only two words. “Let GO!” Within seconds of saying this, the two holding him were thrown clear of him, and he lunged forward, grasping the leader in a bear hug, clasping his hands together behind his back. “I said don’t. Now you see why!”

When it was all over, the boy went to the hospital with nine broken ribs, and a punctured lung. Vash went on trial for attempted murder, but for some reason he was let off, and the charges were dropped. No one knows, but money changed hands from the doctors that had made him this way, and no other problems like this trial would happen again.

Sample Post:(Must be at least 100 Words)
Vash was standing -- well, more like sitting -- in the middle of the quad, his hands folded across his knees, as he faced into the eastern sky, his body relaxing after a long day at school.  He was here because it was quiet, and allowed him to meditate, and clear his mind of all distractions before he went to sleep.  This was something he had been doing since his teacher in middle school had introduced him to the Asatru religion.

Of course, his centering exercise wasn’t to go ENTIRELY uninterrupted.  After all, there were some memories he could never force to submerge completely.

“Ah, come on.  You know it’s a dead religion.  Why do you waste your time with it?”

“It’s not a waste of time, contrary to what you pinheads seem to think.  It is a living religion, that still survives even to this day!”

“How come I never see any churches for the Asatru faith, then?”

“Because you don’t know where to look, pinhead.”

“And where should I be looking?”

“Why would you care?  You’re an atheist, pinhead.”

“AGH!  I’ve had enough of your insults.”  With that, the older student lunged, a fist smashing into Vash’s nose, blood pouring from it as he staggered back and came upright again.

“HOLD HIM!”  Two of the other boys there grabbed him by the arms and slammed him against the wall.  His head impacted with the wall, and stars flashed in front of his eyes.  Just as they began to clear, he felt a fist impact with his gut, and they came back.

Fifteen minutes.  Fifteen minutes of pummeling he endured, and the pain soon grew so much his body was threatening to shut down to get away from it.  But then something clicked, and the stars in front of his eyes cleared in an instant.  “Let go!” he said, in a very clear voice.

“What the…  GAH!  Slam him into the wall again!”

But when they pulled him away from the wall to slam him back into it, they went flying to the side from a pair of side-arm shoves, and then Vash lunged, his eyes gleaming, as he locked his arms around the bigger boy’s chest, locking his wrists and hands together.  “I said I don’t feel like fighting.  But since you insist.”  He squeezed, pulling his arms tighter and tighter, watching with glee as the boy’s eyes bugged, and he began gasping for breath.

Vash shook his head.  “Gah.  I know I screwed up.  Why do you have to keep reminding me, Odin?”

Secret words: I am so cool
Laurelai Summers
Posted: Apr 30 2008, 01:06 AM

The Singing Groundskeeper
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Group: Forum Moderator
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Member No.: 862
Joined: 17-June 06

Alright, this charry is officially APPROVED!

Welcome to Demon High!
Have fun, play safe and all that jazz =P
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