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  1. Pinned: What languages can you speak?
  2. Pinned: Books ya been readin'
  3. Pinned: Whatcha listenin' to eh?
  4. Pinned: Who do we have in the Coven?
  5. Pinned: Lyrics
  6. Pinned: [Language] Ang Dakilang Filipino Thread
  7. How many hours a day do you stay in the computer?
  8. Cake or Pie
  9. What time do u go 2 bed?
  10. wats ur fave tpye of music?
  11. Where you from? && where you been?
  12. Straight, Lesbian, Homosexual or Bisexual
  13. You like IRC Channels?!!
  14. Relationship with your brother and sister?!
  15. Hair Colour
  16. Your Favorite Drink
  17. Foods that you will never eat again
  18. Favorite Movies?
  19. Meat eater or Vegetarian?
  20. Want to lose weight!!
  21. Ever been heart broken?
  22. What Do U Eat For Breakfast?!
  23. Tattoos and piercings
  24. What your greatest moment in life?
  25. How often do you do laundry?
  26. Would save your virginity or lose it?
  27. VOIP - My Honest Opinion
  28. Uniforms at School
  29. Things you do to pass the time.
  30. Which type of music do you like?
  31. 5 Random Facts About You
  32. Saddest MOVIES you have ever seen.
  33. Do u want to be single or not?!
  34. Good Guy or Bad Guy?? Good Girls or Bad Girls??
  35. Best Way To Get Revenge?!
  36. narnia
  37. Writers? :o
  38. harry potter
  39. What Games are u playing? x3
  40. Favorite j-rock/k-rock music
  41. Your Favorite Fruit
  42. What is the boring Day?
  43. Any Bracefaces out theres?
  44. What are u doing right this minute?
  45. wut year, wut animal?
  46. Spoiled or not?
  47. Guys or Girls?
  48. As an American, I have pride.
  49. Wii or Ps3??
  50. Cirque du Soleil

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