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Zanshlou @ 06-12-11 13:18
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Zanshlou @ 05-23-11 05:52
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Zanshlou @ 03-26-11 17:45
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Zanshlou @ 03-26-11 17:41
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Posted by Zanshlou - 05-23-11 05:58 - 2 comments
So I recently started working on trying to put together a simple game that I'm currently calling, Comic Shorts: Label Buddy Puzzle "Horror".

The idea is simple, make a simple game where you walk around as Label Buddy in some ...read more
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 Forum Rules
Posted by Zanshlou - 03-26-11 09:37 - 2 comments
I noticed we have no set forum rules yet. We should probably come up with stuff for that in case this place ever sees any activity. I mean it's a general good idea to have rules put up somewhere no matter how common sense they are.
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Posted by Zanshlou - 03-22-11 00:43 - 8 comments
So on a random whim I decided to reboot the forum. Messed with the forum sections, deleted most of the old topics, and put up a new skin for the forum. I think it looks quite nice, don't you?

Still a lot of work to be done with all th ...read more
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 Comic Shorts-iversary Part3
Posted by Dragon Master - 04-6-09 03:35 - 0 comments
it passed awhile ago but it wasn't exactly a productive year. in that time ideas ran out, story line became weird, and the forum totally died! but IT'S NOT DEAD YET!! IT'S FEELING QUITE BETTER!! IT'S GONNA GO FOR ...read more
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 People With 0 Posts.
Posted by Lekonua - 07-17-08 19:48 - 9 comments
It has come to my attention that we now have 11 members who have joined and not contributed even a single post to the forum.

I propose a new rule:

If you make an account here and don't make at least one post within a week o ...read more
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 Comic Shorts-iversary I I
Posted by Dragon Master - 02-14-08 03:34 - 0 comments
2 years past since comic shorts was pretty much started! feb 14th as the official unofficial anniversary (don't ask how that makes sense)
unfortunately the second year wasn't as productive as the first due to lack of ideas and being ...read more
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