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 Washing curtains and cleaning windows today.
Posted by Sadie - 09-21-14 19:03 - 1 comments


See you guys later.
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 It's true that I want ISIS wiped out, arming the
Posted by Sadie - 09-21-14 04:57 - 1 comments
The Syrian war is their ill fated Arab spring.
The rebels want to overthrow Assad because of
the Sunni/Shiat conflicts. I believe most of the
atrocities were committed by the rebels and blamed
on Assad. Obama knows the truth. H more
Read 29 times - last comment by Wahya   Print email

 2014 was recently added to the Ga Guidestones
Posted by Sadie - 09-21-14 04:37 - 5 comments
And, it was done professionally.

But, even if the year holds some specific meaning
regarding what the stones are supposed to mean,
why wait until this late in the year to add it

Check out the pics and video at the lin more
Read 52 times - last comment by Sadie   Print email

 If the Enterprise tried to contact Earth 2014
Posted by Sadie - 09-21-14 02:17 - 1 comments

user posted image
Read 31 times - last comment by Herb   Print email

 Notice anything about this iPhone8 ad?
Posted by Sadie - 09-21-14 02:00 - 8 comments
user posted image
Read 69 times - last comment by Sadie   Print email

 Second arrest at the White House
Posted by Sadie - 09-21-14 01:36 - 3 comments
I didn't know until reading this that the first guy actually got inside the doors.

Secret Service chief increases WH security, orders full probe after intruder gets inside presidential residence
Published September 20, 2014 more
Read 84 times - last comment by Charlie the Tuna   Print email

 Latest Safeway scam
Posted by Herb - 09-20-14 23:30 - 3 comments
They put these large white tags on a product with a price. If you look under that tag the original tag is the same price. I see them and think it must be a sale, it is not. The yellow tags are sales but most will something like "if you buy 3 or more
Read 50 times - last comment by Herb   Print email

 Tommy Chong "Drops it Like It's Hot"
Posted by Sadie - 09-20-14 22:56 - 6 comments
Not bad to be pushing 75. liveLOLgif.gif

Read 53 times - last comment by Sadie   Print email

 Wiping a cat's butt.....
Posted by Sadie - 09-20-14 22:48 - 6 comments
is not fun OR easy.

Sometimes Sami get's stuff stuck to her backside after
going to the litter box. Yeah, I know...
So, when she does this, I have to hold her down and TRY
to clean her up. She does not take kindly to th more
Read 64 times - last comment by Sadie   Print email

 Even cute and cuddly Koalas can be grumpy sometime
Posted by Sadie - 09-20-14 22:35 - 0 comments
What a wierd sound they make! liveLOLgif.gif