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 i miss charlie
Posted by beast - 05-28-16 13:19 - 0 comments
i wonder what he would have to say about this new " Thug Nation " developing before our eyes cow.gif

read more
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 Can you solve this "Internet Puzzle'?
Posted by Sadie - 05-28-16 02:49 - 2 comments
I admit it took me a minute or so. 1doh1.gif

read more
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 Man told to remove fish pond from backyard
Posted by Sadie - 05-28-16 02:37 - 2 comments

Man told to remove pond because it’s ‘dangerous for burglars’
...read more
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 When you open the door, the floodgates open too
Posted by Sadie - 05-28-16 01:48 - 5 comments
If you order or even not order and send back
just ONE of the Publisher Clearing House
envelopes, they start sending them to you
every week. Sometimes 3 or 4 a week.
I have a stack of 7 sitting on the counter.
They all scre ...read more
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 T is the new V
Posted by beast - 05-28-16 01:19 - 1 comments
user posted image

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 Remove your Home from Google maps
Posted by Sadie - 05-28-16 00:53 - 2 comments
Well, the thread title is wrong after reading
the article. You can't remove it but you CAN blur it
if you want. But, I don't think you can remove your
address so what good would that do?

So, actually, there is no re ...read more
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 New sightings of the Blue Star Kachina??
Posted by Sadie - 05-28-16 00:46 - 3 comments

The Hopi Blue Star Kachina Appears Again! The Final Sign Before the Day of Pu ...read more
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 I can buy the tee in my sig line now
Posted by Herb - 05-27-16 19:29 - 3 comments
It's been out of print for four years. Not sure if I want it now because I don't hate the next president maybe but can apply to the 2024 selection!!!
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 Next month
Posted by Rogue of the celestial night - 05-27-16 17:50 - 2 comments
I am going to take a class in local foraging. There is a class every Sunday and the instructor shows what local edible plants can be foraged and what local game there is in the area. He also has a class on how to make beer from local ingredients. read more
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 What is this coming from the ISS?
Posted by Sadie - 05-27-16 05:28 - 5 comments
UFO passing by?

Someone in comments called it a turdsicle. liveLOLgif.gif

...read more
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