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Slowly, the snow has melted away and the green grass has been poking it's way up. Flowers have begun blooming again, the trees are leafing, and the fish are swimming. However, the entire island is still not at ease. With the continued search for the missing Harvest Sprites, some of the villagers run around frantic worried about what will happen to the island if they don't find all of the sprites. Also, some villagers have noticed that the sea seems...different. Not as gentle as it used to be. However, not that many villagers are worried about it now though. Is it an omen of things to come?


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 Stress Free Air, IC: Gill ISO: Arielle & Maya
The Mint Pen
Posted: Sep 5 2010, 06:49 PM


Goddess it felt good to get out. Even though winter had passed without much trouble, no major storms or anything, the town hall had begun to feel very stuffy and cramped. Everywhere he had turned there another complaint to look at, a paper to sign, a business or house to approve, not that he really minded the last one that meant that the town was actually thriving again. Gill was grateful to whoever had heard his hopes to keep the island alive, for they had been kept alive for this last year.

Still, after sitting at his desk for barely ten minutes, he had pushed his chair back rather violently, and stomped out the door without any destination in mind. Gill had wandered around the town for a little while, nodding at the villagers he passed he hadn't really stopped for a conversation with any of them, he needed out. To breath air that wasn't ridden with complaints and distractions or people asking him inane questions that he had no answer to. It was hard enough being the acting mayor while his father was away, but it felt like most of the people didn't trust him still...or at all really. He still remembered the day of the town meeting back in the Fall, all the cold, hard glares that he had gotten from some of the people, it made him feel inadequate. Like he wasn't doing his job.

When he finally got out of his thoughts, which seemed dangerous right now, he found him self at the mountain peak, just stand there. He couldn't help but sigh a little, why when the town was doing do well, did he have to be so depressed?
Posted: Sep 5 2010, 07:42 PM

Random Ness

Group: Farmer
Posts: 111
Member No.: 24
Joined: 10-June 10

The female elf, owner of the Blossom Orchard that was one of the mad people at the meeting. Was also on walk earlier checking up on the islands health as much as she possibly could. but she arrived to the Mountain Peak before Gill had arrived but not by much. Her eyes just seemed to gaze over the island at the different trees all over the island. She has been here for several seasons now right? still she wasn't able to speak to all the trees yet especially when her own home she was unable to go back to for awhile there. She just frowned and started to grind her teeth together, how dare those lowly humans tell her where she could or couldn't go...

Blinking a few times she heard some footsteps coming from to the side of her? Glancing over she saw one of the worst humans in her eyes having now showed up.... And the scowl on her face just went even deeper as she started to walk over with her hands on her hips. "Hello." Was all she said as she stared at him, great now she was going to have to leave the peak or else she might yell at him right?
Little Sister
Posted: Sep 5 2010, 07:56 PM

Group: Seed
Posts: 7
Member No.: 70
Joined: 1-September 10

Maya had risen early today, to go about her usual weekly training session. Of course, being a rather nocturnal lady, her mind was clouded with a tired haze, and her sleepiness evident in her eyes.

Still, she ran. The Mountain's Peak was her destination for today, but only now, when she was jogging up the hill (Or more, grouchily swaggering up the hill) did she regret choosing an uphill path.

As usual, she'd been almost catatonic the entire day. She was still tired from her latest heist, which, much to her dismay, ended only with her running like a rabbit from an angry Farmer. So she hadn't heard much of the Political squabble that was buzzing around, and even if she had, there was little to no chance she would actually care.
The Town had no laws for her, the well-being of the Day didn't worry her. None of it particularly mattered to Maya, and her night-time... Business, aside from when civillians became suspicious, and potentially Pitchfork-wielding.

But, even in her tired stupor, she froze when she heard a faint voice. Allowing her breath to return to her chest, she waited before proceeding. Perhaps, in such an isolated location, a daring daytime Stick-up was in order?
The Mint Pen
Posted: Sep 5 2010, 08:07 PM


Gill turned around in surprise, he hadn't expected anyone up here, especially not her. It had taken him a few moment to place where he had seen the girl, with all the people coming on and off the island it was sometimes hard to remember who was who. But then he remembered her face. The face that had given him on of the coldest looks he had ever received. And she had been right up front as well.

Did had she seen him walking and come up here to yell at him? Well, good ahead. After the walk the the thoughts that had ran through his mind, he was too tired to deal with anything at the moment. It seemed whatever fight he had had left him as he cleared his head. "Hello." he said giving her a nod and turning to face her. "Did you come to make some complaint to me as well? I suppose it is better not to waste so many trees around the island."

He couldn't help but glance behind the woman to see another...strange figure making her way up the hill.

Posted: Sep 5 2010, 08:16 PM

Random Ness

Group: Farmer
Posts: 111
Member No.: 24
Joined: 10-June 10

Arielle could actually feel her right eye starting to twitch from how annoyed and angry she felt. He looked surprised that she was even there, didn't he come up to talk to her or something or whatnot? Dear god what went on in these pathetic human brains was beyond her. Slowly taking a deep breathe as she tried to calm herself even though her ears were down and almost pinned against her head much like an angry feline.

Then he had to go ahead and open his big fat mouth. "EXCUSE ME?! I was up here first your the one who showed up Mister Human." She couldn't help but turn the word human into a bad slurred word full of disgust and venom in her voice. Her body standing a bit taller as she kept her hands on her hips. "Of course I have a complaint because of a pathetic HUMAN running the island. First the state this island is in, The trees are not as good as they once were AND possibly dying especially that odd tree that made me woozy. Also being unable to go take care of them because of HUMAN Politics!!" Wow she was actually starting to growl now as her venemous words just started to pile out and strike at Gill, she was only a few feet away from him too but thankfully not in his face.

After she spoke about politics though she slipped into her elvish native tongue and started to yell out in the odd language, many many swear and insulting words as she waved her hands around and walking side to side as if pacing. - The best sales, coupons, and discounts for you






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