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 Cowboys Can Drink with the Best, IC: Vaughn Wolfe ISO: Open
Posted: Aug 19 2010, 07:51 PM

Group: Farmer
Posts: 102
Member No.: 25
Joined: 10-June 10

Vaughn wandered into the slightly dingy looking bar. Glancing to his left then to his right as his cowboy had hid his violet eyes from others. The silver haired cowboy tucked his hands into his black pants pockets as he walked into the small bar. It was... homey to say the least... or maybe that was just his attitude from sitting at the bars in the city... either way he wasn't sure but he wasn't about to complain. Not that he had the money to just throw around but he still was making some, and a good drink sounded... well good. Although he wasn't about to get the drink he wanted here, that was obvious as he stared at the menu... Wine, or grape juice... Vaughn gave a slight sigh before looking up at the bartender who had just appeared in front of him. "A glass of wine I guess..." He muttered before glancing away as he looked around the bar.

Hearing the glass set down next to him, he automatically reached over and grabbed it. Taking a deep sip he continued to gaze around the bar at the menagerie of guests that occupied it's softly lit interior. Not being much of one for small talk, Vaughn found himself people watching quite often. As much as he did this sometimes he lost track of time... and drinks. Time had passed and he had drank 3 more glasses of wine. Now as he sat there his face slightly flushed although he was still for the most part sober as he sat in silence watching everyone around him with a quiet gaze.
Posted: Aug 21 2010, 03:58 AM

Group: Seed
Posts: 26
Member No.: 43
Joined: 5-July 10

Today she would socialize. The witch put on her usual clothes, as she wasn't much for change. She said goodbye to all her teddy bears and left the house. It wasn't long before she was walking down the road, deciding where to go.

Boring. Boring. Closed. Boring. Closed.

The bar got her attention. She smiled to herself, thinking of how she enjoyed watching the effects of drinking on regular people. Between what she was and all the spells and potions, regular alcohol didn't have much of an effect on her. She had to drink a great deal to feel the effects.

Witch Princess smiled as she entered the bar. To her delight, it was crowded, though she normally didn't like such busy rooms. She looked over the people as she wandered over to the bar. She noticed one man watching the others, and she purposely sat near him before ordering her drink.
Posted: Aug 29 2010, 01:13 PM

Group: Farmer
Posts: 102
Member No.: 25
Joined: 10-June 10

(OoC: Gah my apologies for the late reply! I had some family things going on and haven't really been focused on typing at the moment.)

IC: His violet eyes flicked to the noise as the door opened slightly. Letting his eyes wander to the woman slightly his brow arched in interest at her get up that she wore. Now Vaughn had heard tell that there was a particular woman in this town. They referred to her as a witch as he observed the woman quietly she resembled the descriptions he had heard. Tipping his glass back as the crimson liquid flowed from the glass to his mouth he sat down the half filled wine glass now as he went back to observing the other people that were in the bar.

It wasn't until he heard her speak to order her drink that he glanced over a little more obviously now looking at the blond haired woman. While there were other bar stools available she had opted to sit on the one just next to him. His black cowboy hat covered his face as he turned to face the rest of the room again. Now he wasn't a nervous or easily scared person but Vaughn found himself running his hands over the back of his neck as his hair back there stood up on end causing goosebumps to cover his flesh slightly.

Shifting his head so that he looked at the woman again his eyes narrowed slightly debating if he wanted to come right out and ask her if she was indeed the Witch that everyone had been speaking of. Instead something else was blurted out that he had been considering as well.

"You don't look like the type to drink ma'am." he commented briefly surprising himself, then realizing that maybe that had been the wine talking, although he still felt fine and was aware of the conversation.
Posted: Aug 31 2010, 09:45 AM

Group: Seed
Posts: 26
Member No.: 43
Joined: 5-July 10

The Witch Princess smiled as she looked over to the man. She lifted the glass of sweet wine she had ordered. "This isn't a real drink, not for me. If that's what I wanted, I'd make it at home. I'm the Witch Princess." She was never shy about her identity. She shared it everyone since she was little.

Setting her glass down, she still watched him. "Surely you have heard of me." She had no idea he was wondering if if she was the Witch Princess, but she was arrogant enough to believe that everyone in the town had heard of her. It wasn't always the case, and that tended to aggravate her.

"Who might you be?" He had a unique look, and that certainly wasn't in a bad way. She might have already heard about him as well, perhaps through some gossip or something. "What brings you here?" She didn't normally ask people about themselves right away. It was much better to talk about herself. She came to the bar to socialize though, and it was polite to listen to others.
Posted: Sep 10 2010, 01:32 AM

Group: Seed
Posts: 26
Member No.: 43
Joined: 5-July 10

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